Cheryl is the name given to an unidentified teenager who was found dead in a river in Nashville on the 24th of March 1976.

Her body was found within 24 hours of her death, and her cause of death has been ruled as drowning, but the manner in which she drowned is undetermined. She also had some cuts and bruises visible on her body.

Cheryl’s pants had been unbuttoned and she was not wearing a top when she was found. It was discovered that she had engaged in sexual activity days before she died, but it is not known whether this was consensual or not.

Cheryl was found to be carrying a photograph of an unidentified white, blonde-haired boy with “Little Charley” written on the back, along with a phone number. Authorities called the number which led them to 24-year-old Charles Moore from East Nashville, also known as “Big Charley”. Charles Moore is not the boy in the photograph.

Charles explained to the authorities that nine days before Cheryl was found deceased, he and his brother-in-law picked up the teenager who was using the name “Cheryl” or “Sherry” along Interstate 24 with another teenage female who is described as being a slender, white and having sandy-blonde hair, wire-rimmed glasses and scars on her wrist.

They told Charles and his brother-in-law that they had run away from a treatment facility in or around the Twin Cities in Minnesota. The sandy-blonde-haired girl was admitted for being suicidal, and “Sherry”/”Cheryl” had been admitted for being a recovering alcoholic. They claimed that they were travelling to Haines City, Florida, to meet the blonde-haired girl’s husband. The true identity of these females has never been discovered.

Charles gave Cheryl his name and phone number, and as she had no paper, she used the photograph as a substitute.

Cheryl’s body was found over 90 miles away from where Charles dropped her off, and in the wrong direction from where she said they were heading. Charles and his brother-in-law have since been ruled out by police as being persons of interest.

Cheryl is described as being a Hispanic/Native American woman between the ages of 14 and 17. She was 5″2′, weighed between 120pounds to 130pounds, and had brown hair and brown eyes. She had a lot of dental work, mostly consisting of fillings, and her left upper canine was oddly positioned. Cheryl also had a mole close to her left eye, on or around the temple, and she had burns on her arms which may have come from cigarettes. She also had large breasts for her age.

Cheryl was found wearing a white bra, blue jeans, a rawhide bracelet, a choker-style necklace with white beads and a dove pendant. She had a black comb, a nickel, and a photograph of a young blonde boy in her possession. A blue blouse was later discovered in the water, but it is unknown if this belonged to her.

The female with blonde hair who was said to be accompanying her has never been located or identified.

Do you know who Cheryl really is?

Reconstruction of Cheryl. Credit: Unidentified Awareness Fandom / National Center for Missing and Exploited Children


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