Yesenia Nugaray Becerra

On the 1st of May, 2003, the body of a female was discovered behind the back of Carrows restaurant in Castro Valley, California. A rag had been shoved down her throat which caused her to asphyxiate, which in turn caused her death. Her body had been wrapped in plastic and also shoved into a duffel bag.

In 2006, the TV show 48 hours covered the case. Someone called into the show saying that they had seen this young girl with Miguel Angel Nunez-Castaneda around Castro Valley. When the police were alerted to this tip, they immediately went to question Miguel, but he had already gone.

Three days into the investigation, Yesenia Nugaray Becerra’s mother, Maria Del Carman, showed investigators photos of a young girl who resembled Jane Doe. Using DNA testing, Jane Doe was later identified as being Yesenia Nugaray Becerra.

Maria told investigators that Yesenia left her home in Yahualica, Mexico on the 14th of March 2003 to go and live in Southern California. She was staying with a family friend – Miguel Angel Nunez Castaneda. After she stopped receiving communication from Yesenia, she became concerned for her well-being but was unsure of how to look for her.

Miguel is the prime suspect in Yesenia’s murder. Not only was she staying with him at the time of her death, but he was also a dishwasher at the Carrows restaurant which was close to where her body was found. Police believe that Miguel killed Yesenia after she turned down his advances as she viewed him as more of a brother.

A warrant for Miguel’s arrest has been issued, but his whereabouts are still unknown. He could be living in either the United States or Mexico.

Yesenia Nungaray. Credit: Unidentified Awareness Fandom


Murder, Homicide, Castro Valley, California, 2003, Identified, Fugitive, Criminal on the Run, Wanted, True Crime, Yesenia Nungaray, the 2000s, Miguel Castaneda

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