On September the 8th, 1992, a motorist came across a young woman dancing in the middle of a busy street in Port Hueneme, California. He tried to help her and began asking her questions, but he quickly realised that she could not understand him. The motorist realised that the young woman had difficulty hearing and was mute.

He became concerned for her safety and took her to the Ventura County police station.

The police tried to question the young woman, but she was not able to communicate with them. The only clue they had to go on to try and figure out her identity was a bank receipt for a bank based in San Diego, which was 200 miles to the south.

The police had no reason to detain the young woman and let her go.

But just the next day, a police officer came across the young woman again, wandering alone in a busy street. The woman seemed very confused. Instead of leaving her, the police placed her in a shelter for women. Still, she was unable to communicate properly with anyone, and all she could do was pantomime, mimic and use “home sign language”.

Chris Barrows, a communication specialist, was brought into the shelter to try and communicate with her.

Chris firstly wanted to try and find out the woman’s name, so he and Marti Ruble, the shelter’s supervisor, wrote their names on a piece of paper and gestured to themselves. They then asked her to either write or communicate her name to them, and she seemed to understand what they meant as she began to make hand symbols in the form of letters.

When Chris wrote down the letters, it spelt out the name “Lucxi”. Some people have suggested that her name might actually be “Luxci”, which is the Basque spelling for Luci. The x is pronounced as a “ch”. When the woman saw this, she had a very positive reaction. They were then able to find out her age, 23, through the use of hand gestures as well.

Now that they had her name and age, Chris thought that it would be relatively straightforward to find someone who knew her or recognised her. But despite the FBI and other missing person organisations running checks on her, they found nothing. And no one in the Port Hueneme area recognised her either.

The only solid clue they had was the receipt from the bank that Lucy had with her, but once again this led nowhere. Authorities were at a standstill.

Over the following months, Lucy would reveal glimpses into her past. She said that she had flown into California by plane, and had a child which was then taken from her. She was then left on her phone.

Lucy appeared to be well cared for, and although she didn’t have any cooking skills she understands when it is time to eat. She is also able to brush her hair and clean herself.

Chris does not think that Lucy was on the streets for very long when she was found.

Lucy has brown hair and brown eyes, and in 1993 she was in her early twenties. Her ethnic identity is unknown, but there is a possibility that she may have been born in Mexico.

Lucy’s case aired on the Unsolved Mysteries on the 3rd of February 1993. But this episode brought no new leads in Lucy’s case, and no one came forward to say that they recognised her.

In 1993, Lucy disappeared from the shelter and vanished. She was later found in Cotati and had a small amount of methamphetamine with her. She was taken to a doctor who was able to determine that she could actually hear, but that she had the mental age of a 9-year-old.

Lucy then vanished again.

As of May 2014, some sources have reported that Lucy is homeless and living in Santa Paula, California. She apparently communicates with grunts and hand gestures and is often seen walking around with a stroller full of junk. Some witnesses have claimed to see her speak perfect English and ask for small amounts of money.

However, none of these sightings has ever been confirmed.

Do you know Lucy’s true identity, or where she is today?

Lucy. Credit: Mysterious Universe


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Amber Jean Swartz-Garcia

Amber Jean Swartz-Garcia was the first child of Kim Swartz and Floyd “Bernie” Swartz. Sadly, Floyd was shot and killed whilst working as a police officer on the 3rd of May 1980, just 3 months before Amber was born on the 19th of August 1980.

Amber lived with her mother, Kim, in Pinole, California. She had to use a hearing aid and was taking the medication Fiorinal for headaches at the time of her disappearance.

On the 3rd of June, 1988, seven-year-old Amber asked her mum if she could go and jump rope outside. Amber’s friends, Debbie and Marsia, were supposed to be coming over anyway, so Kim said okay. However, when Amber’s friends arrived, they asked where Amber was as she was not outside.

After quickly searching the neighbourhood, Kim realised that Amber had been abducted.

Amber Swartz-Garcia. Credit: Unsolved Mysteries Wiki

The day after Amber went missing a pair of pink socks that Kim believes belonged to Amber were found in a park close to her house, and they had not been there the day before.

Three days after Amber had disappeared, a man called Tim Binder showed up at Kim’s door. He was extremely upset about Amber. Kim noticed that Tim’s van had Amber’s missing posters all over it, and the license plate of the van was “LOVE YOU”. However, when Tim turned away and looked back at her, he said “Of course, now we are looking for a dead body.”

