“Evelyn” was the alias used by an unidentified female who was found deceased in Miami-Dade County, Florida, on the 27th of December 1973. She was discovered by a friend laying on her back in her friend’s residence where she had been staying for an undetermined amount of time. Her cause of death has not been stated.

The friend said that she referred to herself as “Evelyn”, but efforts to identify her using this name have been unsuccessful.

“Evelyn” is described as being a black female between the ages of 45-55, standing at 5″2′ and weighing 135lbs. She had short curly black hair and brown eyes. She was mildly obese, and she had fatty liver disease and pancreatic fibrosis. “Evelyn” also had scars on her right hip, left ankle, left thigh, and the inside of her left forearm. She also had scars and healed abrasions on her lower legs, and a burn-type mark on her right forearm.

If you recognise “Evelyn”, please contact the District 11 Miami-Dade Medical Examiner’s Office at 305-545-2400.

Do you know her true identity?

Reconstruction of “Evelyn”. Credit: Unidentified Awareness Wiki


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