Lynda Law Jones

20-year-old Lynda Law Jones and her 18-month-old son disappeared from their Midwest City home in Oklahoma on the 15th of March, 1976.

Lynda’s son was later found walking around a grocery store, completely unharmed. Lynda’s glasses, which she couldn’t see without, were found in the parking lot of the same grocery store – but there was no trace of Lynda anywhere.

However, just 8 days after Lynda was reported missing, a couple who were on a walk discovered Lynda’s body face down in a ditch. She had been strangled to death.

Due to the condition of Lynda’s body when she was found, the police believe that she was killed shortly after she went missing.

There have been several theories about who was responsible for Lynda’s murder, and why she was even killed in the first place.

The first theory is that Lynda was murdered because her husband, Gary had witnessed a murder whilst in prison for drug trafficking, and he testified in the trial as a witness to the murder. Lynda was then murdered as retribution for Gary testifying.

Another theory is that the people with who Gary had been involved in drug trafficking had taken and killed Lynda.

Regardless of the theories, Lynda’s family believes that Gary truly knows what happened to Lynda, even if he didn’t kill her himself.

Gary and Lynda’s relationship was known to have been rocky, and one source of constant upset in the marriage was the fact that Gary’s brother, Wayne, lived with the couple.

There are differing reports as to whether Wayne, who worked at the same company as his brother Gary, was actually at work on the morning that Lynda disappeared or whether he was at home.

Lynda’s family also found it strange that Gary and Wayne rented a carpet cleaner and cleaned the entire home with it despite just moving into the home a few days before. Lynda was also missing at this stage and had not yet been found.

Lynda’s murder has been unsolved for 46 years. It’s time that Lynda’s family gets the justice they deserve.

Do you know who was responsible for Lynda’s murder?

Lynda Law Jones. Credit: Facebook / The Vine


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