This was the first time anyone had said anything like this to Kim, and she started to feel creeped out, so she asked Tim to leave.

Tim was known to authorities because, over the course of 10 years, several young girls had gone missing along the Interstate 80 corridor. In several of these cases, Tim took it upon himself personally to go and look for them. Tim was considered a “person of interest” in all of the cases he got involved in.

Tim had been questioned intensively and even given a polygraph test that came back inconclusive.

The FBI asked Kim some oddly specific questions at the beginning of the investigation, such as: “Had Amber received anything unusual in the mail?”, “Have you received phone calls from someone who you didn’t know?” and “Had Amber ever come home with something that she couldn’t explain who it was from?”. Kim believes that these questions were about Tim.

As Kim spent more time with Tim, in order to get “closer” to him, she found out that he would visit cemeteries a lot, and spend a lot of time with the graves of specific girls, including Angela Bugay. Angela had been abducted in November 1983 and was later found sexually assaulted and strangled to death. Tim was put under constant surveillance and the FBI discovered that Tim visited Angela’s grave over 90 times.

Tim would often leave Kim strange voicemails which she believed was him “toying” with her emotions, and he would often recommend books to her such as “Crime and Punishment” – a book which involves the suspect visiting crime scenes, getting close to the victim’s family and trying to insert themselves into the investigation. Kim suspects that this was Tim’s way of taunting her.

Tim Binder. Credit: East Bay Times

Thirteen days after Amber had gone missing, a bloodhound traced Amber’s sent to Angela’s grave. The FBI also states that the bloodhound picked up the scent in Tim’s van as well.

Five months after Amber’s disappearance, another young girl, nine-year-old Michaela Garecht, went missing from a Hayward Market. Investigators believe that Tim was in the area at the time of Michaela’s disappearance.

Two months later, thirteen-year-old Illene Misheloff, disappeared from Dublin, California. Tim, once again, inserted himself into the investigation.

A few years later, a mother from Fairfield, California, called the police as her daughter had received a letter from Tim. The letter could only be read if it was held up to a mirror. The contents of the letter have never been made public.

Just a few blocks away from their home, four-year-old Nikki Campbell vanished after she was playing in the driveway. Her scent was later traced to Angela’s grave.

Fairfield police decided to search Tim’s house in the wake of Nikki’s disappearance. They found nothing that connected him to Nikki’s disappearance, or the disappearance of Amber, Michaela, Illene and the murder of Angela.

However, it was around this time that Kim received a phone call from a man. He said that on the day that Amber went missing he had seen a young girl being thrown into a car by an unknown male at Alvarado Park. The man got his niece to write down the licence plate number, and they called the police.

But the police didn’t think that the unknown man was Tim, as the car was later traced to a junked vehicle in Los Angeles and the physical description of the man did not match Tim.

Tim eventually sued the city of Fairfield for tarnishing his reputation. He settled out of court for $90,000.

To this day, Tim is still considered a suspect in Amber, Micheala, Ilena and Nikki’s disappearance and Angela’s murder. He is considered to be a suspect due to the odd behaviour he exhibited about the cases and the fact that Amber’s scent was found in his van and at Angela’s grave. Tim has never been charged in connection with any of these cases.

In June 2002, authorities dug up the yard of former priest Stephen Kiesle’s vacation home, hoping to find some evidence that relates to Amber’s case. At the time of Amber’s disappearance, he lived just down the street from her. He had been arrested in May 2002 for molesting three girls at a church in Fremont. Fourteen other girls came forward and accused him of abuse, and most of the victims matched Amber’s age and description.

However, no evidence was found at his home and it is unknown if Stephen is still considered a suspect in Amber’s case.

In July 2009, the police announced that they had identified Amber’s killer as a convicted child rapist and killer Curtis Dean Anderson.

In 2007, Curtis confessed that he wanted “company” on a road trip to his auntie’s house in Arizona. He was fairly familiar with the Pinole area, and after he spotted Amber in her front yard he pulled her into his car, drugged her, and then took her to a motel where he suffocated her. He then claims that he dumped her body somewhere near Benson, Arizona off Highway 10.

Whilst police were able to confirm that Curtis was in the Pinole area at the time Amber went missing, they were unable to find any more evidence that connected him to Amber’s case.

Curtis said that he purposely taunted the police with false information. He died in December 2007, just one month after he confessed.

