Princess Doe (1982)

On the 15th of July, 1982, the body of a young woman was found in Blairstown, New Jersey. It is believed that she had died days before she was found, as her body was beginning to decompose. She had died as a result of being brutally beaten over the head with a blunt object.

The location of where Princess Doe’s body was discovered. Credit: Unidentified Awareness Fandom

Princess Doe is described as being a white female between the ages of 14 and 20, 5″2′ and weighing 100pounds. She had brown, shoulder-length hair and her left ear had been pierced twice, but it is unknown if her right ear had been pierced due to decomposition. Her nails were painted red on her right hand, she was wearing blue eyeshadow and her top two front teeth were darker than the rest. There were no drugs found in her system, though some reports claim that alcohol was found.

Princess Doe was found wearing a red t-shirt, and a gold necklace with a cross pendant was found tangled in her hair. The skirt she had been wearing was found removed from her body and placed over her legs, she was not wearing any underwear. It is unknown if she had been sexually assaulted due to the decomopsition that had taken place. The skirt is described as being red and white with a peacock design on the bottom portion.

The outfit Princess Doe was wearing. Credit: Unidentified Awareness Fandom

Princess Doe’s clothing was manufactered in the Mid-west US, and at least three other people have said that they brought similar clothing at a now closed Long Island store.

A mother and child came forward after recognising the victims clothing and said that they had seen her at a supermarket just two days before her body was found. They described the Jane Doe as wearing her hair in a bun and having a stoic facial expression.

In 1999, Arthur and Donna Kinlaw confessed to the murder of Princess Doe. Arthur and Donna ran a prostitution ring and were involved in murder, forgery, bugluary, robbery and welfare fraud in seven states across the 1980s. They told authorities that Princess Doe was a young prostitute who Arthur brought home with him one day. Shortly after he left the home with her and killed her, with some reports claiming that Donna witnessed Arthur killing Princess Doe in the location where she was found. Arthur then apparently burned his clothing, cleaned his vehicle and threatened Donna not to tell the police.

Arthur was senteced to life in prison in two other second-degree homicide charges, and Donna was convicted on manslaughter in the two cases and was released from prison in 2003. Arthur and Donna have never been charged with the murder of Princess Doe, as the police felt that they lacked credability in this case.

Recent Isotope testing on Princess Doe revealed that she had spent time in various different locations across the US before she was murdered, with Arizona being a possible location.

It has been almost 40 years since Princess Doe’s body was discovered.

Do you know her true identity?

Reconstruction of Princess Doe. Eye Colour is an estimate. Credit: Unidentified Awareness Fandom / National Center for Missing and Exploited Children


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Megan McDonald

20-year-old Megan McDonald left her job at a cafe in the Galleria mall in Wallkill, New York, on the 13th of March 2003. Megan went out with her friends later that night in Middletown and was last seen at around 12:15am outside of a party in the neighbourhood of Greenway Terrace, in Wallkill. Megan did not go into the party at Greenway Terrace and instead was last seen walking down Cindy Lane.

At around 12:30am, a resident in the Kensington Manor apartments in Wallkill heard music blaring from a car that was coming down Freezer Road into the complex. The resident decided to have a look out of the window as it was such loud music, and so late at night. She saw a white Mercury Sable, which was later identified to be Megan’s car, being closely followed by a dark hatchback, potentially a Honda Civic, which was playing the loud music. Just a few moments after passing the window, both cars drive past the resident’s window a second time.

At 8am the next morning, a different resident from the Kensington Manor apartments found Megan’s car parked strangely at the back of the complex.

Throughout the 14th and 15th of March, Megan had not been in contact with anyone. Her friends and family had been trying to message and call her all day but to no avail. When they found out Megan had not turned up to work that day as she normally would, the efforts to get in contact with her became even more frantic.

At around 1pm, on March the 15th, Megan’s body was discovered in a field off Bowser Road. She had been beaten to death. Although her gravestone says she died on the 15th of March, investigators believe that she most likely passed in the early hours of March the 14th.

