Canadian County Jane Doe

On the 5th of January 1990, the body of a young female adult/teenager was found in Geary/El Reno, Oklahoma, by a survey crew. Jane Doe had been beaten to death.

Jane Doe is described as a White/Hispanic/Native American female between 18 and 35. Her height was estimated to be between 5″3′ and 5″7′, and her weight is unknown due to her remains being skeletal at the time of discovery. It is estimated she died between 1 and 5 years before being discovered. Jane Doe possibly had brown hair and was most likely right-handed.

Along with her remains, police also found a size 28 belt with a gold buckle and tan leather tips, a collard white shirt, a pair of Chaus light tan slacks with a pleated front in size 9/10, a ring and a baseball-style cap.

If you have any information regarding Jane Doe’s true identity or her murder, please contact the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office at (405) 262-3434.

The ring Jane Doe was found with. Credit: Unidentified Awareness Fandom
Reconstruction of Jane Doe. Credit: Unidentified Awareness Fandom


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