Hang Lee

On the 12th of January, 1993, 17-year-old Hang Lee went to visit Mark Wallace for a job interview in St.Paul, Minnesota. Hang Lee told her brother before leaving to search for her if she didn’t return home.

Hang Lee’s friend, Nikki Lee (who is no relation to Hang) was the last person to see Hang Lee. Nikki recanted her story about Hang’s disappearance several times, and ultimately became uncooperative with the police and hired an attorney.

Mark Wallace is the prime suspect in Hang Lee’s disappearance. He has a history of sex crimes, and one of his victims was lured to him after he offered her a job interview. Mark Wallace ultimately ended up being uncooperative with authorities and hired an attorney.

Authorities do not have any concrete evidence to link Mark to Hang’s disappearance, but it is strongly believed that he was involved in her disappearance. Foul play is highly suspected.

At the time of her disappearance, Hang Lee was wearing black jeans, a black t-shirt with “skid row” written on the back of it and a black leather jacket. She was 5″0′, weighed 90lbs, and had brown eyes with black hair (her bangs were dyed red). Hang could speak both English and Hmong.

Hang Lee has been missing for 29 years. Do you know where she is?

Hang Lee. Credit: Unidentified Awareness Fandom


Unsolved, Missing, Missing Person, Missing Woman, St. Paul, Minnesota, 1993, Disappearance, Disappeared, True Crime, Mystery, Foul Play

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