Megan McDonald. Credit: New York State Police

Over the years since Megan’s death, the police have followed over 800 leads and conducted hundreds of interviews. However, in a 2022 interview with record online, the police have said that they have never been closer to catching Megan’s killer then they are today.

Whilst the State Police have not released the name of their prime suspect, they have revealed more information about him, with the hopes of members of the public coming forward with information regarding Megan’s case to ensure a stronger conviction.

Several residents of Orange County feel that the police are overlooking the real killer in Megan’s case, a former ex-boyfriend of hers. However, State Police Investigators have said that the ex-boyfriend in question has been cleared of all suspicion in the case.

Some residents have also said that Megan’s death was the result of a drug deal gone wrong, but police are certain that Megan was not involved in a drug deal.

State Police said that once they started focusing on the man who is now their prime suspect, all the locations that had no connection to Megan’s former boyfriend (Greenway Terrace, Kensington Manor apartments and the remote field on Bowser Road), all made perfect sense. It’s as if everything fit together perfectly.

Megan’s killer was known to her, and she had a relationship with him that wasn’t widely known about.

Investigators believe that Megan picked up a friend who travelled in the front seat of the car after leaving Greenway Terrace. It was after that she was followed by the hatchback with blaring music to Kensington Manor apartments, where the suspect then entered the backseat of Megan’s car. The police then say Megan drove to the field on Bowser Road, which is a popular area for kids to drink and smoke weed, with the intention of ending the relationship with the man in the back seat.

It is important to note that the front-seat passenger, who died a few years ago, is not a suspect and is instead known to police as the second victim due to witnessing Megan being viciously beaten to death.

The FBI’s Behavioural Analytical Unit has said that the prime suspect most likely suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Narcissistic Personality Disorder is defined as a constant need for admiration, a lack of empathy for others, interpersonal exploitive behaviour, and a high sense of self-importance. To read more about the signs of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, click here.

Investigators believe that when Megan ended the relationship, it hurt his ego so much that he lashed out and swung a blunt object at Megan over and over again until she was dead.

After Megan had died, the suspect then placed her in the field, before either he or the front seat passenger drove her car back to Kensington Manor Apartments.

Megan McDonald. Credit: NBC News

Police have said that at the time of Megan’s death, the suspect was a very intimidating individual, and would most likely have manipulated his friends and the women that he dated. Because of this, people were scared of him, and would not have been likely to come forward with information.

However, investigators say that he no longer has that “power” that he used to, and that people are much less likely to be scared of him and are more likely to come forward with information.

Megan’s family have called the killer “the coward”, due to the fact that he attacked her from behind and not face to face.

What a coward. What a loser that he couldn’t intimidate or threaten Megan and that he had to attack her from the shadows.” Says James Whalen, Megan’s brother in law.

Physical, forensic and circumstantial evidence place Megan in the driver’s seat. Just recently the suspect’s DNA was linked to another very important piece of evidence that was found in Megan’s car.

The hatchback that was following Megan’s car that night blaring loud music was also the same style of car that the suspect owned at the time of her murder.

The next year marks 20 years since Megan was murdered, and her sister, Karen, has said that they refuse to let the coward remains free for longer than she was alive. “Next year’s headline is going to be: 20th anniversary sees the coward in jail.”

If you have any information regarding Megan’s case, please contact the New York State Police at 845-344-5370 or email them at

Megan McDonald. Credit: NBC News


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Lauren Agee

On the 25th of July 2015, 21-year-old Lauren Agee went to Wakefest, a professional wakeboard event where fans can watch on. Lauren went to Wakefest with her friend Hannah Palmer, Hannah’s boyfriend Aaron Lilly and his friend Chris Stout. Whilst Lauren had met Hannah and Aaron before, this was her first time meeting Chris.

Wakefest takes place at Center Hill Lake, which is around 2 hours outside of Nashville, Tennessee. It is a three-day event, so many of the fans would camp out or stay on houseboats in the local marina. Lauren had told her mum that they were planning on staying in a cabin that weekend.

