“Bodine” or “Bodean” is possibly the name of a woman who was found deceased in Atlanta, Georgia on the 13th of October 2002. At the time of writing this article, her NamUs profile has been removed which suggests that she may have been identified but there is no official confirmation that she has been identified. She was killed by serial killer Gerald Patrick Lewis.

“Bodine”‘s partial remains were found in woodland near Charlie Brown Airport. The bones that were found included the skull with no mandible, a pelvic bone, a scapula, the right femur, vertebrae, the left clavicle, the sternum, arm bones and hand bones.

Several years after being arrested, Gerald confessed to her murder. He claimed that she was possibly named either “Bodine” or “Bodean”, and that she would frequently go to the Alamo Hotel located on Metropolitan Parkway (formerly known as Stewart Avenue). He met her in either 1993 or 1994.

Gerald said that before the woman got into the car she said that she had to run into her motel room really quickly, and said something about making sure her son was okay.

After the pair had engaged in sexual intercourse, Gerald drove to a dirt pit which was just off a runway from the airport. It was here that he pinned her against a tree, raped her at knifepoint and then stabbed her 30-40 times. Gerald later said: “She didn’t even cry or anything. It was kind of strange.”

Gerald passed away on the 25th of July 2009, and in total, he confessed to seven murders in Georgia, Alabama, and Massachusetts.

“Bodine” is described as being a female between the ages of 25 and 50. Investigators found a silver-coloured ring marked with “Korea” and “925” with her remains.

Hopefully, we will be able to give her name back to her very soon.

Reconstruction of “Bodine”. Credit: Unidentified Awareness Fandom
The ring was found with “Bodine”‘s body. Credit: Unidentified Awareness Fandom


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Mary Jensen

On the 20th of July, 1977, the body of an unknown female was discovered in the Mississippi River between Childs and Warner Road in Saint Paul, Minnesota. She was described as a white female between the ages of 16 and 20. Her cause of death has not been stated.

She remained unidentified for over 45 years until the 2nd of August 2022, when the DNA Doe Project announced that they had been able to officially identify her as Mary Jensen using genetic genealogy.

At the time of her death, Mary was wearing a green, red, and blue vertically striped shirt with thinner lateral straps, high-waisted blue jeans, brown knee-high socks, size 5 underwear and size 8-9 shoes.

There do not seem to be any photos of Mary Jensen available online, so below is the reconstruction image that Carl Coppelman produced in 2021.

Rest in Peace, Mary.

Reconstruction image. Credit: Carl Koppelman / Unidentified Awareness Fandom


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Clark County Jane Doe (2013)

On the 18th of October, 2013, the decomposed remains of an unidentified female were found near the westbound exit for I-70, close to Casey, Illinois.

Jane Doe is described as a white woman between the ages of 20 and 40 years old. She stood at 5″3′ and weighed 140lbs. Her exact cause of death is not stated but it is listed as a homicide. She also had dark brown/black hair that was shoulder length.

She was found wearing a black lace dress with a full left sleeve and off the right shoulder, mid-length, a pink and black underwire bra, high heel sandals and thong-style pants.

If you recognise this woman please contact the Clark County Coroner’s Office at (217) 826-2349.

Reconstruction of Jane Doe. Credit: Unidentified Awareness Fandom


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Alcona County Jane Doe

Alcona County Jane Doe is the name given to the skeletal remains of a female that were found by a hunter approximately 1 mile east of the Brodie Road and Bamfield Road intersection, in Curtis Township, Michigan on the 26th of October 1994. It is believed that her body had been there for between 1 to 4 years before being discovered.

An article from Radford University has stated that serial killer Larry DeWayne Hall is a suspect in her case. Larry DeWayne Hall is believed to be responsible for the disappearance of up to 45 women during the 1980s and 1990s, and he is currently serving time in a federal prison in North Carolina for the kidnapping and murder of Jessica Roach.

Jane Doe is described as being a white female between the ages of 30 and 50, standing between 5″0′ and 5″4′ and weighing approximately 135lbs. She had light brown hair which may have had a red tint. She also had a healed fracture of the left humerus above the elbow, and whilst the fracture had healed it didn’t appear to be set correctly. Jane Doe also had two thoracic vertebrae that had collapsed but were healed.

