Debra Faye Asbury

27-year-old Debra Faye Asbury has been described by friends as “the life of the party”, she was fun and free-spirited and was doing nothing but enjoying her life. She had an on/off boyfriend, and she was also dating an older man who she lived with. Some sources claim that she was having a romantic relationship with the man, whereas others say he was just a roommate. Debra was living in Phoenix, Arizona.

On the afternoon of the 22nd of March, 1985, the daughter of Debra’s roommate/romantic partner saw Debra leave her home at around 2-2:30pm, and was picked up by two unknown men in a red 1960s pickup truck that had primer stains on the sides. The daughter has said that at least one of the men has picked Debra up before, but that she didn’t recognise them or know who they were.

That night, Debra was spotted at her favourite bar, Boomerang’s Bar & Billiards, and she was then spotted again at Mr Lucky’s. Debra was a regular at both bars, and whilst it is unknown if the two men who picked her up were also present at the bars, a few witnesses have said that they saw her leave the bar and get into the same red 1960s pickup truck.

At 6:56am the morning of the 23rd of March, 1986, Debra’s body was found on a dirt mound, located just south of the football field at Trevor Browne High School. Her body was fully clothed, and she was wearing blue Levi jeans, a white bra which was still intact and around her waist, a white blouse with flowers, a white knit sweater and high-top sneakers. Her shirt was open and unbuttoned, leaving her chest exposed.

A tightly bound piece of barbed wire, which had been taken from a nearby farm, had been wrapped around her neck and tied off behind her left ear. There was a boot print between her thighs, which got narrowed down to belonging to a pair of Sears Diehard work boots. There was also a bite mark between her breasts. Gripped in her hand was a strand of dark-coloured hair, and a hand-rolled joint was found underneath her body. Despite the amount of evidence, even after 37 years, the forensic teams have not been able to pull any useable DNA.

Debra’s cause of death was a cylinder-shaped puncture wound on her chest, which police have speculated could have come from a screwdriver but the actual murder weapon is unknown. Police have said that her murder was overkill, and gruesome.

A few days before her death, Debra was spotted by CCTV at her local bank, making a withdrawal using her boyfriend’s card. In the image, there is a man on Debra’s immediate right, who is looking down at the floor whilst having a slight smile on his face. Debra’s expression is neutral. The man is wearing a dark t-shirt that has a phrase on it, and whilst the first word can’t be made out the second word is “Bud’s”. He has unnatural blonde hair, which may be cut into a mullet style, and is parted in the middle. This image was captured on the 16th of March, 1985, and 7:35pm.

It is unclear if the man in this image has any involvement in Debra’s crime, or if he even knew Debra. Police have been wanting to talk to this man for over 37years, yet he still remains unidentified. Do you recognise him?

Debra and the unknown man were caught on CCTV at the bank. Credit: AZ Central / Phoneix Police

As of now, Debra’s case is currently cold. Both of Debra’s boyfriends have been ruled out as being involved in her murder. The two men who picked her up in the 1960s-style truck have never been identified.

Debra’s family and friends hope that with the advancements in DNA technology re-testing the evidence in her case could lead to a breakthrough or at least a dental record match could be made using the bite mark found in between her breasts.

Do you know who was responsible for Debra’s murder?

Debra Faye Asbury. Credit: Webslueths


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Tamara Lee Tigard

Formerly known as “Lime Lady”, Tamara Lee Tigard was a young woman who was found murdered on the 18th of April, 1980, in Jones, Oklahoma.

In March 1980, Tamara left her home in Las Vegas, Nevada, to go for a walk. But she never returned. Tamara was reported missing, but the report was cleared due to a woman in Ohio using Tamara’s identity. The woman has never been named as a suspect, and her true identity is unknown.

