Charles Allen Jr. (Neo Babson Maximus)

22-year-old Charles Allen Jr, who changed his name to Neo Babson Maximus sometime in August 2007, was last seen in Dartmouth, Massachusetts on the 12th of October 2007.

At the time of his disappearance, Neo was in his senior year at UMass Dartmouth with a major in psychology, and he lived in an off-campus apartment in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Neo is described by family and friends as an intelligent man who enjoys playing online games. Neo was obsessed with tennis and believed that one day he would be a professional tennis player.

The reason Neo decided to change his name is that “Neo” is the name of the main character in “The Matrix” films, and also his name in “Half-Life”, a first-person shooter video game that he enjoyed playing. “Maximus” was the name of the main character in the film “Gladiator”, and “Babson” was his mother’s maiden name.

Neo struggled with bipolar disorder, which sometimes caused him to have manic episodes. It has been reported that he was not taking his medication and was confused and paranoid at the time of his disappearance.

On the 11th of October 2007, Neo missed a planned lunch date with his father, but the pair spoke on the phone instead. Later that evening, Neo’s sister called him and asked why his Facebook profile had been removed. Neo denied removing his profile and instead told his sister that people were after him.

On the 13th of October 2003, at around 3:00am, Neo tried to break into a house in the area of College Lane, Dartmouth. When Neo was confronted by the homeowner, Neo said that he was looking for one of his college friends who he thought lived there. Neo then apologised, jumped out of the second-floor window, and then ran away into the woods.

Neo has not been seen or heard from since.

Charles Allen Jr. (Neo Babson Maximus). Credit: Disappeared Blog

Neo’s car, a blue 1999 Ford Expedition with a Maryland license plate, was found abandoned on the university’s campus a few days after his disappearance.

On the 14th of October, Neo’s backpack which contained his school supplies was located in Slocum Road yard, next to UMass Dartmouth. Three days later, his shoes were discovered in a wooded area near Chase Road.

Neo’s keys, credit cards and mobile phone were with him when he went missing. There has been no activity on his bank or on his phone since he disappeared.

Neo’s family and police have searched homeless shelters and hostels for him, but they have never found anything. A sighting of someone who matched Neo’s description near the Dartmouth Mall and Wal-Mart also gave no results.

Before he went missing, Neo left his parents a couple of voicemails saying that he was going South to either Florida or Texas, but authorities never found any evidence to suggest that he travelled to either state.

Police have not found any evidence, motive, or means to suggest that Neo was met with foul play. Instead, they believe that he walked off on his own accord, but do think that his bipolar disorder may have contributed to his disappearance.

Neo is still classed as a missing person, and the circumstances surrounding his disappearance are still unclear to his family and the police.

If you have any information about Neo’s disappearance, or if you recognise him, please contact the Dartmouth Police Department at (508) 997-9900.

Charles Allen Jr. (Neo Babson Maximus). Credit: Disappeared Blog


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