Amy Lynn Bradley

23-year-old Amy Lynn Bradley was born on the 12th May 1974 in Petersburg, Virginia, to her parents Ron and Iva Bradley.

On the 21st of March 1998, Amy and her family boarded the Royal Caribbean cruise ship Rhapsody of the Seas. This cruise goes towards Curaçao, a Dutch Caribbean Island. Amy and her family went aboard this cruise as a celebratory event for Amy getting a new job.

Amy (in the striped top) with her family. Credit: CNN

On the night of the 23rd March / the early hours of the 24th of March, Amy and her brother Brad decided to stay up late. They spent their night at the Mardi Gras nightclub party on board the ship, where they spent time dancing and drinking alcohol.

One of the ship’s band, Blue Orchid, members, Allister Douglas also known as Yellow, spent some time dancing and drinking with Amy that evening. A videographer who was also on board the ship, Chris Fenwick, was able to catch some photos of the pair dancing together. Allister said that he left the party at around 1:00am.

Brad, Amy’s brother, headed back to the family’s cabin at around 3:30am. The computerised door system detected him entering the cabin at 3:35am. Amy then entered the cabin at 3:40am. The brother and sister pair then sat on the cabin’s balcony and chatted for a while before heading to bed.

Brad went to bed first, with Amy going to bed a few minutes after him.

Between 5:15 and 5:30am, Amy’s dad Ron woke up to check on his kids. He said that he saw Amy sleeping on the lounge chair of the cabin’s balcony. He told local newspapers: “I could see Amy’s legs from her hips down…the balcony door was closed because if it was open I would have gotten up and closed it.”

When Ron woke again at 6:00am, Amy and her cigarettes and lighter were gone. Ron then left to go and find Amy and started to search the common areas of the cruise ship. When he couldn’t find her, he returned to the family cabin at around 6:30am and informed them that Amy was missing. Speaking later, Ron said: “…I didn’t really know what to think, because it was very much unlike Amy to leave and not tell us where she was going.

Amy’s family immediately went to the crew of the ship, where they pleaded with them to make an onboard announcement about Amy’s disappearance whilst the passengers of the ship were still on board. The crew declined and said that it was too early to make an announcement.

The crew then made an announcement at 7:50am, when most of the passengers of the ship had already left and gone onto Curaçao. The announcement said: “Will Amy Bradley please come to the purser’s desk?”

The fact that the crew spent so long delaying making an announcement and allowing the passengers to disembark significantly lowered the chances of finding Amy alive.

Between 12:15pm and 1:00pm the crew searched the ship for Amy, but there was no trace of her found anywhere. The Netherlands Antilles Coast Gaurd started a four-day search for Amy, which included three helicopters and a radar plane. Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines chartered a boat to continue to look for Amy.

Despite the extensive searches, no trace of Amy was ever found. Amy has not been seen or heard from since.

Amy Lynn Bradley. Credit: Wikipedia

There are several theories as to what could have happened to Amy.

The first theory is that she either fell overboard or committed suicide. This theory was quickly ruled out by police as Amy was a strong swimmer, and during the searches, her body was never found. There was also no evidence of foul play, and no indication to anyone that Amy wanted to / had the desire to end her life.

The only evidence that supports a foul play theory was the discovery of a jawbone that washed ashore in Aruba, another Dutch Caribbean country in 2010. The authorities tested the jawbone and ruled out that it belonged to another missing person, Natalee Holloway. They did no further testing on the jawbone, despite having 9 missing holidaymakers, including Amy. The jawbone is thought to be of Caucasian descent.

Another theory is that Amy was kidnapped and sold into the human trafficking industry in the Caribbean. This theory is backed up by a sighting of Amy by a US Navy Officer. This officer claimed that he had seen Amy in a brothel in the Caribbean, specifically Curaçao, where the cruise ship was docked. He said that she told him her name was Amy Bradley and that she was being kept there against her will and was not allowed to leave. The officer said this happened in January 1999, but he did not come forward with the claim until he had left the US Navy as he feared he would lose his job. Whilst this seems like a strong sighting, there is no evidence to back this claim up.

This theory is also supported by a photo of a woman who strongly resembled Amy that was emailed to the family in 2005 by an organisation that tries to track down victims on websites that advertise sex workers. The woman in the photo was said to appear “distraught and despondent”.

In addition to this, the theory of Amy being sold into sexual slavery would explain the various sightings of her around Curaçao. In August 1998, a Canadian computer engineer saw a woman matching Amy’s description walking on a beach with two men in Curaçao. The engineer says that the woman kept trying to get his attention and that he was “two feet away from her” before he lost sight of her at a cafe. The man says that the woman had the exact same tattoos as Amy, and he is completely sure that it was her.

Another sighting of Amy occurred in 2005 when a woman named Judy Maurer said that she saw Amy in a public bathroom in Barbados. She said that a woman entered the bathroom with three men, who threatened her if she didn’t follow through with a deal. After the men left, Judy approached Amy and asked if she was okay. Judy said that the woman was distraught, but told her that her first name was Amy and she was from Virginia. The men then re-entered the room and took the woman away. Judy contacted the police immediately, and composite sketches of the three men were made.