On the night of the 25th of July, a security guard at the event, Chris Yarchuk, saw Lauren at the bar. The guard says that Lauren, Hannah, Aaron and Chris all left the bar at around 2am, and walked down the dock to the lake. The group then took a boat back to their campsite.

Kassi Franks, a high school friend of Lauren’s who was also at Wakefest, also saw Lauren that night. Kassi said that Lauren had made it very clear to Chris Stout that she wasn’t interested in him, and that she had a boyfriend who she was very happy with and just wanted to have fun with friends.

Kassi also said that when Lauren realised they were camping instead of staying in a cabin, she asked Kassi if she could stay with her group. The campsite where Lauren’s group was located had a 35-foot drop to the lake on one side and a 90-foot drop to the lake on the other side.

Kassi has said that she was worried about Lauren, as she had camped on the same campsite before and knows that there is a hammock that is tied loosely between two trees and dangles over the water that just doesn’t seem safe. But Kassi and her group had no space for Lauren to stay with them, so Lauren went to the campsite with Hannah, Aaron and Chris.

This was the last time Kassi saw Lauren.

On the afternoon of the 26th of July, a father and son went fishing on the lake. It was there that they found Lauren’s body floating in the water.

Lauren Agee. Credit: Murfreesboro

Lauren had not been reported missing by Hannah, Aaron or Chris. Lauren’s mother however was slightly concerned as she had been trying to get in contact with Lauren all morning by calling and texting her, but she never got any response.

When the police arrived, they spoke to Hannah, Aaron and Chris. They told the police that they had all been drinking the night before. and by the time they got back to the campsite they were all drunk. Hannah informed the police that Lauren and Chris slept in the hammock that dangled over the water, whilst she slept in a tent with Aaron. Hannah said that when they woke up in the morning, Lauren was gone.

Hannah said that they didn’t report Lauren as missing as they thought she had just gone to meet someone, despite the fact that all of Lauren’s belongings, including her flip flops, mobile phone and purse were still at the campsite.

DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office ruled that Lauren’s death was an accident and that she had fallen off the edge of the cliff and died from either the fall or drowning. Lauren’s blood alcohol limit was found to be twice the legal limit. The official case report stated that Lauren died from blunt force trauma from falling off a steep cliff into the lake, and possibly drowned. Case closed.

However, Lauren’s mother, Sherry, wasn’t convinced. She wanted to know how Hannah, Aaron and Chris went about their day as normal on the 26th when they knew Lauren hadn’t been there when they woke up. She also wanted to know why they hadn’t even reported Lauren as missing.

Sherry has said that she saw an Instagram post on Chris’s account that was posted on the 27th of July, a day after Lauren’s body was discovered. It was a photo of Hannah and Aaron on a boat with the caption “best weekend ever”, which was later changed to “Wakefest 2015 went pretty good this year, met some new friends, that made it awesome”.

Sherry started looking into her daughter’s death, and she hired private investigator Shelia Wysocki to carry out her own investigation into Lauren’s death.

Lauren Agee. Credit: Shelia Wysocki Private Investigator

Shelia reviewed Lauren’s autopsy photos and immediately noticed what looked to be a strange bite mark on one of Lauren’s breasts. She also believed that Lauren’s body showed signs of strangulation. There was no water in Lauren’s lungs, which indicated to Shelia that Lauren was already dead before she hit the water and that Lauren was actually placed in the water to make it appear as if she had drowned.

Shelia believes that Lauren was either trying to get away from someone or fighting someone and because of that she fell back and hit her head which caused her death. Bruising on Lauren’s thighs also suggests that someone was kneeling on her, holding her down.

With all of this new information, Sherry filed a wrongful death suit against Hannah, Aaron and Chris in an effort to try and get the three of them to talk. But, instead of talking, all three of them plead the Fifth Amendment. The suit outlined all the circumstances around Lauren’s death, and it alleged that Hannah, Aaron and Chris either intentionally, recklessly or negligently caused Lauren’s death.

