Tymon Joseph Emily

Tymon Joseph Emily (or T.J. Emily) was an 18-year-old man who had been found murdered in a vacant, burned-out business building in St. Louis, Missouri, on the 7th of March 1992.

Tymon’s skeletal remains were found by workers who were removing gas service to the building. There was no form of ID on him, and he was not positively ID’d until March the 25th, 2022, which was actually the 32nd anniversary of his disappearance.

Forensic Reconstruction Image of Tymon before he was identified. Credit: Unidentified Wiki / National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Tymon’s ribs showed signs of being stabbed, and his cause of death is ruled as homicide by stabbing.

Tymon had been last seen by his family in Montgomery City, Missouri on the 25th of March 1990. He had left because he was going to visit his uncle in St. Louis.

Unfortunately, very little has been made public about Tymon and his early life. All that is known is that he was stabbed to death and that the police have never caught the person responsible for his murder.

At the time of his death, Tymon was wearing: a black raincoat, a blue zipper jacket, a pink shirt, striped Fruit of the Loom boxers in size 30-32, blue jeans, white socks, a white t-shirt with the logo “Myrtle Beach” embroidered on it, one white shoe, two black rubber boots, and a shoe insole size 8.5-9.

It is believed that Tymon was heading to his uncle’s house on foot, and is thought to have been stabbed 1-3 years before he was found. This would place his death at around the same time he went missing.

Do you know anything about Tymon’s murder?

Tymon Joseph Emily. Credit: Unidentified Wiki
Tymon Joseph Emily. Credit: Unidentified Wiki


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