Sara Anne Bushland

Sara Anne Bushland is a 15-year-old girl who disappeared on the 3rd of April 1996 from Spooner, Wisconsin.

Sara was last seen leaving her school bus at the end of her family’s driveway at around 4pm. A dark-coloured pickup truck had been driving behind the school bus, and when Sara got off the school bus, the truck pulled up next to her.

Several witnesses on the bus say that from the body language Sara was showing, it was clear that she knew the driver. Some witnesses say that Sara was standing talking to the driver, whilst others say that she actually got into the truck. The truck then backed up into the driveway, before driving off in the direction of the town of Trego.

Sara’s mother and stepfather were not at home at 4pm when Sara should have been walking in from the school bus. But one of her stepbrothers was.

At 4:37pm, Sara’s stepbrother called his father and explained that Sara was not home yet. There was no real cause for concern at this stage, as they thought she was just at a friend’s house. It was the last day of school before spring break and the first day that Sara was ungrounded as she had been grounded for several weeks.

When it reached 6:20pm, and Sara had still not returned home, Sara’s mum returned to the family home and started calling all of Sara’s friends to see if she was with any of them. When she realised that Sara was not with any of her friends and that nobody had seen or heard from her, she began driving around the local area looking for her.

Sara has not been seen or heard from again since getting off the school bus on the 3rd of April 1996. Her whereabouts, to this day, are still unknown.

Sara Bushland. Credit: Unidentified Wiki

Sara’s stepfather and mother, along with authorities, initially believed that Sara had just run away. But, Sara did not take any money, clothing or personal belongings with her, and she had no record of running away in the past. Sara’s father and older sister never believed that she had run away.

Sara’s parents divorced when she was a toddler, and her parents had joint custody of both her and her sister during their younger childhoods. In 1990, both Sara and her older sister moved to Colorado with their father. But after being caught shoplifting and being grounded, Sara decided to move back to Wisconsin to live with her mother, stepfather and two older stepbrothers.

At the time of Sara’s disappearance, there was some tension in the household. Sara had accused her stepbrothers of sexual abuse, and she was thinking about moving back in with her father and older sister.

Sara had become friends with a group of people who were older than her when she moved to Wisconsin, and she had started to date a 21-year-old man. Many people suspect that the 21-year-old man was driving the truck that was behind the school bus on the day that Sara went missing.

The 21-year-old man did admit that he and Sara had lunch together on the day that she went missing, but that he dropped her off at school in time for her afternoon classes and that was the last time he saw her.

Sara’s family believes that she was hurt by someone that she knew, as they do not believe she would have gotten into a stranger’s vehicle.

Sara has never been found dead or alive, but authorities believe that she is deceased. No suspects have ever been formerly named in Sara’s case.

Do you know what happened to Sara?

Stay up to date with Sara’s case by following a Facebook Page that is dedicated to her case – Find Sara Bushland.

Sara Bushland. Credit: Facebook / Find Sara Bushland


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