New Orleans Jane Doe (1991)

On December 14th, 1991, the body of an unidentified African-American woman was found near the Behram Highway in Algiers, which is located in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The woman was around 5″2′, weighed 125lbs and had protruding front teeth. It is thought she was between 20-23 years old at the time of her death. Some investigators believe that she may have been a prostitute.

The woman had died due to strangulation, and because of this many investigators on her case believe that she was the fourth victim of a serial killer who strangled his victims and then leaves their bodies in trash dump sites.

Victor Grant and Russell Ellwood have since been identified as possible suspects in the woman’s murder, but her true identity still remains unknown.

Do you know who this Jane Doe is?

A sketch of what the woman may have looked like in life. Credit: Unsolved Mysteries Fandom


Unsolved, Unidentified, Murder, Homicide, Jane Doe, New Orleans, 1991, Cold Case, Mystery, True Crime

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