Detective Taylor, the lead detective in Lauren’s death, was required to outline the investigation as part of the wrongful death suit. Detective Taylor admitted that he had never worked a homicide case before and that he had no training in a homicide investigation. It also came to light that no rape test was conducted on Lauren’s body, her body was never swabbed for DNA and no DNA evidence was collected from under her fingernails.

Furthermore, Detective Taylor did not interview the person who found Lauren’s body, nor did he interview the person who placed the 911 call. He did not speak to any of the residents who were docked in houseboats close to where Lauren’s body was found, and he didn’t look for any evidence on the rocks or in the water.

As part of her case, Sherry hired a hydrologist who determined that if Lauren had fallen from the cliff where she had been camping, it would have been impossible for her body to float against the current to the cove where her body was located.

Mr Leiker, a former police officer who now investigates and consults on homicide investigations, was also asked by Sherry to give his thoughts as part of the wrongful death suit. He said that he believes Lauren’s death was a homicide that was covered up by Hannah, Aaron and Chris. He also thinks that the police investigation into Lauren’s death was insufficient.

Mr Leiker pointed to the facts that there was no water found in Lauren’s lungs, there were injuries on Lauren’s body that indicated she was involved in a struggle before her death and are not consistent with a fall, and there are symmetrical injuries on Lauren’s back which are consistent with a body being dragged, and Lauren’s clothes and body are not consistent with somebody who had fallen down a hillside.

A judge dismissed Sherry’s wrongful death suit on the basis that there was insufficient evidence, but the Tennessee Court of Appeals overturned that decision which means that Sherry and the rest of Lauren’s family have the right to pursue the wrongful death suit against Hannah, Aaron and Chris.

Hannah, Aaron and Chris have all denied any involvement in Lauren’s death, and they have never been charged with any wrongdoing.

What really happened to Lauren that night?

Lauren Agee. Credit: ABC News


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Susan Gale Poole

Susan Poole was recently identified as being the Jane Doe whose partial skeleton was found on Singer Island in North Palm Beach, Florida on the 16th of June 1974. The remains had been scattered around the discovery area and animal activity was present when the remains were found. Not all parts of her skeleton have been recovered.

Due to the animal activity, investigators have not been able to find out conclusively how Susan died. But as there were bullet-shaped holes on the sweater that she had been wearing, authorities do believe that it was a homicide. Furthermore, it looked as if she had been bound to a tree before she was killed.

Susan Poole disappeared in late December 1972, when she was just 15 years old. It is not known whether she left of her own choice, as she had done so before, or if she went missing involuntarily. Susan, who was originally from Wilton Manors in Florida, also had a history of hitching rides.

Investigators didn’t have a lot to work with, and after running a DNA test which came back with no results, genetic genealogy was used in the fall of 2021. Susan Poole was officially identified in May 2022 by Othram Inc, and the announcement about her identification was made the next month.

There is a possibility that serial killer Gerard Schaefer was involved in the murder of Susan Poole as he worked as a police officer in the same city where Susan disappeared, and she had the same appearance as his other victims. However, Gerard was known for killing his victims in pairs, and there has been no evidence to suggest that there was another victim at the scene.

Hopefully one day Susan’s killer will be caught and brought to justice.

Susan Gale Poole. Credit: Unidentified Awareness Fandom


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Gerron Gipson

Gerron Gipson has recently been identified as the John Doe nicknamed “Chester” who was found stabbed to death in Clarksburg, California, on the 4th of March 1999.

Gerron was identified on the 3rd of June 2022, 23 years after his body had been found. Gerron had been missing from Sacramento, California.

Whilst it is amazing news that Gerron finally has his name back, the search now must continue to find out who was responsible for his death.

Do you have any information that could help identify Gerron’s murderer?