Composite Sketches of the three men seen with Amy in 2005, Bridgetown, Barbados. Credit:
The sketch of the woman was thought to be Amy with the three men in Bridgetown, Barbados, 2005. Credit:

The videographer/photographer was able to develop and sell all the photos he took on the cruise to the passengers. However, when Amy’s family went to get photos of her, they had already gone. This suggests that someone had already taken them.

The story that the band member “Yellow” gave to police about the night he was dancing with Amy did not match the CCTV footage that the authorities found. Throughout the same night, Amy and her brother were at the nightclub, a waiter approached Amy’s family several times with a note asking Amy to meet the band member “Yellow” for a drink once they had reached Curaçao. This has led several people to believe that the waiter was also involved.

Amy Lynn Bradley was legally declared dead on the 24th of March 2012, with nobody or no witnesses.

The FBI is offering a $25,000 reward for any information that leads to Amy, or that leads to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for Amy’s disappearance.

Amy’s family are also offering a $250,000 reward for information that leads to her safe return and a $50,000 reward for information that leads to her current whereabouts.

Amy Lynn Bradley. Credit: Wikipedia


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Tabitha Lynn Franklin

On August 13th, 2009, 28-year-old Tabitha Lynn Franklin was last seen at the home of Keith Floyd, with who she had been staying.

Her boyfriend at the time, Christopher Poore, said that he gave Tabitha a ride from Keith’s home to his workplace, and then left her to run errands. This was the last time anyone saw Tabitha.

Before her disappearance, Christopher had physically assaulted Tabitha, leaving her with two black eyes. Tabitha’s sister documented this by taking photos, and Tabitha had gone to the police about the assault.

When Christopher learnt that Tabitha had gone to the police, he threatened to harm her three children. Because of his threats, Tabitha had minimal contact with Christopher.

Even before Christopher physically assaulted Tabitha, he had strangled her to the point of her passing out. Tabitha confined her sister that she was scared Christopher would kill her.

After Tabitha had gone missing, her family discovered that Christopher had spent 5 years in prison for assaulting a police officer. This led her family to believe that Christopher had murdered Tabitha.

Despite this, the police have said that there is no evidence a crime had been committed, and neither Christopher nor Keith have ever been charged in connection with Tabitha’s disappearance. They are not even considered to be suspects.

Police did search Keith’s home in 2014, but they found no evidence of Tabitha. However, Keith was arrested during the search for drugs that were found on his property.

After Tabitha’s disappearance, Christopher sold his car and left town. He was arrested in 2016 for a home invasion and physical attack on a 17-year-old girl.

Tabitha’s family strongly believe that Christopher was responsible for Tabitha’s death and disappearance, and hope, as I do, that it is just a matter of time before he is rightly arrested and charged for her death.

Tabitha Lynn Franklin. Credit: True Crime Diva


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Brianna Alexandra Maitland

Brianna Maitland was born on the 8th of October 1986. She lived with her parents, Kellie and Bruce Maitland, and her older brother, on her parent’s farm in East Franklin, Vermont.

On Brianna’s 17th birthday, she decided that she wanted to move away from her parent’s farm. Her mum Kellie, says that there was no stress at home and that Brianne just wanted to be more independent and closer to a group of her friends. Her friends lived just over 15 miles (24 km) away and attended a different high school.

By the end of February 2004, Brianna moved in with her childhood friend Jillian Stout, after moving in and out of several friends’ houses. Brianna had also dropped out of high school and instead enrolled in a GED programme to complete her education.

On March the 19th, 2004, Brianna took an exam to achieve her GED. Brianna then went out for lunch with her mother to celebrate. Kellie described Brianna as being in good spirits and saying that she was planning on going to college. After having lunch, Brianna and Kellie went shopping and ran some errands.

Whilst Kellie was in the checkout line in one store, she noticed that something outside had caught Brianna’s eye. Brianna then told her mother that she would come back, and left the store. Kellie reunited with Brianna in the parking lot, where she said that Brianna seemed shaken and agitated. Brianna said that she needed to return home to get ready for work that evening, so Kellie dropped her off at her friends’ house where she was staying.

Kellie did not ask Brianna anything about what she saw in the parking lot, or why she seemed so shaken.

After Kellie dropped Brianna off, Brianna got ready for work. She left a note for her friend Jillian saying that she would be back after her shift. She then left for the Black Lantern Inn, her workplace, in a 1985 Oldsmobile sedan.

Brianna clocked out of the Black Lantern Inn at 11:20pm, and she told her co-workers that she needed to go home and get some rest before working her second job the next morning. Brianna got into her car and left the building.

This was the last time anyone saw Brianna. She has not been seen or heard from since.

Just a few weeks prior to Brianna going missing, she had been psychically assaulted at a party by a former friend, Keallie Lacross. Brianna had been hit across the face several times, which resulted in Brianna suffering from black eyes, a broken nose and a concussion. Despite her martial arts training, Brianna refused to fight Keallie back.

Brianna filed charges against Keallie, although these were dropped three weeks after Brianna went missing. Police have stated that Keallie was not involved in Brianna’s disappearance.

The reason for the assault is unknown, although Brianna’s father thinks it stemmed from jealousy over Brianna’s interactions with a male friend at the party.

On March 20th, Brianna’s car was found abandoned on a property known as the “Old Dutchburn Barn”, which is located just off East Berkshire Road and Route 118, a mile outside of Montgomery, Vermont.

