Jack Littleton Robinson

On August the 17th, 1996, sixty-five-year-old Jack Robinson was seen at the Rosewood Boat Landing in Olympia, South Carolina. He was seen with an unidentified man. The two men allegedly had an argument, which tragically resulted in Jack being stabbed.

Sadly, Jack passed away due to the injuries he sustained.

The police did have a suspect in Jack’s murder but in 2003 the charges against the suspect were dropped. Jack’s case still remains unsolved.

Witnesses have described the man who stabbed Jack as a Hispanic male with an olive complexion between 42 and 52. He was around 5″2′, weighed 150-180lbs, and had black hair and a moustache. This man has never been identified.

Sketch of the unidentified man. Credit: Unsolved Mysteries Fandom / Richland County Sheriff

Do you know who was responsible for Jack’s murder?

Jack L Robinson. Credit: Unsolved Mysteries Fandom


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