Colleen Elizabeth Perris

On the 30th of September 2000, at around 3:00pm, 18-year-old Colleen Elizabeth Perris received a phone call on her mobile phone. After the call, she left her parent’s house, which was near Flamingo Boulevard and Sunrise Boulevard in Plantation, Florida.

Colleen told her parents that she was going to go to Coral Springs, Florida, for a while but planned to return between 5:30pm and 6:00pm as she had planned to attend a Florida Marlins baseball game with her family that evening.

Since leaving her parent’s house, Colleen has not been seen or heard from again.

Colleen Elizabeth Perris. Credit: The Charley Project

Colleen’s car, a two-door white 1994 Mazda MX-6, was discovered in a Tamarac, Florida, shopping centre just a few days later on the 6th of October. Colleen’s car has the Florida licence plate D48-PIE, a sunroof, tinted windows, and dents behind the driver’s side door and rear wheel well.

Colleen’s car was found abandoned, with the doors locked and windows rolled up. Her mobile phone and purse were not inside the car. There was no indication of foul play at the scene where the car was found, but it had rained in the days before the car was located so any evidence or fingerprints located on the exterior of the car would have been washed away.

Colleen’s family were not sure as to why her car would have been parked at the shopping centre, and have said that it was extremely out of character for her just to leave without any warning. She had no history of running away.

All of Colleen’s personal items were left at her parent’s home, aside from her mobile phone and purse which have never been located. Colleen’s father still pays for the phone and leaves a message every time he calls the number.

At the time of her disappearance, Colleen was working part-time as a waitress at a restaurant. She had saved up $1,000 in her bank. Colleen had also brought plane tickets for a holiday to Colorado in the December of 2000, but those plane tickets have never been used. She also planned to take a cruise at a later date.

Colleen’s family have described her as being shy, yet a free-spirited and strong-willed woman who loved singing, playing the piano, playing darts, going bowling and playing billiards. She didn’t really like to drive, she got her nails done very frequently and preferred dating men who were older than her.

Colleen dropped out of Plantation High School, despite having been an excellent student. She later re-enrolled at the school and took summer classes, and was supposed to receive her diploma just a short time after she went missing.

Colleen’s friends told authorities that she used LSD and Ecstasy, and said that it was Colleen’s uncle who was supplying them to her. Colleen’s friends also said that he was trying to get Colleen a role in a pornographic film. Colleen’s uncle has denied supplying her drugs or having anything to do with a pornographic film, and there is no evidence to support these claims.

It was also said that Colleen was planning on visiting her uncle the day she went missing, but her uncle said that he hadn’t arranged for her to come over.

Authorities have been trying to trace the call that Colleen received at 3pm on the day she went missing, but have had no luck. It is unknown if the call is related to Colleen’s disappearance.

Over the years, investigators have received several unconfirmed sightings of Colleen in the states of California and Alabama, and even in the Bahamas. But Colleen’s disappearance is still unsolved.

Authorities do not believe that Colleen left on her own accord, but they are unsure of the exact circumstances that led to Colleen going missing. Colleen was declared legally dead in November 2007.

If Colleen is still alive today, she would be 40 years old. She is described as having blonde hair with red highlights, hazel eyes and a large tattoo of a multicoloured butterfly on her back. She also has Chinese characters tattooed on her right ankle and an unspecified tattoo on her left ankle. Colleen had her ears, tongue and belly button pierced. Colleen was known to dye her hair, and her hair is naturally curly but she often straightens it.

At the time of her disappearance, Colleen was 5″2′ and weighed 95 pounds. It is unknown exactly what she was wearing, but she would normally be wearing jeans, a t-shirt and platform shoes. She was wearing blue earrings.

If you have any information on Colleen’s whereabouts or any information about her disappearance, please contact the Plantation Police Department at 954-797-2118.

Colleen age progressed to 38. Credit: Missing Alert / National Center for Missing and Exploited Children


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