The car was backed up onto the outside wall of the barn, which had caused minor damage on the rear bumper and the rear wheels of the car were raised. The car doors were unlocked, but there was no sign of the car keys.

Brianna’s car outside of the abandoned property. Credit:

Inside the car, police found two unopened paychecks from the Black Lantern Inn, some clothes, migraine medication, Brianna’s driver’s licence, make up and contact lenses. Despite the car being registered to Kellie, police suspected that the main driver of the car was Brianna due to the paychecks and most of her belongings inside of the car. They went to go and talk to her at the Black Lantern Inn, but it was closed.

Brianna was reported missing on the 23rd of March after her parents had not been able to get in contact with her.

Brianna’s missing person report was filed to the Vermont police, who were also the ones to have found her abandoned car. After realising that she was missing, the police conducted a search of the abandoned property.

Alongside the police, search teams, sniffer dogs and volunteers helped to search through the wooded area close to where her car had been found. Unfortunately, they found no evidence of Brianna.

Brianna Maitland. Credit: NBC News

Authorities believe that Brianna was taken against her will by a stranger, and that foul play is now strongly suspected in her case. Brianna’s dad, Bruce, says that as Brianna was highly-trained in jiujitsu, it would have taken more than one person to overpower her.

Over the years, authorities investigated and looked into every lead they could in order to try and find Brianna, but nothing was ever found.

One tip they received was from an anonymous person who said that Brianna was being held in a house against her will. The house was located in Berkshire, Vermont which is roughly 10 miles (16 km) from Montgomery. At the time, the house was occupied by Ramon L. Ryans and Nathaniel Charles Jackson, who were two known drug dealers from New York. Upon searching the house, police found large amounts of weed and cocaine, but there was no sign of Brianna.

When police interviewed Brianna’s friends, they discovered that she had recently experimented with some hard drugs, specifically crack cocaine and that she was acquainted with Ramon and Nathaniel.

Late in 2004, law enforcement received a statement from an older female who has remained unidentified who claimed that Ramon and Nathaniel were responsible for Brianna’s disappearance and murder. In the signed statement the woman gave to the police, she described how Ramon murdered Brianna over an argument over some money that she had lent him to buy some crack just over a week after Brianna had gone missing. Brianna’s body was then stored in the basement of a recently arrested woman’s home before her body was dismembered using a table saw and then disposed of on a pig farm.

Police have never been able to confirm these allegations.

Brianna’s family said they have received several phone calls from an unknown person claiming that Brianna was “tied to a tree in the woods” and had been disposed of at the bottom of a lake.

In 2016, twelve years after Brianna had gone missing, investigators announced that they had been able to obtain DNA from Brianna’s car. They have not made the results of the DNA public.

2022 marks eighteen years since Brianna went missing. Where is she?

Brianna age-progressed to 29. Credit: Facebook / Missing: Brianna Maitland


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Terri “Missy” Bevers

Terri “Missy” Bevers was a 45-year-old woman and mother to three children. Missy loved fitness and took it very seriously, she even ran her own fitness classes in Red Oak, Texas, where she lived.

On the 18th of April 2016, just after 4 am, Missy arrived at the Midlothian’s Creekside Church of Christ to set up for an early morning gladiator boot camp session.

At 5 am, Missy’s students arrived, and immediately called the emergency services. Missy had sustained a head injury, along with several stab wounds to her chest. She was unresponsive when found, and sadly Missy was pronounced dead not long after the paramedics arrived.

An investigation into Missy’s murder began immediately.

Upon reviewing the Church’s security footage, a disturbing discovery was made. It showed a person, who was dressed in riot gear (including a helmet, gloves, and shin guards), carrying a hammer and walking around the building. They were also wearing a vest with “police” written on it.

The person is between 5″2′ and 5″8′, they walk with a limp and their feet predominantly point outwards. It is unknown if this person is a man or a woman. It is highly believed that this person is responsible for the murder of Missy.

Footage of the person suspected to be responsible for Missy’s death. Credit: Youtube / Midlothian Police Department

Police thought initially that this may have been a robbery gone wrong, but when they searched the Church, nothing was missing. Nothing had even been taken from Missy after she had gone unconscious. So it seems as though this person was not here to rob, just kill.

The police went through Missy’s phone, and they found very intimate conversations on Linkedin. They also found some strange and unsettling messages from a man that Missy had shown to a friend before her death. Police are sure that Missy was in contact with her killer, though the names of the people she was talking to on Linkedin have never been made public.

Missy also posted a lot on social media about her boot camps and had even posted the night before about her boot camp. This, unfortunately, meant that anyone could see where she was going to be, and at what times.

Terri “Missy” Bevers. Credit: Dallas Morning News

After having his alibi confirmed, Missy’s husband, Brandon Bevers, was questioned by police if he could think of anyone that would want to harm Missy. Brandon said he didn’t know anyone who would want to harm her, and by the fact that Missy left her licensed gun in her car, it seems as though Missy didn’t think anyone would want to harm her either.

However, whilst Brandon told the police that he and Missy were both happy in their marriage, investigators found that their marriage was suffering severe financial issues as well as issues with cheating.

Brandon’s father, Randy, went to a dry cleaner with a woman’s shirt that was covered in blood on the 22nd of April. As this was only a few days after Missy’s murder, the worker called the police. Randy said that the blood had come from a dog fight, but police were not so sure as it looked as if someone had already tried cleaning the blood off themselves.

