Heather Hodges

Heather Hodges was reported missing on the 11th of April 2012, just two days after she was last seen by family members. She was reported missing by her boyfriend at the time, Paul Reivens “Scooter” Jordan II.

Paul claimed that at around 10:30pm on the night of the 9th of April, he left the home that the couple shared together in Rocky Mount, Virginia, to go to a nearby Dairy Queen to get Heather a Blizzard. When he returned around 10 minutes later, he said that Heather had disappeared.

Heather’s family have said that as she had a two-year-old daughter at the time, who she loved and cherished, Heather would not have disappeared of her own accord. Her family have also said that her relationship with Paul was “controlling and abusive”, and had been that way for many years. This is not only concerned with her family but also with the investigators who were investigating her case.

Whilst Heather did have a history of disappearing for a couple of days at a time, she would always check in on her child and her family. Heather has not been seen or heard from since her disappearance, and her whereabouts still remain unknown 10 years after she went missing.

Heather Hodges. Credit: WFIR News

When the authorities first started looking into her disappearance, they recognised that there were no signs that Heather had any plans to leave or disappear. None of her personal belongings was missing, and there were no signs that she left with a friend or on her own.

Heather’s family strongly believes that Paul murdered Heather that night and disposed of her body somewhere. The police also believed for years that foul play was involved, and they said that they did have a suspect in the case, but they never formally identified the suspect.

However, in April of this year (2022), Paul was indicted on murder charges related to Heather’s disappearance by grand jury. Paul was charged with second-degree murder and concealing a dead body.

Investigators have said that Paul was arrested in an unrelated incident in July 2017, and then plead guilty to abduction by force or intimidation in June 2018 where he was sentenced to 10 years in jail. It was during this time that investigators were able to gather additional information that linked Paul to Heather’s death and disappearance.

Heather’s family were pleased with the news of Paul’s indictment.

There’s never been any doubt in my mind that it was him.” Crystal Songer, Heather’s sister, told Roanoke television station WDBJ.

Despite the news that Paul has been indicted for her murder, Heather’s body has never been found.

Heather Hodges. Credit: Stories of the Unsolved


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