Marianne or Mary Ann is a black transgender woman who serial killer Samuel Little confessed to killing in either 1971 or 1972 in Miami, Florida.

Samuel told police that he met the woman at a bar called “The Pool” or “The Pool Place” near 17th Avenue in Miami, where she told him that her name was “Marianne” or “Mary Ann”. The two then met again a few days later at another bar in Overtown, where she accepted a lift home to Liberty City from Samuel. Marianne apparently told Samuel that she lived with several roommates and that she had a boyfriend called “Wes”.

When the pair arrived at Marianne’s residence, one of the roommates asked if they could get them some shaving cream. So Samuel and Marianne then returned to his car and drove north on Highway 27. Samuel said he then killed her on the driveway, potentially close to a sugarcane field.

Samuel then continued to drive with her corpse until he reached Everglades, more specifically Alligator Alley, where he drove down a dirt road that led to a swamp or a river. It was here that he dragged the victim’s body 200 yards before leaving her body in thick, muddy water.

Samuel has said that he does not believe that her body has been found due to the lack of news coverage.

Marianne’s body has never been recovered or identified, but police consider Sameul’s confession to be honest and truthful, and are still investigating his claims.

Samuel Little killed up to 90 women between the years 1970 and 2005, most of the women were involved in drugs or prostitution. He has been convicted of 8 murders in three different states and has been linked to 61 additional murders.

Do you know who Marianne was?

Sketch of Marianne. Credit: Unidentified Awareness Fandom


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