Eventually, the blood on the shirt tested positive for belonging to a canine. Randy was also in California at the time that Missy was murdered, so police could no longer consider him a suspect.

Weeks after Missy’s death, police found some more strange security footage. This time, they found a Nissan Altima driving around a car park for hours on the night of Missy’s murder. The video, which you can watch below, was released to the public. But no one came forward to say that they owned the car, nor did anyone seem to recognise the car.

The Nissan Altima seen driving suspiciously on the night of Missy’s murder. Credit: Youtube / SWFA

There was one more vehicle that the police needed help identifying, although this time they never realised the video to the public. It was a dark SUV that was seen leaving the Church at around 4:30 am the same morning that Missy was killed.

In autumn of 2019, police were able to connect a tip that had been called in several times to the dark SUV. This tip was regarding former Lancaster police officer Bobby Wayne Henry.

Bobby Wayne Henry was a former tactical police officer, who admitted to police that he still owned his riot gear but it didn’t fit him anymore. He had been suspended from the police force due to an aggravated sexual assault that took place in 1996.

He was working as a security guard and worked at Missy’s funeral. He also attended mass in the same Church that Missy was murdered in. Bobby had a similar car to the one the police were looking for, and he walked with a limp.

Whilst this all sounds promising, there was one problem with Bobby being the murderer. Bobby was 6″1′, whereas the person in the video is between 5″2′ and 5″8′, making him too tall to have been the killer. Also, when a forensic podiatrist compared Bobby’s walk and the killer’s walk, the results were inconclusive, meaning that they could not say for sure if it was Bobby or not. Eventually, Bobby’s alibi for the night of Missy’s murder was confirmed, which meant that he could no longer be considered a suspect.

However, when police searched Bobby’s devices, they found child pornography. In 2017, Bobby was arrested for child pornography charges. He spent 70 days in jail before being released without charge, and to my knowledge has not been charged for the child pornography that was in his possession.

Bobby denies having ever met Missy, and the police have said that he is not a person of interest in Missy’s homicide.

One thing is for sure, someone out there will recognise the person in the video or the car. I hope that it won’t be long until Missy’s family receives the justice that they so badly deserve.

Terri “Missy” Bevers. Credit: Dallas Morning News


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Heather Danyelle Teague

On the 26th of August, 1995, 26-year-old Heather Danyelle Teague was sunbathing on Newburgh Beach in Henderson County, Kentucky.

At around 12:45pm, a witness who was observing the beach area through a telescope, saw Heather get dragged by the hair and into the woods at gunpoint. Heather has not been seen or heard from since.

Heather Teague. Credit:

The witness said the person who took Heather was a caucasian man who stood at around 6″0′ and weighed approximately 210 to 230 pounds. He had brown hair and a bushy beard and was wearing jeans with no shirt. He was also wearing a wig and mosquito net.

Police searched Newburgh Beach later the same day, and they managed to find part of Heather’s bathing suit close to the abduction site. They also found some additional evidence, but nothing that was significant enough to give them any hints as to where Heather might have been taken.

After Heather’s disappearance, a man by the name of Marvin Ray “Marty” Dill was pulled over by police in a routine traffic stop that was happening because of Heather’s abduction. Marvin was driving a red and white Ford Bronco, which was identical to a vehicle that a witness saw parked next to Heather’s car on the day of her abduction.

Whilst searching his car, police found two guns, two knives, duct tape, rubber gloves, rope and bloodstains on the inside of the tailgate. Marvin also strongly resembled the man the witness had seen on the beach with Heather that day.

The police got several tips that suggested Marvin was connected to Heather’s disappearance, so in August 1995 the police went over to Marvin’s house to question him. However, Marvin became aware of the police presence and told his wife to leave the house. Marvin then shot himself before the police could ask him any questions, or even go inside his house.

Sketch of the man suspected to be responsible for Heather’s disappearance. Credit:

After Marvin had died, the prosecutors gathered evidence against him and went to a grand jury. Marvin’s wife was called in as a witness, but she invoked her fifth amendment rights and refused to answer any questions regarding Heather’s abduction.

There was one other suspect in Heather’s case, a man named Christopher J.Below, whose home was Henderson, Kentucky. Christopher pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter in connection with the 1991 death of Kathern Fetzer, and he served an 11 to 18-year sentence for her death.

Police think that Christopher may have been involved with Heather’s death as she looked very similar to Kathern, both women had long dark brown hair and were around 5″0′ and 100 pounds. It is also thought that Christopher is responsible for the disappearance of Mary Kushto, Shaylene Farrell and Kristina Porco.

It is also known that Christopher, Marvin and Heather all knew people in common, but if they knew each other is unknown. It is also theorised that perhaps Christopher and Marvin kidnapped and attacked Heather together, but there is no evidence to support this.

Despite the suspects, there have been no arrests in Heather’s case. Heather has not been found dead or alive, and no one has seen or heard from her since the 26th of August 1995.

Heather Teague. Credit: CourirerPress


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David Glenn Lewis

David Glenn Lewis was a 40-year-old man who went missing during the last weekend of January 1993. It was SuperBowl weekend, and David was looking forward to supporting his favourite team the Dallas Cowboys as they played against the Buffalo Bills. David’s wife Karen, and their daughter Lauren, decided to spend the weekend in Dallas together doing some shopping – leaving David alone in the house to watch the SuperBowl game.

