Corinna Paige Slusser

Corinna Paige Slusser was an 18-year-old girl who was last seen on the 20th of September, 2017, leaving the Haven Motel in Queens, New York during the early hours.

Corinna was typically very active on social media, however after she was seen leaving the motel, she stopped updating her social media. Corinna was expected to arrive at her family home in Pennslyvania later that same day, but she never arrived. It was then that she was reported missing by her mother.

Corinna is described as being a white 18-year-old female, 5″7′ and weighing 140lbs. She had blonde hair, blue eyes, both ears pierced, an unspecified tattoo on her right hip and a large black sunflower tattoo between her breasts. Corinna also suffered from depression.

In November 2018, a man called Ishi Colin Woney, who acted as Corinna’s pimp, was arrested for sex trafficking another woman. On the day Corinna went missing, Ishi and an unidentified woman had an argument about his relationship with Corinna. Ishi told this woman that he would take Corinna to a hotel and give her to another man.

Corinna has never been seen or heard from since, and her body has never been found. Corinna is regarded as an endangered missing.

If you have any information regarding Corinna’s disappearance, or if you have seen Corinna, please contact the New York Police Department Child Exploitation/Human Trafficking Task Force at (212) 384-1000.

Corinna Slusser. Credit: International Missing Fandom


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