Police say that Curtis also confessed to several other murders, but the police could not find any evidence to link him to them.

After the announcement was made, police officially closed the case. However, a petition was launched for the Pinole Police Department to reopen the stranger abduction case, and in the autumn of 2013 Amber’s case was re-opened as well.

Amber’s mum, Kim, does not believe Curtis’s confession and thinks that he was lying. Investigators are trying to corroborate or refute his confession.

Amber is still considered a missing child, and her mother Kim is still searching for her. Kim started the Amber Foundation for Missing Children, which teaches about child abductions and how to prevent them.

It has been 34 years since Amber went missing. If she is still alive today, she would be 42 years old.

What happened to Amber?

Amber is age-progressed to 31 years old. Credit: Internation Missing Fandom / National Center for Missing and Exploited Children


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Tymon Joseph Emily

Tymon Joseph Emily (or T.J. Emily) was an 18-year-old man who had been found murdered in a vacant, burned-out business building in St. Louis, Missouri, on the 7th of March 1992.

Tymon’s skeletal remains were found by workers who were removing gas service to the building. There was no form of ID on him, and he was not positively ID’d until March the 25th, 2022, which was actually the 32nd anniversary of his disappearance.

Forensic Reconstruction Image of Tymon before he was identified. Credit: Unidentified Wiki / National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Tymon’s ribs showed signs of being stabbed, and his cause of death is ruled as homicide by stabbing.

Tymon had been last seen by his family in Montgomery City, Missouri on the 25th of March 1990. He had left because he was going to visit his uncle in St. Louis.

Unfortunately, very little has been made public about Tymon and his early life. All that is known is that he was stabbed to death and that the police have never caught the person responsible for his murder.

At the time of his death, Tymon was wearing: a black raincoat, a blue zipper jacket, a pink shirt, striped Fruit of the Loom boxers in size 30-32, blue jeans, white socks, a white t-shirt with the logo “Myrtle Beach” embroidered on it, one white shoe, two black rubber boots, and a shoe insole size 8.5-9.

It is believed that Tymon was heading to his uncle’s house on foot, and is thought to have been stabbed 1-3 years before he was found. This would place his death at around the same time he went missing.

Do you know anything about Tymon’s murder?

Tymon Joseph Emily. Credit: Unidentified Wiki
Tymon Joseph Emily. Credit: Unidentified Wiki


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Debra Louise Jackson

Debra Louise Jackson, also known as Debra Louise Larned, was a young woman who was found dead, wearing only a pair of orange socks (she is sometimes referred to as “orange socks”) in a culvert along Interstate 35 in Georgetown, Texas on the 31st of October 1979.

Debra had been sexually assaulted and strangled to death. She was only wearing a pair of orange socks and an abalone/mother of pearl stone on a ring when she was discovered.

The ring Debra was wearing at the time of her death. Credit: Unidentified Wiki

Debra was unidentified for 39 years and was only positively identified in August 2019 by the DNA Doe Project which used genetic genealogy to identify her.

Whilst Debra was unidentified, police thought that she may have been a runaway or a transient. They found keys from an Oklahoma motel which helped to support this theory, alongside the fact that Debra had long nails and unshaven legs, and was using a makeshift sanitary pad. Debra was also suffering from salpingitis, which is where the fallopian tubes become inflamed, due to untreated gonorrhoea.

Forensic Reconstruction of Debra before she was identified. Credit: Unidentified Wiki / Carl Koppelman

Serial killer Henry Lee Lucas confessed to Debra’s murder, however, it was later discovered that the police officers would show him photos of the crime scene and then have him confess during police interviews – so that the police officers could gain recognition for solving cold cases.

The police do not think that Henry Lee Lucas was responsible for the death of Debra.

Between 1976 and 1981, the section of Interstate 35 in Texas was the location of 22 murders involving female and male hitchhikers and stranded motorists. This has led police to believe that a serial killer was active during those years, and responsible for the murders. Debra has been listed as a victim of the I-35 murders.

It is thought that at least two men were responsible for Debra’s murder, as there were two DNA profiles discovered on the socks that she was wearing. However, the police are unsure if the profiles are strong enough to be run for additional tests.

Hopefully one day the DNA profiles will be able to provide us with the names of those responsible for ending Debra’s life.

Debra Louise Jackson. Credit: Unidentified Wiki


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Marcia Lenore Sossoman (King)

Marcia Lenore Sossoman (King) was a young woman who was found murdered in Troy, Miami County, Ohio on the 24th of April 1981. However, until April the 9th 2018, she was only known as the “Buckskin Girl” as they were unable to formally identify her.

