Arianna Fitts

Arianna Fitts was just 2-years-old when she, and her mother Nicole Fitts who was 32 years old, went missing from San Fransisco, California. The pair were reported missing on the 5th of April 2016.

Nicole Fitts was last seen on the 1st of April, after receiving a phone call to go and meet her daughter’s babysitter. It is believed that Nicole travelled from her job at a Best Buy store on Harrison Street by a Municipal Railway Vehicle on the Third Street Corridor at around 9:45pm. She was wearing a blue shirt.

Just 3 days after Arianna and Nicole were reported missing, a Gardner in John McLaren Park discovered a large piece of wood resting behind a clump of ivy-covered bushes with an odd silver character painted on it. Underneath the large piece of wood, the Gardner found the body of Nicole Fitts.

Nicole was found in the fetal position in a shallow grave. No other details about her death have been released, other than her death is classed as murder. As soon as Nicole’s body was found, the police started investigating the person who was looking after Arianna that evening.

Speaking to CNN, Arianna’s aunt and Nicole’s sister, Tess Fitts, said that Nicole would often have babysitters from the Oakland area look after Arianna if she had to work early morning or late night shifts at her job.

The police now think that the phone call Nicole received that evening was used to lure her out.

At a press conference in May 2016, the police named Helena and Devin Martin and Siolo Hearne as persons of interest in Arianna’s case, with the main focus being on Helena as she was Arianna’s main babysitter. The three of them apparently gave conflicting statements at the start of the investigation.

Arianna is still considered a missing child, and the police and FBI are still working on her case. They believe that Arianna was not with her mother, Nicole when she was murdered.

In 2021, the FBI released an image of what Arianna may look like now. If she is still alive, she would be 8 years old today.

Arianna Fitts age-progressed to 6 years old (she would be 8 today). Credit: / National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Arianna’s aunt, Tess Fitts, believes that Arianna is still alive. “I think Arianna was taken because someone wanted her. Someone fell in love with her and they wanted her as their own.”

The police and FBI are urging anyone with information about Nicole’s murder, or Arianna’s disappearance to come forward. If you recognise Arianna, or if you have the slightest bit of information, please contact your local FBI office or submit your tip to:

Let’s hope that one day those responsible for Nicole’s murder and Arianna’s disappearance are found, and brought to justice.

Arianna and Nicole Fitts. Credit:


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