On Sunday the 31st of January, Karen and Lauren returned home. When they arrived home, they found that the lights and TV had been left on and that the VCR had been recording the SuperBowl. David’s wedding ring was found on the kitchen counter, and the dryer was on. There were also two freshly made turkey sandwiches in the fridge. But David was nowhere to be found.

Karen thought that David had either gone to do some errands at work, or he had gone to watch the SuperBowl somewhere else. But when he had missed two appointments on Monday and had not made any contact with Karen, she filed a missing person report.

David Glenn Lewis. Credit: Lost and Found Blog

Police began to put together a timeframe of what David did over the weekend, to see if there were any clues as to where he might have gone.

On Thursday, 28th January, David left his workplace early, saying that he wasn’t feeling very well. He used his credit card to buy some gas, and then he taught his government night class at Amarillo College, with the class finishing at 10pm. This is the day that Karen and Lauren left to go to Dallas.

On Friday, one of David’s church friends saw him dashing through the Southwest Airlines terminal at Amarillo Airport. The friend said that David had no luggage with him.

Saturday the 30th of January is the last day there was a verified sighting of David, though it is not clear as to who saw him. $5000 was deposited into David and Karen’s joint bank account, and neighbours reported seeing his red Explorer parked outside of his house.

On the 31st of January, the day that David went missing, there are no reports or sightings of David. However, it is believed that David, or someone, was at the family’s home to start the VCR recording of the SuperBowl. The VCR didn’t have a time function, so the recording must have been set manually. Investigators have estimated that the recording was started at around 5:15pm that evening.

On February 2nd, David’s red Explorer was found in front of the Potter County Courts building in downtown Amarillo. His house keys and car keys were found underneath his floor mat, and his chequebook, credit cards and driver’s license were also found inside of his car which was normal for David.

A red explorer, similar to David’s car. Credit:

Around the time that David went missing, police found that two plane tickets were purchased under the name of “David Lewis”. The first ticket was brought on the 31st of January and was from Amarillo to Dallas. The other ticket was purchased on the 1st of February, and was from LA to Dallas, with a stopover in Amarillo. In 1993, you didn’t need ID to buy a ticket or to fly, so police have no idea if it was actually David who brought these tickets.

David’s family were certain that he would not have left voluntarily as he was incredibly devoted to his family. Karen did say that when David worked as a judge, from 1986 to 1990, he received several death threats. He had also recently told her that his life was in danger, but he wouldn’t give her any more information than that.

David was due to fly to Dallas the next week to testify in a deposition for a $3-million conflict of interest lawsuit against his former law firm; Ham, Irwin, Graham & Cox that was started by a wealthy client. David’s lawyer in the lawsuit said that he doesn’t think the deposition would have been anything that would have brought any harm to him. However, Karen said that after David went missing, the files he had about the deposition went missing as well.

After 11 months of investigating, the Amarillo Special Crimes Unit declared that David had purchased the plane tickets, and since there was no evidence of foul play, they said that David went missing voluntarily.

There were two more sightings around the time David went missing, however, these are not confirmed to be David, though there is a high chance it could be. On the 1st of February, a Sheriff’s Deputy saw a man taking photos of a red Explorer outside of the Potter County Courts Building – which is the same place where David’s red Explorer was found.

Later on the same day, a taxi driver said that someone who resembled David’s appearance paid him in cash to drive him from a hotel to the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport. The taxi driver said that the man seemed very nervous, and was carrying around a stack of $100 bills.

11 years passed, and there was no new evidence or leads in David’s case. That is until Washington State Police Detective Patrick Dutter read an article from the Seattle Post, which documented a series of shortcomings in the way police handled adult missing person cases.

After reading this, Patrick then searched for all the John and Jane Doe’s in his area and started to come up with a list of possible victims as to who these John and Jane Doe’s could be.

One John Doe looked strikingly similar to a man who had gone missing from Amarillo, Texas, in 1993. It was David Glenn Lewis.

The one thing that John Doe was missing was glasses, as David wore distinctive glasses. Patrick dug around and was able to verify that John Doe was actually carrying his eyeglasses in his pocket when he was discovered.

Patrick then contacted the Amarillo Police Department and sent over a tissue sample and the victim’s shoes. The police then compared a DNA sample with DNA from David’s mother. The DNA tests were a match, and David had finally been found.

The circumstances in which David had died, though, seemed to complicate matters further. David had died in a hit and run on a two-way highway very close to Moxee, Washington and around 10 miles from Yakima Airport. He died at 10:24pm on February 1st, 1993. He had travelled close to 1,600 miles and had died just over 29 hours since he was thought to have put the SuperBowl on to record at his home.

According to witnesses, David was walking down the centre of the road in pitch black. One driver who was worried about the man’s safety turned around to warn others, but it was too late. He discovered David’s body on the side of the road. Reports of a Chevy Camaro leaving the scene were told by eyewitnesses, but the driver who killed David has never been found.

No drugs or alcohol was found in David’s system. What is even more strange is that David needed glasses to see, but witness reports say that he was not wearing them that night. They were found in a pocket. David was wearing a military uniform and work boots – clothing that David’s wife is adamant he did not own.