On the 18th of April, 1980, Tamara’s naked body was found on the shore of the North Canadian River. She had been shot three times with a .45 calibre revolver. Her murderer then covered her body in quicklime in an attempt to quicken decomposition, but actually ended up preserving her remains. She was found on what should have been her 21st Birthday.

When Tamara was shot, one of the bullets hit a dime which was then drawn into her body, along with some clothing fibres, indicating that she was wearing clothes when she was killed. Whoever murdered Tamara was facing her whilst shooting her, and moving towards her.

Tamara was identified on the 30th of January, 2020, by the DNA Doe Project. Once her DNA had been uploaded to GEDmatch, it only took a day and a half for the DNA Doe Project to match it to Tamara. The match was confirmed after they obtained dental records from the United States Army. The DNA Doe Project was unable to attain a match using DNA as all of Tamara’s immediate relatives on the West Coast had passed away.

Tamara’s parents and sister all passed away without ever knowing what truly happened to her.

Do you know who was responsible for Tamara’s death?

Tamara Lee Tigard. Credit: Unidentified Awareness Fandom


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Angela Darcel Cephas

Angela Darcel Cephas was a 20-year-old woman living with her family on Dragston Road, close to North Avenue in Port Norris, New Jersey, in May 1984.

On the 4th of May 1984, Angela left her family home on her pink and white 20-inch Huffy girls’ model bicycle with a white banana seat, the images of flowers on the frame, and the initials “KC” on the neck near the handlebars. She told her sister that she would visit her ex-boyfriend, who was an older man who lived close by.

Angela has not been seen or heard from since.

At the time of her disappearance, Angela was seven months pregnant with her first child. Angela’s sisters have stated that her former boyfriend was the father of her unborn child, but that he did not want to take responsibility for the child. Angela’s sisters also believe that he is responsible for her disappearance.

The man refused to co-operate with the police when they were first investigating Angela’s disappearance, but when he was interviewed by the Atlantic City Press in 1998 he said that he had never dated her, nor was he the father of her baby and that he only knew her as a neighbour.

Before she disappeared, Angela had said that she was thinking about running away from home. But her family don’t think that she would have left without telling them where she was going. Angela had not lived anywhere else aside from the neighbourhood her entire life.

Foul play is highly suspected in Angela’s disappearance.

Angela did not take her purse, cigarettes or watch with her when she vanished, and the bicycle she was riding that day has never been recovered.

Angela is described as being an African-American female with black hair and brown eyes. She stood at around 4″3′ and weighed around 135lbs. She was wearing a brown sweater, a white t-shirt, grey maternity pants and blue sneakers. She was seven months pregnant, and her child was due to be born in early August 1984.

If she is still alive today, Angela would be around 58 years old. Her child would be around 38 years old.

Do you know what happened to Angela?

Angela Cephas. Credit: The Charley Project


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Patricia Denise Palmer

In November of 1981, Patricia who liked to be called Denise had been happily married to her high-school sweetheart Randy Palmer for six months. She lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma and was incredibly happy with her life and even told her mum, Pat Carlile, that “life is almost too perfect.”

Patricia wanted to buy a house with her husband, so to help towards the deposit for a home, Patricia decided to sell her wedding dress. She placed an advert in the Sunday edition of the Tulsa World newspaper, using her mum’s phone number as the contact information.

Patricia on her wedding day. Credit: The True Crime Files

On November the 15th, 1981, Patricia’s mum Pat received a phone call from a man who sounded elderly and had a “real nice voice.” The man said he wanted to buy Patricia’s wedding dress for his own daughter’s wedding. Pat was a bit off-put by the phone call as she said the man lacked the excitement and enthusiasm she would have expected to hear in the voice of a father of a soon to be bride.

Nevertheless, Pat made arrangements for the man to come to her house, located at 4127 S.Sandusky Avenue, Tulsa, on November 17th at around noon so that she could show the man Patrica’s wedding dress.

