Marcia Lenore Sossoman (King)

Marcia Lenore Sossoman (King) was a young woman who was found murdered in Troy, Miami County, Ohio on the 24th of April 1981. However, until April the 9th 2018, she was only known as the “Buckskin Girl” as they were unable to formally identify her.

Marcia was originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, and she was last seen by some of her family members in 1980. No missing person report was filed on Marcia when she went missing, as she was either 19 or 20 years old when she left home.

Despite not being officially reported missing, Marcia’s family never stopped looking for her. Marcia’s mother remained at the same house, with the same phone number, in case Marcia ever came home.

Marcia had been travelling across the United States, with some witnesses saying they saw her in places such as parks and bars.

Sadly, Marcia was murdered in Troy, Ohio. She had died from strangulation and she had been beaten very badly. Some sources say that she was found in the fetal position, whilst others say that she was face down. There was no evidence of a sexual assault.

At the time of her death, Marcia was wearing a buckskin poncho, which appeared to be handmade. She was also wearing a purple and orange patterned turtleneck sweater and wrangler bell-bottom jeans. Her hair was in two plaits. She was not wearing any shoes, and she had no jewellery on her.

A reconstruction image of what Marcia looked like at the time of her death. Credit: Unidentified Wiki
The clothes Marcia was wearing at the time of her death. Credit: Cincinnati Enquirer

Marcia is thought to have been the first victim of a serial killer who killed at least nine other women in the Ohio area up to 2004. Many of the victims were not wearing shoes or jewellery when discovered. It is possible that this serial killer may have been a trucker.

It is important to note, however, that Marcia’s murder happened years before the other murders happened more often.

Marcia was identified in April 2018, by the DNA Doe Project. They used forensic genetic genealogy to identify the deceased’s potential relatives in the free database known as GEDmatch. Within just four hours of research, a match was made in Marcia’s case.

This was the first identification made by the DNA Doe Project.

Despite being able to positively ID Marcia, the police have still not been able to find her killer. They are still investigating Marcia’s case, but at this time there are no persons of interest or suspects.

Marcia remains buried at the Riverside Cemetry in Troy, Ohio. Her headstone reads her name as Marcia L. Sossoman (King).

Hopefully one day we will find out who is responsible for Marcia’s death.

Marcia King. Credit: Wikipedia


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