Marcia was originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, and she was last seen by some of her family members in 1980. No missing person report was filed on Marcia when she went missing, as she was either 19 or 20 years old when she left home.

Despite not being officially reported missing, Marcia’s family never stopped looking for her. Marcia’s mother remained at the same house, with the same phone number, in case Marcia ever came home.

Marcia had been travelling across the United States, with some witnesses saying they saw her in places such as parks and bars.

Sadly, Marcia was murdered in Troy, Ohio. She had died from strangulation and she had been beaten very badly. Some sources say that she was found in the fetal position, whilst others say that she was face down. There was no evidence of a sexual assault.

At the time of her death, Marcia was wearing a buckskin poncho, which appeared to be handmade. She was also wearing a purple and orange patterned turtleneck sweater and wrangler bell-bottom jeans. Her hair was in two plaits. She was not wearing any shoes, and she had no jewellery on her.

A reconstruction image of what Marcia looked like at the time of her death. Credit: Unidentified Wiki
The clothes Marcia was wearing at the time of her death. Credit: Cincinnati Enquirer

Marcia is thought to have been the first victim of a serial killer who killed at least nine other women in the Ohio area up to 2004. Many of the victims were not wearing shoes or jewellery when discovered. It is possible that this serial killer may have been a trucker.

It is important to note, however, that Marcia’s murder happened years before the other murders happened more often.

Marcia was identified in April 2018, by the DNA Doe Project. They used forensic genetic genealogy to identify the deceased’s potential relatives in the free database known as GEDmatch. Within just four hours of research, a match was made in Marcia’s case.

This was the first identification made by the DNA Doe Project.

Despite being able to positively ID Marcia, the police have still not been able to find her killer. They are still investigating Marcia’s case, but at this time there are no persons of interest or suspects.

Marcia remains buried at the Riverside Cemetry in Troy, Ohio. Her headstone reads her name as Marcia L. Sossoman (King).

Hopefully one day we will find out who is responsible for Marcia’s death.

Marcia King. Credit: Wikipedia


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Arianna Fitts

Arianna Fitts was just 2-years-old when she, and her mother Nicole Fitts who was 32-years-old, went missing from San Fransisco, California. The pair were reported missing on the 5th of April 2016.

Nicole Fitts was last seen on the 1st of April, after receiving a phone call to go and meet her daughter’s babysitter. It is believed that Nicole travelled from her job at a Best Buy store on Harrison Street by a Municipal Railway Vehicle on the Third Street Corridor at around 9:45pm. She was wearing a blue shirt.

Just 3 days after Arianna and Nicole were reported missing, a Gardner in the John McLaren Park discovered a large piece of wood resting behind a clump of ivy-covered bushes with an odd silver character painted on it. Underneath the large piece of wood, the Gardner found the body of Nicole Fitts.

Nicole was found in the fetal position in a shallow grave. No other details about her death have been released, other than her death is classed as murder. As soon as Nicole’s body was found, the police started investigating the person who was looking after Arianna that evening.

Speaking to CNN, Arianna’s aunt and Nicole’s sister, Tess Fitts, said that Nicole would often have babysitters from the Oakland area look after Arianna if she had to work early morning or late night shifts at her job.

The police now think that the phone call Nicole received that evening was used to lure her out.

At a press conference in May 2016, the police named Helena and Devin Martin and Siolo Hearne as persons of interest in Arianna’s case, with the main focus being on Helena as she was Arianna’s main babysitter. The three of them apparently gave conflicting statements at the start of the investigation.

Arianna is still considered a missing child, and the police and FBI are still working on her case. They believe that Arianna was not with her mother, Nicole when she was murdered.

In 2021, the FBI released an image of what Arianna may look like now. If she is still alive, she would be 8 years old today.

Arianna Fitts age-progressed to 6 years old (she would be 8 today). Credit: SFist.com / National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Arianna’s aunt, Tess Fitts, believes that Arianna is still alive. “I think Arianna was taken because someone wanted her. Someone fell in love with her and they wanted her as their own.”

The police and FBI are urging anyone with information about Nicole’s murder, or Arianna’s disappearance to come forward. If you recognise Arianna, or if you have the slightest bit of information, please contact your local FBI office or submit your tip to: https://tips.fbi.gov/

Let’s hope that one day those responsible for Nicole’s murder and Arianna’s disappearance are found, and brought to justice.