Pat ultimately decided that she was going to go shopping at the time of the meeting, so Patricia would have to meet the man herself. Patricia worked around six blocks away from her mum’s house, at the Southland Shopping Center, and she would often go to her mum’s house for lunch.

Pat told Patricia to be careful, and bring one of her co-workers with her to the meeting. She also told Patricia to hang the dress at the entrance of the home so that the man would not have to venture too far into the home.

Despite several of her co-workers offering to come with her, Patricia went to her mum’s house by herself as she felt she had no reason to not trust the man she was meeting.

A short while after the meeting had taken place, Pat tried to get hold of her daughter by calling her. When she was unable to get an answer, Pat asked a neighbour to go and check on her daughter.

Sadly, the neighbour found Patricia’s dead body floating in the bathtub.

Patricia Denise Palmer. Credit: The True Crime Files

Around the time of the meeting, some construction workers in the area noticed a man standing on Pat’s porch holding a wedding dress. The workers considered this to be strange, so they paid close attention to the man.

The man is described as being a white male around 40 years old with grey hair. He stood at around 5’10” – 6’0″ and was between 180 – 190 pounds. At the time, he was wearing grey slacks and a blue windbreaker. The man also had a noticeable birthmark or some kind of skin discolouration on the left side of his face.

Police Composite Sketch of the suspect in Patricia’s murder. Credit: The True Crime Files

His vehicle is described as being a 1972-1974 Chevrolet Impala in a black or dark blue colour. The car had an Oklahoma licence plate and was in extremely good condition, and looked to be well maintained. The car may have had a chrome dealer decal on the left side of the bottom of the trunk lid, and may have had a black CB antenna mounted in the centre of the trunk lid or a fully extended antenna that was bent over the back of the vehicle.

Inside the house, police were able to determine that Patricia put up a good fight against her attacker as there was a trail of blood leading from the entranceway of the house, down the hallway and then into the bathroom.

Semen was also found at the scene of the crime which could have resulted in DNA evidence, it was unfortunately stored improperly at the time and was later found to be unusable. However, DNA was recovered from a gun that was found in the bathtub which is thought to belong to the killer. No match for the DNA has ever been found, and as it stands Patrica’s killer is unknown.

There is a possibility that Patrica’s case may be linked to the unsolved murder of Lisa Ann Henderson, who was murdered in 1979 after responding to an ad in the Tulsa World Newspaper for a modelling job. Lisa’s family home was located only a 15-minute drive away from Patricia’s mother’s house. She was last seen getting into a 1976-1977 maroon Chevrolet Monte Carlo, with a 40-year-old white man with dark, thin hair behind the wheel.

Lisa had been assaulted, shot and then her body was burnt to hide any evidence. No DNA evidence was found on or around Lisa’s body.

Whilst the description of the suspect in Lisa’s case does bear a similarity to the suspect in Patricia’s case, the cases have never offically been connected.

The only other suspect in Patricia’s case was a man called Paul Williford. In 2005 Paul confessed to choking two women to death on his paper route. He killed the women in or around bathtubs, and the homes in which he killed the women were located only a ten-minute drive away from where Patricia was murdered.

Between 1987-1995 Paul was serving time in prision for robbing and almost killing a woman in her 60s. Paul also said that he killed a hitchhiker in 1969.

However, Paul has denied any involvement in Patricia’s murder. He told media outlets that he would even take a lie detector test to prove his innocence. It is also not known where Paul was residing at the time of Patricia’s murder, as he had only been delivering newspapers in the area where she was murdered since 2003. Moreover, Paul did not have a noticeable birthmark or discolouration on the left side of his face like the suspect in Patricia’s murder.

As of 2022, Patricia’s murder still remains unsolved.

Do you know who was responsible?

Patricia. Credit: The True Crime Files


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Aileen Ann Conway

Aileen Ann Conway was a 50-year-old woman who was found deceased behind the wheel of her car on the 29th of April, 1986, at around 10:40am in rural Oklahoma.