Gerron Gipson. Credit: Unidentified Awareness Fandom


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Julie Doe (1988)

Julie Doe is the name given to an unidentified transgender woman whose mummified remains were found 8 months after her death in Clermont, Florida on the 25th of September 1988. Her exact cause of death is unknown, but it is suspected that she died as a result of a homicide.

Julie Doe’s skirt had been rolled down to her knees which suggests that she may have been sexually assaulted. There is also an indication that she was not killed at the location at which she was found, and instead was dragged and dumped there.

Julie Doe was originally thought to be a cisgender woman until DNA testing revealed a Y chromosome. Julie Doe either had or was going through, sex-reassignment at the time of her murder. Isotope testing indicated that she was native to South Florida.

In 2018, the DNA Doe Project took on her case to try and locate relatives of hers. It took three attempts before they were able to successfully extract DNA from her. Genealogy testing did find that Julie Doe had ancestral ties to the Southeastern United States.

Julie Doe is described as being a white transgender female (post-operation), 5″10′ and weighing 170 pounds. She had naturally brown hair that had been bleached blonde and had an injury to the right cheekbone.

Julie Doe had undergone upper body reassignment surgery, which most likely took place in Miami or Atlanta. She had 250cc breast implants which were likely put in around 1984, and it is possible that she had plastic surgery on her nose either as a result of the injury to her face or as part of her transition process.

Julie Doe was wearing a blue-green tank top, pantyhose and an acid-washed denim skirt when she died.

It is important to note that some places list Julie Doe as being male, but as she had gone through gender-reassignment surgery and hormone replacement therapy she will be listed as female here.

Do you recognise her?

Reconstruction of Julie Doe. Credit: Unidentified Awareness Fandom / Carl Koppelman


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Clare Cooper-Tognoli

On the 18th of August 2002, at around 11:40pm, 20-year-old Clare Cooper-Tognoli was found murdered in her Bronx apartment in New York. A cord had been tied around her neck, and she had been stabbed multiple times. At the time of her death, Clare was eight months pregnant.

Clare had planned to move in with her best friend, Venessa Mart, at the end of August. But those plans were sadly ripped apart.

Clare was pregnant with a baby boy, who she was planning on naming Quinton, and Venessa was going to be his godmother.

After Clare’s murder, Venessa joined the military. But she is now back in New York in search of answers. Venessa has expressed her frustration with talking to detectives: “I have one telling me that they have the evidence and they’re waiting for DNA, and then I have somebody else telling me that they have no new evidence.”

It is almost 20 years since Clare was murdered, yet detectives have never named a suspect or even a person of interest in her case.

If you have any information that can help identify Clare’s murderer, please contact Crime Stoppers at 800-577-8477.

Clare Cooper-Tognoli. Credit: Ancient Faces


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Charles Allen Jr. (Neo Babson Maximus)

22-year-old Charles Allen Jr, who changed his name to Neo Babson Maximus sometime in August 2007, was last seen in Dartmouth, Massachusetts on the 12th of October 2007.

At the time of his disappearance, Neo was in his senior year at UMass Dartmouth with a major in psychology, and he lived in an off-campus apartment in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Neo is described by family and friends as an intelligent man who enjoys playing online games. Neo was obsessed with tennis and believed that one day he would be a professional tennis player.

The reason Neo decided to change his name is that “Neo” is the name of the main character in “The Matrix” films, and also his name in “Half-Life”, a first-person shooter video game that he enjoyed playing. “Maximus” was the name of the main character in the film “Gladiator”, and “Babson” was his mother’s maiden name.

Neo struggled with bipolar disorder, which sometimes caused him to have manic episodes. It has been reported that he was not taking his medication and was confused and paranoid at the time of his disappearance.

On the 11th of October 2007, Neo missed a planned lunch date with his father, but the pair spoke on the phone instead. Later that evening, Neo’s sister called him and asked why his Facebook profile had been removed. Neo denied removing his profile and instead told his sister that people were after him.