Clothing similar to what David was wearing the night he died. Credit: Army Navy Shop

Once John Doe was confirmed to be David, his family were in total shock and confusion. They said that David had no known ties to the area where he was found. To add to this, to get to Yakima from Amarillo would have taken a 23-hour-long car trip or several hours by plane. There were no direct flights that day. So how did David get there in such a short amount of time?

A weird coincidence is that one of David’s childhood friends, Johnny Lee Baker, disappeared from his home on the 21st of June 1994. Johnny was a pharmacist and well known in the local community. Johnny has never been found.

Johnny Lee Baker. Credit: Lost and found blog

There have been a few theories as to what happened to David, and why he was acting so out of character in the days leading up to his disappearance.

The first is that David’s life was actually in danger like he had mentioned to his wife. He could have thought that by leaving the area he would be protecting his family, and buying the different plane tickets would throw whoever was after him off his track. The tragic end to David’s life was just an accident, and not something that he had planned or wanted to happen.

But the biggest question to this theory, is that if David had been running from someone or something, why would he then walk in the middle of a highway, late at night, without his glasses on? Why would he intentionally put himself in dangers way if he had spent all that time trying to avoid danger?

The second theory is that David was struggling with some mental health issues. It could be that the danger David was in was only in his mind, and he was fleeing from something or someone that wasn’t a true threat to him or his family. One psychologist actually commented on an online post about David’s case, and said that it sounded very likely that David was struggling from a “dissociative fugue state.”

According to Verywell Mind, dissociative fugue state is a type of amnesia that can be reversed, where a person may become confused about their identity, personality and memories. It can last from hours to weeks, and many people who suffer from it tend to go travelling, which is unplanned and may even establish a new life in a new location.

Whilst this might explain why David was acting so bizarre in the days leading up to his disappearance, there are no records of David having suffered from any mental health issues in the past, nor are there any records of him suffering a traumatic event.

Part of David’s obituary reads as follows: “Your love and devotion have been missed so very much. You touched so many lives while you were here. How sad that many of your dreams were left unfulfilled. We know that God is using you for his almighty work.”

We will never know what was going through David’s head as he travelled across the country that weekend.

David’s Grave. Credit: Lost and Found Blog


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Nancy Moyer

Nancy Moyer was a 36-year-old mum of two, who lived in Tenino, Washington, and worked for the Department of Ecology. Although her former husband, Bill Moyer, and she had separated, the pair remained on good terms and split custody of the two children; Nancy would have them through the week, and Bill would look after them on weekends.

On Sunday, the 8th of March 2009, Bill arrived at Nancy’s home to drop off their two daughters. When he arrived, Nancy wasn’t there.

Aside from the front door being slightly ajar, and the lights being on, Bill didn’t see any real reason to be worried, so he took the girls inside and waited for Nancy to come home. Nancy was known for taking walks around the neighbourhood, especially to a local service station where she would frequently buy groceries from.

As time passed, Bill started to feel more worried. He took the girls back to his place and started getting in contact with family and co-workers, to see if anyone had heard from Nancy. Bill filed a missing person report with the police on Monday, the 9th of March after realising that no one had heard from Nancy since Friday, the 6th of March.

Nancy Moyer. Credit: The Olympian

According to, when police searched Nancy’s home they found no signs of a struggle or forced entry. Nancy’s keys and purse were found inside, and her car was parked on her driveway. Two glasses of red wine were found on her coffee table, but when fingerprinted, the only prints that were found belonged to Nancy. The glasses are currently being tested for DNA.

One item that Nancy’s family noticed was missing was a long brown coat with a fur lining around the bottom. Nancy wore this coat very often.

Investigators learnt that on the night Nancy was last seen, Friday 6th, Nancy had carpooled with a co-worker and dropped him off at 4:45pm. She then went to the store to do some food shopping, picking up food and wine for the weekend. A receipt that was found at her home showed that she was at the store at 6:45pm.

A Tenino police officer who was doing speed checks close to Nancy’s home said that he saw her taking out the groceries from her car between 9:00pm and 9:30pm that evening. This is the last confirmed sighting of Nancy.

At around midnight, one of Nancy’s neighbours claimed to have heard a “hurried female voice” and the slamming of car doors. They thought that it was just Nancy and her daughters.

It is thought that Nancy left her home sometime between 9:00pm and midnight, as this is when the heating in her home spiked due to the front door being left open. Authorities believe that Nancy met with foul play, however, there is no evidence to support this, and to this day Nancy has never been found.

In 2019, Nancy’s former co-worker, Eric Lee Roberts, confessed to killing Nancy. He told police that he and Nancy were having a sexual relationship and that he strangled her with a scarf during rough sex. He then lead police to a firepit in his property, and said: “I don’t want to incriminate myself any further, but IF I was going to get rid of a body on my property, it would be right there.”

Eric Lee Roberts. Credit: KOMO News

The next day, Eric was arrested on suspicion of second-degree murder, and police began to search his home. When Eric sat down with law enforcement, he recounted his confession and said that he doesn’t know why he said that he killed Nancy.

In a press conference, the investigators announced that Nancy’s remains had not been found at Eric’s property, but that they are continuing to process evidence that is related to Eric’s claims. Eric was released from custody, and no charges have been filed against him, and Eric maintains his innocence to this day.