The car was on fire, and the heat from the fire was so immensely hot that it had actually melted into the metal guardrail that the car had crashed into. Skid marks found around the car indicated that the car had been going between 50-60mph before it had crashed.

Aileen’s body was burnt beyond recognition. They were only able to identify her by checking who the car was registered to, which was her husband Pat Conway, who was then able to confirm it was Aileen.

The police thought that Aileen had succumbed to just another tragic car accident, but her husband Pat noticed some unusual things surrounding her death.

Firstly, when Pat returned home just a few hours after the accident, he found their patio door wide open. Aileen’s purse, which contained her driving license and glasses, was sitting by an armchair. This raised Pat’s suspicion as Aileen always took her purse with her wherever she went. An ironing board had also been set up, and the iron had been left turned on.

In the master bedroom, which is located at the back of the house, the bathtub in the ensuite was still full of water – as if someone had run a bath. The phone in the bedroom was also off the hook, which makes Pat believe that Aileen was in the middle of making a phone call, possibly to the police department, when she was interrupted.

Water from the garden hose had been left running into the back garden’s swimming pool.

Secondly, Pat wondered why Aileen would have been driving along the rural, isolated road where she had been found. Pat and Aileen lived in Lawton, Oklahoma, and neither of them had any connections to the rural area in which Aileen was driving in, and there was no evident reason as to why Aileen would have been there by herself.

With all of the strange circumstances surrounding his wife’s death, Pat decided to contact Ray Anderson, who worked for the district attorney’s office. Ray initially thought that Pat was just a grief-stricken husband, who was trying to come to terms with his wife’s death, but after reviewing the circumstances in which Aileen left her house, Ray started to believe that foul play might have been involved.

Ray and Pat travelled to the location in which Aileen’s car was found, with the hopes of finding some potential clues. Around 200 feet away from a bridge, they found a church bulletin in some grass. The church bulletin came from the church that both Pat and Aileen attended, and Pat said that he last saw the bulletin on the car’s dashboard.

Aileen always drove with the windows fully up and the air conditioner on. This meant that the bulletin could not have just flown out of the car as it was driving, and instead, the bulletin came out of the car when the car was at a stop.

Ray believes that someone else was with Aileen on the day she died and that the person who was with her opened the door, slammed on the acceleration and put the car into drive with the hope of the car, and Aileen, running off the road and into the creek.

With this new information, Ray managed to get Aileen’s official cause of death changed from “accidental” to “unexplained”.

The District Attorney asked the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and the State Fire Marshal to examine the likelihood of arson being used in Aileen’s case. From looking at photographs of the crime scene, and noticing that there was a large amount of fire damage inside the car, Sonny Sansome of the Fire Marshal’s office suspected that gasoline had been used to accelerate the fire.

Some informal tests were carried out on dashboard and upholstery samples similar to those found in Aileen’s car. These tests led Sonny to believe that Aileen’s car was doused with gasoline because if it hadn’t had any acceleration then the car would not have burnt as badly as it did.

The biggest question that remains in Aileen’s case is why. Why would someone kill Aileen in the manner that they did?

Whilst there is no answer to that question, there are a couple of theories regarding Aileen’s case.

The first theory is that burglars were planning to rob Aileen and Pat’s home, so they snuck in but didn’t realise that Aileen was home. When they realised, the burglars abducted and killed Aileen to escape being arrested by the police. There had been a string of burglaries in Aileen and Pat’s neighbourhood in the weeks leading up to Aileen’s death, which supports this theory.

Pat also believed this theory behind his wife’s death, until he sadly passed away in August 2013.

Ray Anderson believes that Aileen’s case can be solved if someone shares the information that they know, or if someone admits their involvement in her death.

Do you know who was involved in Aileen’s death?

