Sheryl Ann Tillinghast

Sheryl Ann Tillinghast was a 17-year-old girl who was employed in the laundry room at Wassaic State School, located in Wassaic, New York in September 1973.

Sheryl was originally from Phelps, New York, but was sent to a reform school after pleading guilty to the possession of marijuana charge. The reform school burnt down, so Sheryl got transferred to Wassaic school.

Although she had graduated the school, Sheryl did not want to return to her family home because of the physical and verbal abuse she received at home. Sheryl did, however, maintain regular contact with her family and prior to her disappearance had told her family members that she was planning to come and visit for her mother’s birthday. Sheryl had also told her older sister that she had got a car, and the pair were planning on moving to California together.

Sheryl was last seen on the 24th of September, 1973, in Wassaic, New York.

Sheryl Ann Tillinghast. Credit: NBC News

When Sheryl didn’t return home as planned, her mother called the school and informed her that Sheryl no longer wanted to come home. Sheryl’s mother then presumed that she had left on her own accord, made no effort to try and find Sheryl and didn’t even report her as a missing person.

Sheryl left behind all of her belongings, including two paychecks that were worth up to $150 in total. There has been no activity on her social security number, bank accounts or the department of motor vehicles. There have also been no records of her getting married, having a child, or any sightings of her since 1973.

Sheryl’s mother passed away in 1996, but it wasn’t until 1998 that Sheryl’s siblings realised that Sheryl hadn’t even been reported missing. Sheryl’s siblings are still looking for her.

There are rumours that Sheryl was in a relationship with a man who worked in the laundry room, and his family were administrators at the school. The month before Sheryl disappeared, she had called the police after having been assaulted by a man, presumably the same man she was in a relationship with. The man’s bail was posted for by a relative, and the court date was set for October 1973, a month after Sheryl had gone missing.

Foul play is highly suspected in Sheryl’s case, though she has never been found dead or alive.

Do you know where Sheryl is?

Sheryl is age-progressed to 60 years old. Credit: Daily Voice


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