On the 13th of October 2003, at around 3:00am, Neo tried to break into a house in the area of College Lane, Dartmouth. When Neo was confronted by the homeowner, Neo said that he was looking for one of his college friends who he thought lived there. Neo then apologised, jumped out of the second-floor window, and then ran away into the woods.

Neo has not been seen or heard from since.

Charles Allen Jr. (Neo Babson Maximus). Credit: Disappeared Blog

Neo’s car, a blue 1999 Ford Expedition with a Maryland license plate, was found abandoned on the university’s campus a few days after his disappearance.

On the 14th of October, Neo’s backpack which contained his school supplies was located in Slocum Road yard, next to UMass Dartmouth. Three days later, his shoes were discovered in a wooded area near Chase Road.

Neo’s keys, credit cards and mobile phone were with him when he went missing. There has been no activity on his bank or on his phone since he disappeared.

Neo’s family and police have searched homeless shelters and hostels for him, but they have never found anything. A sighting of someone who matched Neo’s description near the Dartmouth Mall and Wal-Mart also gave no results.

Before he went missing, Neo left his parents a couple of voicemails saying that he was going South to either Florida or Texas, but authorities never found any evidence to suggest that he travelled to either state.

Police have not found any evidence, motive, or means to suggest that Neo was met with foul play. Instead, they believe that he walked off on his own accord, but do think that his bipolar disorder may have contributed to his disappearance.

Neo is still classed as a missing person, and the circumstances surrounding his disappearance are still unclear to his family and the police.

If you have any information about Neo’s disappearance, or if you recognise him, please contact the Dartmouth Police Department at (508) 997-9900.

Charles Allen Jr. (Neo Babson Maximus). Credit: Disappeared Blog


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Madison County Jane Doe (2016)

On the 17th of September, 2016, the skeletal remains of a young child or toddler were discovered inside a suitcase that had been placed along Interstate 45 in Madisonville in Texas.

The suitcase the child was found in. Credit: Unidentified Awareness Fandom / National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

The child’s skeleton had been wrapped in 3 garbage bags as well as having been put inside the suitcase. The child had likely been dead for 3-5 months before she was found.

Recent isotope and pollen testing have been conducted on the child, and it has indicated that she was originally from Southern Arizona, New Mexico or perhaps Northern Mexico. Police have stated that it is most likely she was originally from Southern Arizona.

The child had micrognathia, a condition that affects the size of jaw development, and it resulted in an inability to eat without assistance. A feeding tube with the serial number “AA4069F02” was implanted and found with her remains.

Her skull was also deformed and would have appeared flattened on one side.

Jane Doe is described as being a female, between the ages of 2 and 6 years old. She had long, thick, black hair that was shoulder-length.

Jane Doe was found wearing a pink dress with butterfly decorations with the phrase “follow your dreams”, a Parent’s Choice (Walmart brand) diaper size 4, a pair of socks (colour/description unknown), and a military-issue camouflaged shirt and a grey adult sweater.

The dress the child was wearing. Credit: Unidentified Awareness Fandom / National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

A child’s silver bedspread and a small green blanket were also found with the remains.

The child’s cause of death has not been disclosed, but it is classed as a homicide.

After a reconstruction image of the child was released, a woman from Tucson, Arizona, contacted the police and said that her estranged granddaughter looked like the child. The woman also said that she had called the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children four times, but they refused to take her information. There are signs to suggest that her estranged granddaughter was ruled out as being Jane Doe.

Do you recognise Jane Doe?

Reconstruction of Jane Doe. Credit: Unidentified Awareness Fandom / National Center for Missing and Exploited Children


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Karen Ann Spencer

In the early hours of the 30th of December, 1989, Karen was driving with her sister-in-law Christy. Karen was extremely angry at Christy, so angry that Karen decided to pull the car over on the I-275 in Clermont County, Ohio, and get out of the car.

Karen, who was 17 years old, had been staying with her brother, Curtiss, and his wife Christy in their apartment in Milford, Ohio. Despite only being 17, Karen already had developed a bad relationship with alcohol and was going through a rebellious stage. Richard, Karen’s father, was so concerned with her relationship with alcohol that he enrolled her in an alcohol treatment programme, but Karen refused to go.

