Jenna Ruth Van Geldren

Jenna Ruth Van Geldren, 25, had studied at Georgia Gwinnett College for three years before dropping out and transferring to Gwinnett Technical College where she earned a certificate in office administration in 2016. Jenna was also diagnosed with autism in 2016, after previously being diagnosed with a nonverbal learning difficulty in elementary school. Due to her autism, Jenna could sometimes be overly trusting of other people.

In February 2017, Jenna was fired from her first full-time job at a pet shop after she stole $3,000 from the store. Jenna was charged with a misdemeanour for the theft, and her parents believe that the money was for the friends she had been hanging out with who, in their opinion, took advantage of Jenna and did not have her best interests at heart.

Due to the theft, Jenna’s father decided to access her phone records. This made Jenna very angry, and she moved out of her parent’s home and refused to tell them where she was living. Police later discovered that she had been renting a room from a friend and that she had brought a secondary phone that was not on her parent’s mobile phone plan so that she was able to communicate with her friends without her parents ever knowing.

Jenna was last seen on the 19th of August, 2017, at her parent’s home in Druid Hills, Atlanta, Georgia. She was house-sitting for her parents who were in Canada. Jenna sent her last text at 2:00am to a friend saying that she was going to lie down.

Jenna has not been seen or heard from since. She left the lights and television on, the doors to the house unlocked and she had not fed her parent’s elderly cat.

Jenna. Credit: International Missing Persons Wiki

Jenna’s boyfriend claimed to have spoken to her the night before she disappeared and said that it was then that the pair ended their relationship. He also said that Jenna had a drug addiction and was working as a prostitute, but these claims have never been supported by anyone else.

A handmade Egyptian tapestry that was a family heirloom from Jenna’s grandparents was missing from the home. It had been removed from its frame, and a section of the glass had been cut off and replaced. Despite it being from the 1940s, it was not overly expensive or worth very much.

Jenna’s car, a 2010 dark blue Mazda 6, was also missing. Her car was seen in Atlanta, Georgia at around 7:45am the next day, but her phone pinged from Fairburn, Georgia at the same time.

Her car was found on the 5th of September 2017 just 7 miles away from her parent’s home in Defoor Place. The car was almost out of gas, and the driver’s seat had been pushed back which indicates that someone much taller than Jenna had been driving the car.

Jenna’s suitcase, shoes, wallet and glasses were all found inside the car. Police also found shoes and a charger that belong to an unknown person inside the car. Neither of Jenna’s mobile phones was found inside the car which means that they are still missing. One phone is a T-mobile registered in her father’s name, and the other phone was an android phone that was registered in Jenna’s name.

Jenna did not pay her rent for September, and her roommate told the police that he was planning on throwing out her belongings. The roommate also would not allow police to search the apartment, but he has not been named a suspect in Jenna’s disappearance.

Jenna’s family think that she may be being held somewhere against her will as she was a very regimented person and it is extremely out of character for her to just disappear.

At the time of her disappearance, Jenna was 25 years old. She was wearing a green t-shirt with the words “San Antonio” on the front, black yoga pants and potentially a black spaghetti strap top. She had black hair, both ears pierced, a star of David tattoo on her upper thigh and her eyes are almond-shaped and brown in colour. Jenna is 4″11′ and 140lbs. She has autism which may make her trust and befriend people quickly. Jenna is classed as endangered missing.

Do you know where Jenna is?

Jenna. Credit: Facebook / Help Find Jenna Van Gelderen


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