Arianna and Nicole Fitts. Credit: People.com


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Joshua Vernon Maddux

Joshua Maddux was born on the 9th of March 1990, and he lived in Woodland Park, in the Pike National Forest, in Teller County, Colorado. His parents were divorced, and Joshua lived with his dad, Mike, and two sisters, Ruth and Kate.

On the 1st of June 2006, Joshua’s older brother, Zachary, sadly died from suicide. Zachary was 18 years old at the time of his death and died after suffering from severe depression. Zachary’s death was really hard on Joshua, as he thought really highly of his older brother.

On the 8th of May 2008, Joshua left his home after telling his sister Kate that he was going on a walk. Joshua loved being outdoors and around nature, and he often went on walks, so this was completely normal for Joshua and no one thought any more of it.

However, when Joshua didn’t come home that evening, his family started to get worried. By the next morning, Joshua still hadn’t come home and he did not make any contact with his family. Joshua’s family started to call his friends, to see if he was staying with them or if they had heard from Joshua, but no one had.

On May the 13th, Joshua was reported missing.

The police, friends and family all searched for Joshua for months. They searched the neighbourhood and the forests where Joshua liked to go walking, but they found no sign that Joshua had ever been there. The police had no reason to suspect that Joshua had been a victim of foul play, so he remained listed as a missing person.

Joshua’s sister, Kate, wrote this about his disappearance: “Since Josh was 18, it has been reasonable to assume he may have decided to leave town to start a new life. As one of his two older sisters, I have always chosen to believe that this was the case. I have expected Josh to return home to my father’s house at any time with a wife and small children so they can meet their grandparents and two aunts. Josh has always been known for his musical and literary talent, so maybe we would find him playing music with a band on tour, or catch him writing successful novels under a pen name so that he could keep his preferred lifestyle of solitude in the woods.

Joshua and Kate. Credit: The Denver Post

In 2015, a builder from Colorado Springs, 80-year-old Chuck Murphy, was demolishing his old wood cabin. His cabin was on Meadowlark Lane, which was surrounded by tall pine trees. The cabin had not been used for just over a decade, and Chuck decided to demolish the cabin to make way for property development. The demolishing began in August 2015.

On August the 7th, Chuck came to the cabin and he noticed a horrible stench from inside the cabin. Chuck also said that he had been having a lot of problems with animals coming to the cabin.

When the demolition started, workers began to dismantle the chimney. Inside the interior of the chimney, Chuck discovered the body of a young man, who was in the fetal position with his legs above his head.

The Cabin where Joshua was found (before demolition). Credit: The Strange Outdoors
Another image of the Cabin where Joshua was found. Credit: The Strange Outdoors

The police were immediately called, and they arrived with the County Coroner.

Using dental records, the County Coroner was able to identify the young man as being Joshua Maddox.

Joshua’s family was devastated by the news. His sister, Kate, said this: “The situation doesn’t make any sense at all. We were really expecting him to be anywhere else in the world and he was actually very close.”

The cabin was actually located just two blocks away from Joshua’s family home. The searches that took place for Joshua overlooked the cabin, and as there had been no sign of life there was no reason to search the cabin or the chimney. Even the owner of the cabin, Chuck, said that he rarely visited the cabin but when he did there was nothing unusual or noteworthy.

The Teller County Coroner, Al Born, conducted an autopsy on Joshua’s body. He found no evidence of drugs in Joshua’s body, and furthermore, there were no broken bones, no stab or knife marks, and no bullet holes. How Joshua died is a matter of speculation, but Al did say that it was not instant death.

Al says that Joshua didn’t starve to death as that takes weeks, but he could have died from either dehydration or hypothermia.

On the 28th of September 2015, Al made a ruling that Joshua died due to an “accidental death”, and said that Joshua had climbed into the chimney and become stuck. He stated that because of the position that Joshua was found in, Joshua had climbed into the chimney voluntarily in order to gain access to the cabin and that the most likely cause of death was hypothermia due to the cold temperatures.

However, a few people were not in agreement with Al’s ruling. One person in particular who believed it wasn’t true was the owner of the cabin himself, Chuck Murphy.

Chuck said that the chimney had been fitted with a thick wire mesh that was hung from steel hooks to keep animals and debris from falling in the chimney. Al said that the wire mesh could have corroded away as it was not in any of the crime scene photos, but Chuck said that during the demolition the wire mesh could have simply been collected and taken for scrap, which is why it wasn’t in any of the photos.