Aileen Conway. Credit: Unsolved Mysteries Wiki


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Michaela Joy Garecht

Nine-year-old Michaela Joy Garecht and her best friend visited a market in Hayward, California on the 19th of November 1988. The market was just four blocks away from her home, and Michaela visited the market almost every day.

When the two girls arrived at the market, they parked their scooters next to the entrance. They then went inside the market and brought some sweets. When they left the market, Michaela’s scooter was gone. Her friend noticed that her scooter had been moved to the parking lot, so Michaela went over to get it.

However, when she reached her scooter a man got out of his car, opened the back door, grabbed Michaela and threw her inside. The man then drove off.

Michaela’s friend went back inside the market and got the staff to call the police.

Michaela has not been seen or heard from, since.

A police artist was able to create a sketch of Michaela’s abductor based on what her friend saw. He is described as being a white male, between his early and mid-twenties (in 1988), around 6″0′ with a slender build and a face covered in pockmarks. He had dirty blonde hair that was shoulder length.

He was driving a large American model car, which was a few years old and in bad condition. It was either tan or brown in colour.

Sketch of the abductor. Credit: FBI

Police did suspect Tim Binder as a possible suspect in Michaela’s case, as he had also been a suspect in the disappearance of Amber Swartz-Garcia, Nikki Campbell and Ilene Misheloff.

Michaela’s case went cold for several years until it was reopened in 2009, after the rescue of Jaycee Dugard who had been missing since 1991. Jaycee was found to be living in tents on the property of paedophile Phillip Garrido who was from Antioch, California.

A car that bore a striking resemblance to the one that took Michaela was found on Phillip’s property, and photos of him at the time of Michaela’s abduction matched the description of Michaela’s abductor by her friend. However, no other evidence of him being involved in Michaela’s disappearance was found.

In February 2012, convicted serial killer Wesley Shermantine wrote to the Stockton Record saying that his former partner, Loren Herzog, was responsible for Michaela’s disappearance. Loren committed suicide in January 2012.

Loren did show some resemblance to Michaela’s abductor. But, when Wesley led authorities to a well where they had dumped several bodies, they found the remains of Kimberly Billy and Joann Hobson, who had both been missing since the 1980s, but no trace of Michaela.

There were some other remains that were believed to belong to Michaela, but DNA testing showed that they did not.

The FBI and Hayward Police Department announced, on the 21st of December 2020, that David Emery Misch had been charged with Michaela’s abduction and murder. David is currently serving time in prison for the 1989 murder of Margaret Ball, and he is awaiting a trial for the 1986 murders of Michelle Xavier and Jennifer Duey.

David was linked to Michaela’s abduction after fingerprints and a partial handprint on Michaela’s scooter were found to belong to him. Several eyewitnesses also place David in the area around the market at the time of Michaela’s abduction.

Despite someone being charged for her abduction and murder, Michaela’s body has never been recovered, and the truth of what really happened to her remains unknown.

Michaela Joy Garecht. Credit: Wikipedia


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Amber Jean Swartz-Garcia

Amber Jean Swartz-Garcia was the first child of Kim Swartz and Floyd “Bernie” Swartz. Sadly, Floyd was shot and killed whilst working as a police officer on the 3rd of May 1980, just 3 months before Amber was born on the 19th of August 1980.

Amber lived with her mother, Kim, in Pinole, California. She had to use a hearing aid and was taking the medication Fiorinal for headaches at the time of her disappearance.

On the 3rd of June, 1988, seven-year-old Amber asked her mum if she could go and jump rope outside. Amber’s friends, Debbie and Marsia, were supposed to be coming over anyway, so Kim said okay. However, when Amber’s friends arrived, they asked where Amber was as she was not outside.

After quickly searching the neighbourhood, Kim realised that Amber had been abducted.

Amber Swartz-Garcia. Credit: Unsolved Mysteries Wiki

The day after Amber went missing a pair of pink socks that Kim believes belonged to Amber were found in a park close to her house, and they had not been there the day before.