In an interview with Hide and Seek, a podcast about missing people, Eric said that he does not remember confessing to Nancy’s murder, and has said that medication he was taking at the time could have affected his memory.

The police have said that there are suspects in the case, but they have not been publicly named or identified by police.

Nancy’s daughter, Sam, who was just 9 years old at the time of Nancy’s disappearance told that if she could see her mum just one last time, she “would just tell her I love her”

Nancy and her two daughters. Credit:


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Charles Robert Romer and Catherine B Romer

Charles, 73 years old, and Catherine Romer, 77 years old, were travelling from their home in Miami, Florida to their other home in Scarsdale, New York. On the 8th of April, 1980, at 3:51pm, the couple checked in to the Holiday Inn located along the I-95 and U.S. Route 341 in Brunswick, Georgia.

On Friday, the 11th of April, hotel management contacted the police after realising that Charles and Catherine had not checked out of the hotel, and the room they were staying in was still in pristine condition – no signs of anyone having stayed there.

Police searched the room and they found Charles’ diary. The last entry of the diary was from the 7th of April, and Charles had written that the couple intended to arrive in New York by the 10th of April.

Charles was described as being “very meticulous and unlikely to have deviated from his plan.”

The couple had been travelling in a custom made 2-door black 1978 Lincoln Continental with a New York License plate “CRR-CBR”. Georgia Highway Patrol reported seeing that car around 5pm on the 8th of April just south of Brunswick, close to a group of restaurants.

1978 Lincoln Continental (similar to Charles and Catherine’s car). Credit: Mysterious Universe

A massive search took place to try and find the couple. Back roads were searched, swamps were searched by divers, and helicopters even searched from above, trying to locate the couple. But nothing was ever found.

Two theories of what may have happened to the couple were established. The first theory was that the couple had become victims of robbery and foul play.

The second theory is that the couple ran off the road into the swamp, which in some areas has quicksand. A few men who were fishing near Jekyll Island reported having seen the couple matching Charles and Catherine’s description, however, police have said that this sighting was unlikely to have been Charles and Catherine as the timing doesn’t add up.

Charles’s sons made annual trips to Georgia to try and keep the case active, but unfortunately, no new information or leads have ever come up.

In 1985, Catherine and Charles were both declared legally dead.

As of 2022, Catherine and Charles have never been found. Their car has also never been discovered.

Charles and Cathrine Romer. Credit:


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Lady in the Fridge

On the 29th of March, 1995, the body of a young woman was discovered inside of a gold, 1983 Frigidaire refrigerator that had been dumped inside of a ditch along Bacon Island Road, in the Delta area which is just west of the city of Stockton, California.

The fridge had been tied shut with rope, and the woman’s body had been wrapped in a quilt and a Hilary brand sleeping bag. Jane Doe was found bound with electrical tape and gagged by a sock. She had died due to blunt force trauma to her head.

A bedsheet the Jane Doe was wrapped in. Credit: Wikipedia Commons

Jane Doe was between 24-45 years old at the time of her death. She stood approximately 5″5′ and weighed approximately 110-130lbs. She was a white female, and probably had strawberry blonde or red hair. Her nails had been manicured, and her teeth were in very good condition, she only had a few fillings and there were signs that she cared for them on a daily basis. She did not have any visible tattoos or scars.

It is estimated that Jane Doe died between 1 to 9 months before she was found.

She was wearing a blue sweatshirt, Levi shorts in size 30-32, Victoria Secret Bra in size 34B, a fruit of the loom t-shirt, multicoloured knee-high socks with toes, and Gorilla hiking boots. In 1996, the Gorilla hiking boots were worth $120.00

Jane Doe was also wearing a one-third carat wedding ring, and investigators found a leather band which they believe was part of a charm necklace. Ornaments that could have been on the necklace were found in her pocket.

Photos of the items found with the Jane Doe. Credit: Never Forget Me/Facebook

Based on the evidence at the scene, detectives think that woman was either estranged, divorced or separated from her husband at the time of her death. They also think that her charm bracelet broke during a fight that occurred, and the victim must have put the ornaments from the bracelet into her pocket before she died.

Police have said that the items inside of the refrigerator have led them to believe that the fridge at least came from the East bay area, some of the cities associated with the items are Richmond, Antioch, Pittsburgh, Oakley, and Brentwood.

The electric tape that was used to bound the victim was purchased at a military surplus store in Oakley. There was also an unopened bag of ice from the Glacier Ice Company Co which is produced in Freemont and shipped only to the East Bay. There were also miniature milk cartons inside the icebox which are primarily used in hospitals, schools, and institutions.

The Glacier Ice Bag was found with the victim. Credit: Wikipedia Commons

The refrigerator serial number revealed that it had been manufactured in Pennsylvania, and then sold in Oakland, California. Based on the contents, police think that the fridge probably originated between Highways 680, 580, 4, and Interstate 5.

Some investigators believe that Jane Doe may have fallen victim to serial killer Terry Rasmussen, who was active at the time of her murder. She was also killed in a similar manner to his other victims. However, this has never been confirmed.

Her DNA is available and has been added to the NamUs database.

Let’s hope that one day this woman gets her identity back.


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Todd Geib

Todd Geib was a 22-year-old man who worked during the day for Hager Distribution Inc in Wyoming, and during his free time, he loved nothing more than hanging out with friends, spending time outdoors and playing sports.