Another thing that put doubt on the original ruling was that a large wooden breakfast bar had been torn from a wall in the kitchen and dragged over to block the chimney from the inside. Why would Joshua have blocked the chimney from the inside if he was planning on climbing down from the chimney into the cabin? And if Joshua didn’t move the breakfast bar, then who did? And why?

Three days after Al’s ruling of accidental death, Joshua’s case was reopened. Not only did the wire mesh grate and the breakfast bar cause serious doubts, but the position in which Joshua was found also didn’t make sense.

Joshua was found in the fetal position, with his legs above his head and disjointed from his torso. To get into this position, Joshua would have had to go into the chimney head first – which is unusual. To add to this, Al himself said that he thought it would have taken at least two people to get Joshua into this position.

Joshua’s body was also found wearing only a thin thermal shirt. The clothes that Joshua had actually been wearing when he left his father’s house were found folded up neatly next to the fireplace. Al commented: “This one really taxed our brains. We found his clothing just outside the firebox. He only had on a thermal t-shirt. We don’t know why he took his clothes off, took his socks and shoes off, and why he went outside, climbed on the roof and went down the chimney. It was not linear thinking.”

Al’s revised conclusion on Joshua’s death is an accidental death, murder, or undetermined causes. “We’ve come up with the most plausible explanation and it will remain an accident. He did come down the chimney, that’s our conclusion.” Al Born said.

But Chuck Murphy still wasn’t convinced. “There’s no way that guy crawled inside the chimney with that steel webbing. He didn’t come down the chimney.” Murphy has also said how he thinks it’s ridiculous to think that Joshua stripped down to just a thermal t-shirt, climbed up on the roof and then down the chimney, knowing that he would most likely get stuck.

Joshua Maddux. Credit: The Daily Mail

The police did receive several tips suggesting who might have killed Joshua.

One suspect was a man who, at the time, was serving time in a Texas jail. The man had a long history of violent crime and had spent time in prisons in Seattle and Portland. The tip-off told police that this man had been seen with Joshua. However, this man has never been publicly named by the police and Al Born, the Coroner, doubts that this man would have been able to put Joshua in the chimney by himself.

In 2015, a post on Reddit (which someone copied and re-uploaded here) gave a name to the man who was mentioned above: Andrew Richard Newman.

The post on Reddit comes from a person who used to be friends with Joshua before he went missing. The Redditor says that he went to high school with Andrew, and he used to be skinny and dorky looking and used to play guitar in a band. His friend Joshua starts hanging out with Andrew, who he realises now looks a lot scarier and had already committed two murders, though was never charged with either of them due to lack of evidence/police framing someone else.

The poster and several of his friends went to the police after Joshua went missing, and said that he was friends with Andrew and was last seen with him. But despite their persistence, the police barely returned the group’s phone calls. He also said that despite rumours going around of Andrew saying he “put Joshua in a hole”, and Andrew’s violent history, the police never even bothered to question him over Joshua’s death.

The poster claims that Andrew has been in and out of mental institutions around the country and is still a violent offender.

As of 2022, there have been no new updates in Joshua’s case. Andrew has never been charged, or even questioned, in regards to Joshua’s case.

Will we ever find out the truth about Joshua’s death?

Joshua Maddox. Credit: The Denver Post


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Lori Heimer

Lori Heimer was a 57-year-old dog breeder, mother of four daughters and grandma to four grandchildren. She lived in southeast Assaria, Kansas, on a quiet farm with her husband, Ron.

Lori worked for many years in the childcare and community programmes but decided that she wanted to spend more time at home with her family and cooking meals. This led her to start her own dog breeding business, Lori’s Poodle Patch, in 2000.

Lori ran her business from their home and would breed poodles, Yorkies and golden retrievers alongside designer dogs such as Goldendoodles and Yorkiepoos. Lori sold the dogs to many people in Kansas as well as other states.

Lori’s daughter, Genell, says that Lori had the biggest heart, and was so loving and helpful to everyone. She would talk to literally anyone and they would immediately become friends. Lori was also an amazing cook and was incredibly creative with both her daughters and grandchildren.

However, on the 25th of June 2016, Lori was brutally murdered in her own home. She was found by family members who immediately called the police.