She told her dad that she didn’t want to live at home anymore, and as a compromise he eventually let her live with Curtiss and Christy in Milford. Richard remained living at Karen’s family home in Reading, Ohio.

Curtiss and Christy had made plans to move to Florida the next month, and Karen was going to make the move with them.

Earlier that night, on the 30th of December 1989, Karen had been helping Christy pack some boxes when Christy broke the news to Karen that she had been having some relationship problems with Curtiss and was planning on ending the relationship, and wouldn’t be moving to Florida.

Karen did not take the news well, and she started to argue with Christy. It is thought that Karen was mostly upset that the breakdown of her brother’s marriage would mean that she would no longer be able to move to Florida.

It was during this argument and teenage-rage-filled mind that Karen made the decision to get out of Christy’s car and walk away.

Karen Ann Spencer. Credit: Fox 19

Christy tried to convince Karen to get back in the car, but she just kept walking. Christy then got into the driver’s seat of her car and just waited for a few minutes, deciding what to do next. During this time Christy was approached by a man in a red sports car, asking if she needed any help, but she waved him off.

When Karen still did not return to the car, Christy decided to drive slowly down the highway looking for her. Christy drove around 3 miles to the nearest interchange, before turning around and heading back down the I-275. There was still no sign of Karen, so Christy decided to return to Richard’s house.

Richard and his wife, Diane, had been looking after Christy’s infant son. Richard did say that when Christy arrived at around 3:30am to pick him up, she was crying hysterically and wouldn’t explain what was wrong. When he asked where Karen was, she seemed to panic and did not know what to say, but she eventually told him that Karen was back at her apartment before leaving with her son.

As soon as Karen’s family had been told the truth about what had happened, they immediately contacted the Miami Township Police Department and reported her as missing. Detectives initially believed that they were dealing with a runaway, but after realising that Karen only had $7 on her, and all her personal belongings were still at Christy’s home, they quickly realised that she had not run away.

Karen also had two uncashed cheques from her job as a waitress, and she had no prior history of running away from home.

After Karen’s disappearance started being shown on TV, the man in the red car who approached Christy that night came forward and said that he might have seen Karen. However, the version of events that he told the police was very different to what Christy had said.

The man, who has not been named, said that he saw a car that he believed had broken down and that he saw a woman walking away from the car. He then claimed Christy got out of her car and walked to his car, and told him that she had been in an argument with her sister-in-law and asked him if he would give her a ride home. The man then went to look for Karen, but after driving around for 10 minutes, he gave up and continued on his way.

Due to the conflicting versions of events, detectives made both Christy and the man in the red car take polygraph tests. Both Christy and the man passed the polygraph tests about the night Karen went missing.

Police will not reveal the name of the man, but they have said that he was living in Harrison County, Ohio, at the time of Karen’s disappearance.

One woman contacted police saying that she was outside with her dog at around the time Karen went missing and that she heard a woman screaming. This woman lived close to the Loveland-Indian Hill exit off I-275, which is close to where Karen was last seen. The woman wasn’t sure if this scream was related to Karen’s disappearance or not.

Karen’s family were holding out hope that she was still alive, and conducted several searches around both sides of the I-275, and even walked from Milford to the I-71 interchange several times. Sadly, their intense search efforts found no evidence of what happened to Karen that night.

The police made several public appeals for information, but no one came forward with information. The police were open to any possibilities, but privately they thought that Karen was most likely dead even though they had no evidence to support foul play had taken place.

Karen Ann Spencer. Credit: Unidentified Awareness Fandom

Karen’s family eventually stopped talking to Christy due to tensions becoming so high. Christy was also the last person to see Karen alive, and although there hadn’t been any evidence to suggest that Christy was involved in Karen’s disappearance, there were too many unknowns and Karen’s family were unsure of what to believe.

