Heul Girl (Heulmeisje)

On the 24th of October, 1976, the body of a young girl was discovered in a wooded area around the parking lot “De Heul” on the A12 near Maarsbergen, Netherlands. Her naked body was found underneath a pile of leaves.

A year before the girl’s body was found, in 1975, a different girl went missing around the same area. The body was then mistaken for being hers, and she was buried under the missing girl’s name up until 2006. That is when the girl that disappeared came forward and said she had been living in Germany all that time. The investigation into Heul Girl’s death was then subsequently reopened.

Her body was analysed and she was estimated to be between 13 and 15 years old at the time of her death. For the first seven years of her life, she must have lived in Germany (Eifel to Ruhr area). Around 1975, a year before she was found dead, she was possibly living in East Germany or Eastern Europe. Before she died, she could have either been living in Germany or the Netherlands.

The girl had a very unbalanced diet in the weeks leading up to her death and could have possibly even suffered from hunger.

Heul Girl is described as having light skin, auburn to chestnut brown hair, no fillings and a slim build. It is estimated that she was born between the years 1960 and 1964. She stood at around 5″3′. Her cause of death has never been made public.

Do you recognise her?

Reconstruction of Jane Doe. Credit: Unidentified Awareness Fandom


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