The authorities have not released much information on Lori’s murder or the crime scene, with Lieutenant Micheal Ascher saying that Lori was “brutally murdered” and that it was a “brutal crime.”

There have been no suspects or arrests made in Lori’s case.

Lori Heimer. Credit: Salina Post

Over 1,000 people came out to show their respects at Lori’s funeral. Police officers even saluted as a way of showing respect to Lori and her family.

Lori’s family realised that they needed to reach out to the public for help and support. One of Lori’s other daughters, Jodi, set up this Facebook group to share her mother’s story.

All four of Lori’s daughters, Genell, Jodi, Katie and Lynnsey have worked tirelessly to share their mother’s story to try and bring the person(s) responsible to justice. They have appeared on local radio stations, taken part in newspaper interviews and driven all over Kansas handing out flyers and fundraising for the reward fund.

At the Saline County Fair, which took place just a few weeks after Lori’s death, the girls and their supporters managed to hand out over 15,000 flyers – with some truckers taking the flyers on the road with them.

As of 2022, there have been no new leads in Lori’s murder. The Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI) is urging anyone with information to call them at 1-800-KSCRIME.

If you have any information regarding Lori’s murder or any information about the two vehicles listed below, please contact the KBI or your local FBI office.

Lori’s family deserve answers and justice.

A Poster about Lori’s murder. Credit: HuffPost


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Leah Rachelle Peebles

Leah Rachelle Peebles was born on the 16th of January 1983 to her parents Sharon McDowell and John Daniel Peebles. She lived in a middle-class Christian home with her parents and two brothers in Fort Worth, Texas.

As a toddler, Leah was molested by a distant relative. At age 14, she was raped by a family friend.

Leah attended Carter-Riverside High School where she was an honour student. She was an active member of the drama club, she was a cheerleader, and she was a yearbook staff member.

Due to her childhood trauma, Leah started to abuse drugs and alcohol in her sophomore year. She also ended up dropping out of all of her extracurricular activities.

Leah Peebles. Credit: IMDb

When she was 18, Leah attended a drug and alcohol treatment programme at Fort Worth Teen Challenge, a Christian-based residential treatment centre for women. After 21 months, Leah graduated with a cosmetology license and started work at a beauty salon.

Not long after she was released, Leah relapsed into drugs and alcohol. She served two short jail sentences for minor offences and was fired from her job at the beauty salon following her second arrest.

On the 5th of May 2006, Leah decided to move to Albuquerque, New Mexico, with the intention of getting a new start in life and to try and break free from her drug and alcohol addictions.

Leah was living with some friends at 2100 Erbbe Street Northeast in Albuquerque and was due to start working at the Flying Star Cafe at 8001 Menaul Boulevard Northeast the week beginning the 29th of May 2006.

On the 22nd of May, Leah left the home she had been staying in with her friends to go on a dinner date with a man she had met at the Flying Star Cafe. The Flying Star Cafe was a popular spot for police and courthouse employees. She left the house at approximately 8:00pm.

Later that evening, Leah dropped her car off at a local transmission shop after getting into a traffic area. The area where the shop was located was known for its high drug and prostitution rates.

Leah never returned home that evening and has not been seen or heard from since.

A few weeks after Leah went missing, her car was reported abandoned.

There were a few witnesses who said they saw Leah using the name “Mia” and working as a prostitute for a pimp called A.J, who supplied her with crack cocaine. Police questioned A.J., whose real name is Donald Sears, after he was arrested in Bakersfield, California. Donald said that he’d never heard of Leah Peebles.

Leah’s father made eleven trips to Albuquerque, as well as trips to Phoneix, Arizona and Las Vegas to search for Leah. The last credible sighting of her was in 2006, and Leah’s father believes that she was sold to a pimp in a different city.

Leah’s father passed away in a motorcycle accident in 2013 in South Dakota. He listed Leah as having survived him in his obituary.

As of 2022, Leah still remains a missing person and her case has not been solved. Leah was 24 years old at the time of her disappearance, which would make her 40 years old today.

What happened to Leah?

Leah’s missing poster. Credit: Disapperead Blog


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Nick & Lisa Masee

Before his retirement, Nick Masee worked as the head of private banking for the Bank of Montreal. He worked alongside some of the most prominent stock promoters in Vancouver’s Stock Exchange, and would often fly in private jets with them to Las Vegas and stay in their Scottsdale Mansions. He would also go on weekend fishing trips with them, and dine with them in the most expensive and upscale restaurants.

