Crystal Lynn Soulier

Crystal Lynn Soulier was an 18-year-old girl who lived in Shell Lake, Wisconsin.

Crystal went missing in October 1996, after she went to visit her grandmother who lived in Beloit via the bus. She never made it to her grandmother’s house.

The last contact that Crystal had with her family is when she called her grandmother from a bus station in Madison. Crystal had to wait several hours for her next bus, and she didn’t want to wait, so she called her grandmother to see if she could pick her up. Her grandmother was unable to pick her up, but the police believe that someone offered Crystal a ride.

The police would like to find out who offered a ride to Crystal.

On March the 20th 1997, a badly decomposed female body was discovered behind an adult bookstore in Rock County, Wisconsin. The body was so badly decomposed that the police were unable to positively ID Jane Doe.

It wasn’t until Crystal’s sister saw a poster about the unidentified body and recognised the jewellery that was found with the body as Crystal’s.

In September 2000, it was confirmed that the Jane Doe who had been found behind the adult book store was Crystal Soulier.

Crystal’s cause of death has not been made public, and the person responsible for her murder is still unknown.

It is thought that her case might be linked to the disappearance of Sara Bushland, as the two girls knew each other and attended the same parties. This is only speculation, however, as no link has ever been confirmed between the cases.

Do you know anything about Crystal’s murder?

Crystal’s missing poster. Credit:


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