Beverly Rose Potts

Beverly Rose Potts was born on the 15th of April, 1941, to parents Robert and Elizabeth Potts in Cleveland, Ohio. Beverly is described as a shy, responsible and quiet child and she was unusually cautious – she would flee whenever she was approached by a stranger.

Beverly attended Louis Agassiz Elementary School, and she was about to enter 5th grade in the fall of 1951. Beverly lived at home with her 22-year-old sister, Anita, and her parents.

On the 24th of August, 1951, 10-year-old Beverly had been given permission to leave her home and attend an annual summer festival called the Showwagon, which took place in Halloran Park, with her friend Patsy Swing. Beverly was initially forbidden to go to Halloran Park because she had arrived home late from the park a few hours before, but her mother gave her special permission to attend the show.

Beverly and Patsy arrived at Halloran Park just after 7:00pm, but they came home again to leave their bicycles. Once they had done that, the girls went back to the park and arrived at the Showwagon at 8:00pm. Beverly was told she could stay until the Showwagon was over, but Patsy had to be home by the time it got dark, so she left the festival at 8:40pm. Patsy said that she last saw Beverly watching the show, standing in front of a small plump woman who had a hand on her shoulder.

The last confirmed sighting of Beverly was at 9:30pm after the Showwagon had ended. A 13-year-old boy said that he saw a girl who he believed to be Beverly walking diagonally across the park, heading in a northeast direction towards her home. She was approximately 150 feet from the corner of Linnet and west 117th Streets when she was last seen.

Beverly was reported missing at 10:30pm that evening when she failed to return home and a search of the area did not turn up any sign of Beverly.

Beverly has not been seen or heard from since.

At the time of her disappearance, Beverly was 10 years old, 4″11′ and weighed 90lbs. She had blonde hair that was cut in a short bob with bangs, blue wide-set eyes, a small scar over her left eyebrow, gaps between her teeth with silver fillings in her upper and lower molars, a vaccination scar on her upper left arm, she had a kidney-shaped birthmark about 1inch long and 3/8 of an inch wide on her instep and a distinctive, duck-like gait with her toes out.

She was last seen wearing a reddish-pink turtleneck jersey with no label, a white cotton Honeyland undershirt with a tag, a navy blue poplin jacket with no label and torn pockets, size 14 or 16 girls’ blue denim jeans with a side zipper and no label, bright red cotton panties with no tag and elastic around the waist but not around the leg holes, size 5 or 5.5 brown Karrybrooke Sport shoe loafers which had been re-soled and re-heeled, a yellow gold ring and two metal hair claps with brown plastic covers.

If Beverly is still alive today, she would be 81 years old. However, it is strongly believed that Beverly was abducted by someone that she knew and then murdered. Her body has never been found.

Do you know what happened to Beverly?

Beverly Potts. Credit: International Missing Fandom


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