Do you recognise this woman?

Reconstruction of Jane Doe. Credit: Unidentified Awareness Fandom / LSU FACES


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Hernando County Jane Doe (March 1981)

Hernando County Jane Doe is an unidentified victim of serial killer William Mansfield Jr. All four of William’s victims were found on his father’s property in Centerwood Avenue, Weeki Wachee, Florida. This victim was discovered wrapped in a red/green coloured blanket.

The body of Jane Doe was discovered on the 19th of March, 1981. Whilst her official cause of death has not been stated, it is listed as a homicide and William Mansfield Jr was convicted of all four murders in 1982.

Hernando County Jane Doe is described as being a white female, between the ages of 20 and 30 years old. Her weight is unknown but it is thought that she stood between 5″4′ and 5″6. It is thought that she died between 1 and 3 years before her remains were discovered.

The only accessory she had with her was an aqua blue ceramic pendant which was approximately 1″ in diameter, with a drawing on the front of the pendant of a pink heart with a red smaller heart with extended yellow wings within. From the red heart and the wings, there are thirteen yellow lines, and on the back of the pendant are possibly the blue letters “ee” and potentially a “p”.

The pendant found with Jane Doe. Credit: Unidentified Awareness Fandom
A reconstructed version of the pendant. Credit: Unidentified Awareness Fandom
Facial Reconstruction of Jane Doe. Credit: Unidentified Awareness Fandom


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Tempe Girl

Tempe Girl is the name given to an unidentified female who was found deceased behind a strip mall in Tempe, Arizona on the 27th of April 2002. She had died as a result of a cocaine overdose.

Investigators found a compact disc close to the woman’s body which had fingerprints on it that belonged to a woman who lived in Phoneix, Arizona. When the woman was interviewed by police, she said that she knew nothing about the woman but said her boyfriend had seen Tempe Girl hitchhiking near 32nd Street and Greenway Road in Phoneix, Arizona on the 26th of April.

The boyfriend went on to say that he offered her a ride to the destination of her choice which was Tempe, Arizona. He said that the girl was interested in buying tickets to an upcoming music festival. Tempe girl spoke in Spanish, and also told the boyfriend that she had been disowned and kicked out of her family’s home due to drug use.

Another person was also picked up in the vehicle, a drug dealer. Tempe girl then decided to spend her money on buying cocaine from the drug dealer rather than buying the tickets to the concert as she had originally planned on doing.

During the drive, she used some of the cocaine that she brought, but she had a bad reaction to the drug. She started to have a seizure, and so the driver pulled her out of the car and left her behind a strip mall. The driver then told the drug dealer to call the police at a nearby gas station, before leaving the scene.

Tempe Girl was not discovered until 5:40am the next morning.

Tempe Girl is described as being a Hispanic/Native American woman between the ages of 15 and 19 years old. She was between 5″0′ and 5″2′, and weighed between 120lbs – 125lbs. She had brown eyes, and straight black hair between 12-12.5 inches in length, she is reported to have spoken Spanish, and she had a scar on the back of her left hand in the shape of a “T” and another scar on the top of her left shoulder, and her nails had been painted in a purple nail polish that was starting to fade.

At the time of her death, she was wearing a red halter top, blue underwear, and a purple elastic hair tie on her right wrist, Watch L. A brand of blue jeans with a side zipper and eyelets on the waistband and one Lower Eastside black slip-on dress shoe, size 6.5 with a 2-inch wedge heel.

Tempe Girl is currently undergoing testing by the DNA Doe Project.

Do you know who she is?

Tempe Girl Reconstruction. Credit: Unidentified Awareness Fandom


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Canadian County Jane Doe

On the 5th of January 1990, the body of a young female adult/teenager was found in Geary/El Reno, Oklahoma, by a survey crew. Jane Doe had been beaten to death.

