Debra Faye Asbury

27-year-old Debra Faye Asbury has been described by friends as “the life of the party”, she was fun and free-spirited and was doing nothing but enjoying her life. She had an on/off boyfriend, and she was also dating an older man who she lived with. Some sources claim that she was having a romantic relationship with the man, whereas others say he was just a roommate. Debra was living in Phoenix, Arizona.

On the afternoon of the 22nd of March, 1985, the daughter of Debra’s roommate/romantic partner saw Debra leave her home at around 2-2:30pm, and was picked up by two unknown men in a red 1960s pickup truck that had primer stains on the sides. The daughter has said that at least one of the men has picked Debra up before, but that she didn’t recognise them or know who they were.

That night, Debra was spotted at her favourite bar, Boomerang’s Bar & Billiards, and she was then spotted again at Mr Lucky’s. Debra was a regular at both bars, and whilst it is unknown if the two men who picked her up were also present at the bars, a few witnesses have said that they saw her leave the bar and get into the same red 1960s pickup truck.

At 6:56am the morning of the 23rd of March, 1986, Debra’s body was found on a dirt mound, located just south of the football field at Trevor Browne High School. Her body was fully clothed, and she was wearing blue Levi jeans, a white bra which was still intact and around her waist, a white blouse with flowers, a white knit sweater and high-top sneakers. Her shirt was open and unbuttoned, leaving her chest exposed.

A tightly bound piece of barbed wire, which had been taken from a nearby farm, had been wrapped around her neck and tied off behind her left ear. There was a boot print between her thighs, which got narrowed down to belonging to a pair of Sears Diehard work boots. There was also a bite mark between her breasts. Gripped in her hand was a strand of dark-coloured hair, and a hand-rolled joint was found underneath her body. Despite the amount of evidence, even after 37 years, the forensic teams have not been able to pull any usable DNA.

Debra’s cause of death was a cylinder-shaped puncture wound on her chest, which police have speculated could have come from a screwdriver but the actual murder weapon is unknown. Police have said that her murder was overkill, and gruesome.

A few days before her death, Debra was spotted by CCTV at her local bank, making a withdrawal using her boyfriend’s card. In the image, there is a man on Debra’s immediate right, who is looking down at the floor whilst having a slight smile on his face. Debra’s expression is neutral. The man is wearing a dark t-shirt that has a phrase on it, and whilst the first word can’t be made out the second word is “Bud’s”. He has unnatural blonde hair, which may be cut into a mullet style, and is parted in the middle. This image was captured on the 16th of March, 1985, and 7:35pm.

It is unclear if the man in this image has any involvement in Debra’s crime, or if he even knew Debra. Police have been wanting to talk to this man for over 37years, yet he still remains unidentified. Do you recognise him?

Debra and the unknown man were caught on CCTV at the bank. Credit: AZ Central / Phoneix Police

As of now, Debra’s case is currently cold. Both of Debra’s boyfriends have been ruled out as being involved in her murder. The two men who picked her up in the 1960s-style truck have never been identified.

Debra’s family and friends hope that with the advancements in DNA technology re-testing the evidence in her case could lead to a breakthrough or at least a dental record match could be made using the bite mark found in between her breasts.

Do you know who was responsible for Debra’s murder?

Debra Faye Asbury. Credit: Webslueths


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