Megan McDonald

20-year-old Megan McDonald left her job at a cafe in the Galleria mall in Wallkill, New York, on the 13th of March 2003. Megan went out with her friends later that night in Middletown and was last seen at around 12:15am outside of a party in the neighbourhood of Greenway Terrace, in Wallkill. Megan did not go into the party at Greenway Terrace and instead was last seen walking down Cindy Lane.

At around 12:30am, a resident in the Kensington Manor apartments in Wallkill heard music blaring from a car that was coming down Freezer Road into the complex. The resident decided to have a look out of the window as it was such loud music, and so late at night. She saw a white Mercury Sable, which was later identified to be Megan’s car, being closely followed by a dark hatchback, potentially a Honda Civic, which was playing the loud music. Just a few moments after passing the window, both cars drive past the resident’s window a second time.

At 8am the next morning, a different resident from the Kensington Manor apartments found Megan’s car parked strangely at the back of the complex.

Throughout the 14th and 15th of March, Megan had not been in contact with anyone. Her friends and family had been trying to message and call her all day but to no avail. When they found out Megan had not turned up to work that day as she normally would, the efforts to get in contact with her became even more frantic.

At around 1pm, on March the 15th, Megan’s body was discovered in a field off Bowser Road. She had been beaten to death. Although her gravestone says she died on the 15th of March, investigators believe that she most likely passed in the early hours of March the 14th.

Megan McDonald. Credit: New York State Police

Over the years since Megan’s death, the police have followed over 800 leads and conducted hundreds of interviews. However, in a 2022 interview with record online, the police have said that they have never been closer to catching Megan’s killer then they are today.

Whilst the State Police have not released the name of their prime suspect, they have revealed more information about him, with the hopes of members of the public coming forward with information regarding Megan’s case to ensure a stronger conviction.

Several residents of Orange County feel that the police are overlooking the real killer in Megan’s case, a former ex-boyfriend of hers. However, State Police Investigators have said that the ex-boyfriend in question has been cleared of all suspicion in the case.

Some residents have also said that Megan’s death was the result of a drug deal gone wrong, but police are certain that Megan was not involved in a drug deal.

State Police said that once they started focusing on the man who is now their prime suspect, all the locations that had no connection to Megan’s former boyfriend (Greenway Terrace, Kensington Manor apartments and the remote field on Bowser Road), all made perfect sense. It’s as if everything fit together perfectly.

Megan’s killer was known to her, and she had a relationship with him that wasn’t widely known about.

Investigators believe that Megan picked up a friend who travelled in the front seat of the car after leaving Greenway Terrace. It was after that she was followed by the hatchback with blaring music to Kensington Manor apartments, where the suspect then entered the backseat of Megan’s car. The police then say Megan drove to the field on Bowser Road, which is a popular area for kids to drink and smoke weed, with the intention of ending the relationship with the man in the back seat.

It is important to note that the front-seat passenger, who died a few years ago, is not a suspect and is instead known to police as the second victim due to witnessing Megan being viciously beaten to death.

The FBI’s Behavioural Analytical Unit has said that the prime suspect most likely suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Narcissistic Personality Disorder is defined as a constant need for admiration, a lack of empathy for others, interpersonal exploitive behaviour, and a high sense of self-importance. To read more about the signs of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, click here.

Investigators believe that when Megan ended the relationship, it hurt his ego so much that he lashed out and swung a blunt object at Megan over and over again until she was dead.

After Megan had died, the suspect then placed her in the field, before either he or the front seat passenger drove her car back to Kensington Manor Apartments.

Megan McDonald. Credit: NBC News

Police have said that at the time of Megan’s death, the suspect was a very intimidating individual, and would most likely have manipulated his friends and the women that he dated. Because of this, people were scared of him, and would not have been likely to come forward with information.

However, investigators say that he no longer has that “power” that he used to, and that people are much less likely to be scared of him and are more likely to come forward with information.

Megan’s family have called the killer “the coward”, due to the fact that he attacked her from behind and not face to face.

What a coward. What a loser that he couldn’t intimidate or threaten Megan and that he had to attack her from the shadows.” Says James Whalen, Megan’s brother in law.

Physical, forensic and circumstantial evidence place Megan in the driver’s seat. Just recently the suspect’s DNA was linked to another very important piece of evidence that was found in Megan’s car.

The hatchback that was following Megan’s car that night blaring loud music was also the same style of car that the suspect owned at the time of her murder.

The next year marks 20 years since Megan was murdered, and her sister, Karen, has said that they refuse to let the coward remains free for longer than she was alive. “Next year’s headline is going to be: 20th anniversary sees the coward in jail.”

If you have any information regarding Megan’s case, please contact the New York State Police at 845-344-5370 or email them at

Megan McDonald. Credit: NBC News


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