Navarro County Jane Doe (1977)

On the 29th of May, 1977, two fishermen found the body of a young girl in Chambers Creek, located around three miles east of Corsicana, Texas. The body was first believed to belong to Ladina McCoy who disappeared on Valentine’s Day 1977, but her body was recovered in June 1977 ruling her out.

When Jane Doe was taken to the medical examiner, they discovered that her left foot was missing and that she likely died around 2 months before she was found. Despite not showing any physical trauma, her cause of death is thought to be unnatural.

Unfortunately, Jane Doe’s case file has been lost over the years, and the original investigators on her case have since passed away. No leads were ever obtained during the initial investigation.

It has been theorised that Jane Doe was maybe a victim of abuse, or she could have come from a family of transients who could not afford a proper funeral for her.

Jane Doe was not the only body to be found in those waters in 1977. On November 12th, 1977, the body of Barbara Marsh was discovered near Lake Ray Hubbard. Barbara’s mother, Carrie, was convicted of her murder. In September of 1977, Suzie Mages was last seen talking to an unidentified man at a Denton fast-food restaurant. Her body was discovered two weeks later in an Oak Cliff gravel pit. The body of Ladina McCoy was also found in June of 1977.

Only Barbara’s case was solved, the other three cases have never been solved. This has led people to speculate that a serial offender was in the area.

Jane Doe is now laid to rest at Modrall Memorial Park in Corsicana, with her headstone inscribed with: “Small Girl, Identity Unknown, May 1977” and “In Memory of a Little Girl Known to God, by a Friend Unknown to Her, 1980.”

She was found wearing a long-sleeved white shirt that had red animals on it, size 4, and Montgomery Ward red denim pants with an elastic waistband.

Do you know who Jane Doe is?

Jane Doe’s Headstone. Credit: Unidentified Awareness Fandom


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