Evi Anna Rauter

On the 4th of September 1990, the body of a young woman was found hanged in a pine tree next to a local cemetery in Portbou, Spain. A working crew had passed through the area just moments before her body was found, but they said that they did not see her body in the tree.

Police started searching through any leads they could, including one that she may have been seen on a terrace with two boys the previous days. This lead, and many others, became fruitless. However, the woman was wearing salopettes pants, and as they did not originate from Spain nor were they sold in the country, investigators started to believe that she was not from Spain. Despite this, the police still could not find a reason as to why she would want to come to Spain to end her own life, nor did this bring them any closer to finding her true identity.

Several efforts were made over the years by the Spanish police to try and exhume her body for testing, but these efforts were often met with restrictions from judges.

In May 2022, the woman was formally identified as 19-year-old Evi Anna Rauter who was originally from Florence, Italy.

As her identification is still very fresh, new details surrounding her death will probably emerge within the next few months.

Evi Anna Rauter. Credit: Unidentified Awareness Fandom


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