Three days after Amber had disappeared, a man called Tim Binder showed up at Kim’s door. He was extremely upset about Amber. Kim noticed that Tim’s van had Amber’s missing posters all over it, and the license plate of the van was “LOVE YOU”. However, when Tim turned away and looked back at her, he said “Of course, now we are looking for a dead body.”

This was the first time anyone had said anything like this to Kim, and she started to feel creeped out, so she asked Tim to leave.

Tim was known to authorities because, over the course of 10 years, several young girls had gone missing along the Interstate 80 corridor. In several of these cases, Tim took it upon himself personally to go and look for them. Tim was considered a “person of interest” in all of the cases he got involved in.

Tim had been questioned intensively and even given a polygraph test that came back inconclusive.

The FBI asked Kim some oddly specific questions at the beginning of the investigation, such as: “Had Amber received anything unusual in the mail?”, “Have you received phone calls from someone who you didn’t know?” and “Had Amber ever come home with something that she couldn’t explain who it was from?”. Kim believes that these questions were about Tim.

As Kim spent more time with Tim, in order to get “closer” to him, she found out that he would visit cemeteries a lot, and spend a lot of time with the graves of specific girls, including Angela Bugay. Angela had been abducted in November 1983 and was later found sexually assaulted and strangled to death. Tim was put under constant surveillance and the FBI discovered that Tim visited Angela’s grave over 90 times.

Tim would often leave Kim strange voicemails which she believed was him “toying” with her emotions, and he would often recommend books to her such as “Crime and Punishment” – a book which involves the suspect visiting crime scenes, getting close to the victim’s family and trying to insert themselves into the investigation. Kim suspects that this was Tim’s way of taunting her.

Tim Binder. Credit: East Bay Times

Thirteen days after Amber had gone missing, a bloodhound traced Amber’s sent to Angela’s grave. The FBI also states that the bloodhound picked up the scent in Tim’s van as well.

Five months after Amber’s disappearance, another young girl, nine-year-old Michaela Garecht, went missing from a Hayward Market. Investigators believe that Tim was in the area at the time of Michaela’s disappearance.

Two months later, thirteen-year-old Illene Misheloff, disappeared from Dublin, California. Tim, once again, inserted himself into the investigation.

A few years later, a mother from Fairfield, California, called the police as her daughter had received a letter from Tim. The letter could only be read if it was held up to a mirror. The contents of the letter have never been made public.

Just a few blocks away from their home, four-year-old Nikki Campbell vanished after she was playing in the driveway. Her scent was later traced to Angela’s grave.

Fairfield police decided to search Tim’s house in the wake of Nikki’s disappearance. They found nothing that connected him to Nikki’s disappearance, or the disappearance of Amber, Michaela, Illene and the murder of Angela.

However, it was around this time that Kim received a phone call from a man. He said that on the day that Amber went missing he had seen a young girl being thrown into a car by an unknown male at Alvarado Park. The man got his niece to write down the licence plate number, and they called the police.

But the police didn’t think that the unknown man was Tim, as the car was later traced to a junked vehicle in Los Angeles and the physical description of the man did not match Tim.

Tim eventually sued the city of Fairfield for tarnishing his reputation. He settled out of court for $90,000.

To this day, Tim is still considered a suspect in Amber, Micheala, Ilena and Nikki’s disappearance and Angela’s murder. He is considered to be a suspect due to the odd behaviour he exhibited about the cases and the fact that Amber’s scent was found in his van and at Angela’s grave. Tim has never been charged in connection with any of these cases.

In June 2002, authorities dug up the yard of former priest Stephen Kiesle’s vacation home, hoping to find some evidence that relates to Amber’s case. At the time of Amber’s disappearance, he lived just down the street from her. He had been arrested in May 2002 for molesting three girls at a church in Fremont. Fourteen other girls came forward and accused him of abuse, and most of the victims matched Amber’s age and description.