Todd Geib. Credit:

The 11th of June, 2005, was just a normal Saturday for Todd. At around 7:30pm, he left his apartment (291 Moon Court in Casnovia, Michigan) that he shared with his cousin to meet some friends at the Half Moon Bar & Grille.

At 9:30pm that evening, Todd and his group of friends left the Half Moon Bar & Grille and headed towards a keg party that had a bonfire that was taking place behind an apple orchard, which was around two miles north of White Road in Casnovia, Michigan.

The area where the party was held contained around 6miles of grass that came up to your hips. There were around 100 people in attendance at the party that evening.

At 12:45am, a fight broke out at the party. It is unknown if Todd was involved in the fight or not, but it was around this time that Todd decided to leave the party, and make the mile and a half walk back to his shared apartment on 291 Moon Court. Whilst it is possible that Todd was seen walking along the road, it is mostly thought that Todd leaving the party was the last time he was seen.

At 12:47am, Todd called his friend who had dropped him off at the party earlier. During the phone call, Todd said that he’d “had enough”, and then at 12:51am he called the same friend again, and told them that he was “in a field” before the call cut off. The friend then called Todd back but was only able to hear either someone breathing or the wind. Two more attempts were made to call the friend back, with the last attempt ending at 12:57am.

Todd’s phone was never used again, and neither was any of his credit cards.

Over the next few weeks, over 1,500 searchers thoroughly searched the area surrounding the party and the road that Todd was walking on three separate times. They also had an aircraft fly over the area, looking for any evidence of Todd. The searches came up empty every single time.

Just 21 days after the searches had ended, a couple who were walking in the area, found Todd’s body in Ovidhall Lake, which is located just north of the intersection between Peters and White Road, and was only two miles away from Todd’s home.

The location of the lake where Todd’s body was found. Credit:

Todd’s body was found standing upright in the lake, and as a witness recalls: “His head and shoulders were sticking out of the water”. Police ruled that Todd had drunk a bit too much, as his blood alcohol level was 0.12, and he decided to go for a swim which resulted in him accidentally drowning.

Many people, including Todd’s mother, Kathy Geib, strongly disagree with the police’s conclusion, and it is not hard to see why.

The position of Todd’s body when it was found. Credit:

Firstly, when the searches were taking place, the search teams went through the area with the lake three different times and never saw Todd’s body, which by the description the witness gave, would have been extremely hard to miss.

Secondly, Todd was found fully clothed and with his wallet in his pocket. Whilst some may say that because he was drunk he didn’t care or think about removing his clothes or wallet, others think that it is highly strange for someone to go for a swim fully clothed. To add to this, the autopsy found no trace of water in Todd’s lungs, which you would get if he had drowned.

Dr Micheal Sirkica presented photos of Todd’s crime scene, as well as the autopsy notes to 18 other forensic pathologists at the 2009 medical examiners conference. All of the forensic pathologists agreed that Todd had only been dead for a maximum of 2 to 3 days before being placed, leaving 18 days of Todd being missing.

Furthermore, a team of investigators, former New York Police Department detectives Kevin Gannon, Anthony Duarte, Michael Donovan and professor of criminal justice Dr Lee Gilbertson, have concluded that Todd was actually abducted and held on the land for a while before being placed in the lake at a later time.

They have also said that it is possible that Todd could be a victim of the smiley face killers, a group of unknown serial killers who target college-age men before dumping their bodies in water and leaving their signature graffitied smiley face nearby.

Whilst there have been some reports of a smiley face being graffitied on a tree nearby, there has been no official confirmation on this.

To prove this theory more, Dr Lee Gilberston met with Dr M Eric Benbow, a forensic biologist, to re-examine Todd’s case. Dr Benbow did say that if Todd’s body had been in the water for 21 days, he would have expected to see “more biofilm, more slim buildup.”

Todd’s body was found with no insects on the clothing, mouth or ears, and Dr Benbow has said he would have expected to see insects in and on Todd’s body within minutes or hours of the body being placed there. When they visited the exact lake where Todd was found, Dr Benbow said: “if a body was here, it would be colonised with some type of aquatic insect.”

Dr Benbow decided to run a test using swine carcasses, in which he placed the carcasses into an experimental pond dressed in clothing similar to what Todd was found in.

Dr Benbow used five carcasses and sampled three of them every other day whilst leaving the other two untouched for the whole 21 days. From his experiment, Dr Benbow found that by day 1, insects has started collecting inside of the carcass, and by day 5 the insects had laid eggs. On day 21, the carcasses completely collapsed from insect activity, and the clothing was covered in a thick layer of green biofilm algal.

Given our experiment, I find it very surprising that Todd’s body had no reported insect activity and the clothing had no algal development…Based on our study, it is unlikely that Todd’s body had been in the lake for 21 days” Dr Benbow said, speaking to former Detective Kevin Gannon and Dr Lee Gilbertson.

Former Detective Kevin Gannon and Todd’s mother, Kathy, presented the conclusion of this test, alongside some other evidence, to the Michigan State Police. This granted Kathy a meeting with the Muskegon County Prosecutor, who has requested a full analysis of the discoveries made by Dr Benbow and his team.

Kathy is currently waiting to hear to see if re-investigation into Todd’s case will be opened.

Todd Geib. Credit:


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