Jane Doe is described as a White/Hispanic/Native American female between 18 and 35. Her height was estimated to be between 5″3′ and 5″7′, and her weight is unknown due to her remains being skeletal at the time of discovery. It is estimated she died between 1 and 5 years before being discovered. Jane Doe possibly had brown hair and was most likely right-handed.

Along with her remains, police also found a size 28 belt with a gold buckle and tan leather tips, a collard white shirt, a pair of Chaus light tan slacks with a pleated front in size 9/10, a ring and a baseball-style cap.

If you have any information regarding Jane Doe’s true identity or her murder, please contact the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office at (405) 262-3434.

The ring Jane Doe was found with. Credit: Unidentified Awareness Fandom
Reconstruction of Jane Doe. Credit: Unidentified Awareness Fandom


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Los Angeles Jane Doe (May 2006)

Los Angeles Jane Doe is the name given to a woman who is presumed to have jumped to her death. Her body was found in Los Angeles on the 24th of May, 2006, just hours after she had passed away.

She is described as being a white female between the ages of 33-45, she stood at 5″1′ and weighed 120lbs. She had strawberry blonde hair, hazel eyes and a vertical scar below her belly button.

At the time of her death, she was wearing a white t-shirt and red and white pants.

If you recognise this woman, please contact the Los Angeles Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner at (323) 343-0512 with case number 200603967.

Reconstruction of Jane Doe. Credit: Unidentified Awareness Fandom


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Carson Jane Doe (1978)

Carson Jane Doe is the name given to an unidentified female body that was found in Carson, California on the 20th of April 1978. She had been buried in a shallow grave in a field. Her cause of death has not been stated.

At the time of her discovery, a dark blue Vega Hatchback 1970 model was spotted in the area and was occupied by two Hispanic males.

Jane Doe is described as being a Hispanic/White female, between the ages of 14 and 20. She stood at 5″2′ and weighed between 130-135lbs. She had long black hair, and brown eyes and her fingernails were short and painted pink. Jane Doe may have given birth at least once during her life, as she had a possible cesarean scar and stretch marks. She also had a “Medium” completion and her upper teeth overlapped on the right side of her mouth.

No clothing was reported to have been found on her body.

If you recognise Jane Doe, or if you have any information regarding her case, please contact the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office at 1-323-343-0754 quoting case number 785116.

Reconstruction of Jane Doe. Credit: Unidentified Awareness Fandom / National Center for Missing and Exploited Children


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Navarro County Jane Doe (1977)

On the 29th of May, 1977, two fishermen found the body of a young girl in Chambers Creek, located around three miles east of Corsicana, Texas. The body was first believed to belong to Ladina McCoy who disappeared on Valentine’s Day 1977, but her body was recovered in June 1977 ruling her out.

When Jane Doe was taken to the medical examiner, they discovered that her left foot was missing and that she likely died around 2 months before she was found. Despite not showing any physical trauma, her cause of death is thought to be unnatural.

Unfortunately, Jane Doe’s case file has been lost over the years, and the original investigators on her case have since passed away. No leads were ever obtained during the initial investigation.

It has been theorised that Jane Doe was maybe a victim of abuse, or she could have come from a family of transients who could not afford a proper funeral for her.

Jane Doe was not the only body to be found in those waters in 1977. On November 12th, 1977, the body of Barbara Marsh was discovered near Lake Ray Hubbard. Barbara’s mother, Carrie, was convicted of her murder. In September of 1977, Suzie Mages was last seen talking to an unidentified man at a Denton fast food restaurant. Her body was discovered two weeks later in an Oak Cliff gravel pit. The body of Ladina McCoy was also found in June of 1977.

Only Barbara’s case was solved, the other three cases have never been solved. This has led people to speculate that a serial offender was in the area.

Jane Doe is now laid to rest at Modrall Memorial Park in Corsicana, with her headstone inscribed with: “Small Girl, Identity Unknown, May 1977” and “In Memory of a Little Girl Known to God, by a Friend Unknown to Her, 1980.”

She was found wearing a long-sleeved white shirt that had red animals on it, size 4, and Montgomery Ward red denim pants with an elastic waistband.

Do you know who Jane Doe is?

Jane Doe’s Headstone. Credit: Unidentified Awareness Fandom


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