However, no evidence was found at his home and it is unknown if Stephen is still considered a suspect in Amber’s case.

In July 2009, the police announced that they had identified Amber’s killer as a convicted child rapist and killer Curtis Dean Anderson.

In 2007, Curtis confessed that he wanted “company” on a road trip to his auntie’s house in Arizona. He was fairly familiar with the Pinole area, and after he spotted Amber in her front yard he pulled her into his car, drugged her, and then took her to a motel where he suffocated her. He then claims that he dumped her body somewhere near Benson, Arizona off Highway 10.

Whilst police were able to confirm that Curtis was in the Pinole area at the time Amber went missing, they were unable to find any more evidence that connected him to Amber’s case.

Curtis said that he purposely taunted the police with false information. He died in December 2007, just one month after he confessed.

Police say that Curtis also confessed to several other murders, but the police could not find any evidence to link him to them.

After the announcement was made, police officially closed the case. However, a petition was launched for the Pinole Police Department to reopen the stranger abduction case, and in the autumn of 2013 Amber’s case was re-opened as well.

Amber’s mum, Kim, does not believe Curtis’s confession and thinks that he was lying. Investigators are trying to corroborate or refute his confession.

Amber is still considered a missing child, and her mother Kim is still searching for her. Kim started the Amber Foundation for Missing Children, which teaches about child abductions and how to prevent them.

It has been 34 years since Amber went missing. If she is still alive today, she would be 42 years old.

What happened to Amber?

Amber is age-progressed to 31 years old. Credit: Internation Missing Fandom / National Center for Missing and Exploited Children


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Marcia Lenore Sossoman (King)

Marcia Lenore Sossoman (King) was a young woman who was found murdered in Troy, Miami County, Ohio on the 24th of April 1981. However, until April the 9th 2018, she was only known as the “Buckskin Girl” as they were unable to formally identify her.

Marcia was originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, and she was last seen by some of her family members in 1980. No missing person report was filed on Marcia when she went missing, as she was either 19 or 20 years old when she left home.

Despite not being officially reported missing, Marcia’s family never stopped looking for her. Marcia’s mother remained at the same house, with the same phone number, in case Marcia ever came home.

Marcia had been travelling across the United States, with some witnesses saying they saw her in places such as parks and bars.

Sadly, Marcia was murdered in Troy, Ohio. She had died from strangulation and she had been beaten very badly. Some sources say that she was found in the fetal position, whilst others say that she was face down. There was no evidence of a sexual assault.

At the time of her death, Marcia was wearing a buckskin poncho, which appeared to be handmade. She was also wearing a purple and orange patterned turtleneck sweater and wrangler bell-bottom jeans. Her hair was in two plaits. She was not wearing any shoes, and she had no jewellery on her.

A reconstruction image of what Marcia looked like at the time of her death. Credit: Unidentified Wiki
The clothes Marcia was wearing at the time of her death. Credit: Cincinnati Enquirer

Marcia is thought to have been the first victim of a serial killer who killed at least nine other women in the Ohio area up to 2004. Many of the victims were not wearing shoes or jewellery when discovered. It is possible that this serial killer may have been a trucker.

It is important to note, however, that Marcia’s murder happened years before the other murders happened more often.

Marcia was identified in April 2018, by the DNA Doe Project. They used forensic genetic genealogy to identify the deceased’s potential relatives in the free database known as GEDmatch. Within just four hours of research, a match was made in Marcia’s case.

This was the first identification made by the DNA Doe Project.

Despite being able to positively ID Marcia, the police have still not been able to find her killer. They are still investigating Marcia’s case, but at this time there are no persons of interest or suspects.

Marcia remains buried at the Riverside Cemetry in Troy, Ohio. Her headstone reads her name as Marcia L. Sossoman (King).

Hopefully one day we will find out who is responsible for Marcia’s death.

Marcia King. Credit: Wikipedia


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