In 1993, Richard and Diane moved from Reading, Ohio to West Chester, Pennsylvania. Even though it had been 4 years since Karen went missing, they set up a call-forwarding from their old phone number to their new one, just in case Karen decided to call them. Richard and Diane desperately wanted to believe that Karen was still alive, and had just started a new life for herself.

In 1993, a truck driver told police that he saw a man in a pickup truck near Lake Isabella in the late December of 1989 digging a grave and burying a woman’s body that was wrapped in a blanket. He said that after he saw Karen’s missing poster, he recognised her as the woman who was being buried. The truck driver took the police to where he saw the man dig the grave but after an extensive search of that area, they found no evidence to suggest that anyone had ever been buried in that location.

The police did keep the truck driver on their radar for several years as possibly being involved in Karen’s disappearance, but they found nothing that linked him to Karen’s case.

In 2000, Richard and Diane received a call from a man who told them that their daughter was buried in Renfro Valley, Kentucky. However, it was later revealed that this caller was 54-year-old Larry Mullins who lived in Hamilton County with his grandmother. It turned out that Larry liked to amuse himself by writing journal entries about car accidents, missing people etc and then years later call the families and taunt them. He had over 230 journals.

Larry was charged with several misdemeanours. In Karen’s case, he was given a fine of $500 and sentenced to 45 days in jail.

However, the new publicity of Karen’s case evoked a call from Kate Harner. Kate had actually called the police in 1990 with her tip, but the police never returned her call. So Kate called them again and told them the same tip she had told them in 1990.

Kate said that sometime in the late December of 1989, she had offered a ride to a young woman who was walking along the I-275 highway. Whilst Kate was talking with the woman, a red pickup truck with Kentucky license plates pulled up next to her. There was a man who was driving the truck, and when he rolled down the window the woman smiled at him as if she knew him. The woman then waved off Kate, and Kate assumed that she was going to get a ride with the man in the pickup truck. It was when Kate saw the missing posters of Karen that she realised the woman she had seen that night was actually Karen.

Karen’s case went quiet for a few years until in 2009 when the police announced that they had a suspect in the case and that they hoped an arrest in the case would be imminent. The suspect has not been named publicly, but he is the man who was driving the red car on the night that Karen went missing.

Police ruled him out at the time as he had passed the polygraph exam, but over the years the man started to change his story, whilst Christy’s version of events stayed exactly the same. This made detectives suspicious, so they asked the FBI to go over his polygraph test results. The FBI’s behavioural scientists determined that the man had actually been manipulating the test, and had actually failed.

At the time of Karen’s disappearance, the man was in his twenties and he was driving a red Datsun B310 on the night of Karen’s disappearance. He admitted that he approached Christy’s car because he thought it had broken down, but Christy never approached him, so the only way he would have known about the fight they had was if Karen had told him. The man also admitted that he did see Karen that night, something that he denied during his polygraph test, but that she had refused his offer of a ride.

This makes him the last person to see Karen alive.

Richard, Karen’s father, has said that the man had his car cleaned twice on the day that Karen went missing and then his car disappeared. The title was never transferred so it was never sold, but the insurance was cancelled and the car was never seen again.

The suspect also knew things about the case that were never made public, and according to one of his friends, he referred to “the girl missing from I-275” before Karen had even been reported missing.

The Clermont County prosecutor has said that it is likely they would get a conviction based on circumstance evidence, but they still asked Karen’s family if they would be willing to accept a lower sentence in return for the location of Karen’s body. Karen’s family accepted this, as they just want to bring her home, but no charges have been filed.

The FBI is also convinced that the man is the murderer after hearing his interview tapes, but they believe that if the police were able to have a little more convincing evidence against him, they would be able to arrest him.

The police are urging anyone with information about Karen’s disappearance to come forward, as even the tiniest bit of evidence could be the one thing needed to arrest the suspect.

Do you know what happened to Karen?

Karen Ann Spencer is age-progressed to 41 years old. Credit: / National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.


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