But in reality, Nick and Lisa Masee were not as wealthy as they may have seemed. When working as a banker, Nick only received $84,000 a year. Their North Vancouver home has been mortgaged heavily, and the couple owed $70,000 in credit card debts. Lisa worked as a hairdresser in Yokoi Hair Salon. The pair also owned a time-share in Maui.

Nick was hoping that his new business venture, being a director of a Vancouver Stock Exchange start-up called Turbodyne Technologies, would propel him into the big leagues and generate more money for the couple.

Nick and Lisa met in 1984 when Nick became one of Lisa’s clients at the hairdressing shop. The couple eventually got married and became well-known within Vancouver’s Howe Street crowd, where they lived. They frequently travelled to Hawaii, the Cayman Islands and the Netherlands.

Nick and Lisa Masee. Credit: CBC

In April 1994, Nick and Lisa took a trip to the Cayman Islands without telling any family or friends. When they were there, they set up a bank account and deposited $50,000 worth of stock. They both also drew up wills.

A few weeks after, Nick called his daughter who was living in Holland to say that he probably wouldn’t be able to call her on her birthday that year. He never gave an explanation as to why.

On August 10th, 1994, Nick and Lisa told several people that they were going to Trader Vic’s, a local Polynesian restaurant that was located at the Bayshore Inn in Coal Harbour. They were going there to meet an investor to discuss a $10 million business deal. The identity of the investor has never been found.

Nick had told one of his business partners that the investor was going to send a limousine to his house to pick the couple up. However, no one showed up at the restaurant that evening and no one called to cancel. This was very strange, as according to his friends Nick would definitely have called to cancel if they were no longer able to go.

In 1995, a witness told CBC that they saw Nick and Lisa in the Westin Bayshore’s Garden Lounge, located next door to Trader Vic’s. The witness told CBC that the couple was there from 6:30pm to 10:30pm, and they shared a bottle of wine. Nick was also wearing a tracksuit. What happened after this sighting is unclear.

On the morning of August 11th, 1994, Lisa made two calls from Nick’s mobile phone. One call was to her boss, and the other call was to one of Nick’s business associates. She told them both that she and Nick were going away for a few days. This was the last time anyone heard from the couple.

Nick and Lisa Masee. Credit: Canadaunsolved.com

The calls were found to be routed from Bowen Island’s repeater, which is just off West Vancouver. This means that the call could have been made from either the Sunshine Coast or from Point Grey on Vancouver’s West Side.

August 11th 1994 was also Lisa’s 39th Birthday.

A week after Lisa made the phone calls, Lisa’s sister went to their property to check on the couple. Nick’s car was still in the driveway, and their front door was closed but unlocked. Their cat was inside the house, along with the couple’s passports. The security system had been disabled, which Lisa’s sister says is extremely out of character for the couple.

Two zip ties, which are similar to those used as handcuffs, were found inside the front entrance of the house. Nothing else in the home had been disturbed or moved.

Nick and Lisa have never been seen or heard from again, and their whereabouts are unknown.

In 1995, Nick’s son, Nick Jr, hired a private investigator called Ozzie Kaban to look into his father’s and Lisa’s disappearance. Kaban discovered that a few years before Nick and Lisa went missing, a man named Fred Hoffman had also disappeared. Fred had done business with Nick, and at the same time that Fred went missing so did $10 million of Fred’s client’s money.

One of the clients was a retired anesthesiologist from Seattle. Nick introduced him to Fred, but when Fred went missing the anesthesiologist lost $3 million.

Ozzie Kaban believes that both Nick and Lisa are alive and that Nick was “running from something”. No evidence has ever been found to support this theory.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) were investigating two theories: one that Nick and Lisa were the victims of foul play, and another that Nick and Lisa left on their own accord. Some people even believe that Nick and Lisa went into the victim protection program.

On the 30th of July 2019, a press conference was held where the RCMP asked the public to come forward with any information that may help lead to the couple’s whereabouts. The RCMP also announced that they believe Nick and Lisa were killed for unknown reasons, despite there being no new leads in the case.

The reward for any information leading to Nick and Lisa’s whereabouts was raised from $25,000 to $50,000.

Nick’s children, Nick Jr and Tanya, were also in attendance at the press conference.

Perhaps the time that has gone by would allow somebody to come forward now, that otherwise might have remained silent in the past.” Nick Jr said at the press conference.

Nick and Lisa Masee. Credit: Canadaunsolved.com


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