Blaine Hector

Blaine Hector was a married 30-year-old stay-at-home father to his two children from Cornish, New Hampshire. He was attending Norwich University in Vermont and was also in the New Hampshire National Guard.

Blaine’s brother passed away during a truck accident in Saudi Arabia during the Persian Gulf War. Blaine became depressed about his brother’s passing, and he dropped out of the New Hampshire National Guard.

Blaine’s mother said that he had attended a doctor’s appointment about his depression, but he had walked out halfway through the appointment as he was not satisfied.

On December the 24th, 2001, Blaine went to his father’s home in Cornish, New Hampshire. He had taken a used Saab car from an auto dealer to show his father.

The owner of the dealership reported the car stolen, and when the police showed up at Blaine’s father’s house about the car, Blaine ran off into the woods behind his dad’s home.

This was the last time anyone saw or heard from Blaine.

Blaine Hector. Credit: Facebook / NH and VT Lostnmissing

There was an intensive search for Blaine in the forest to which he ran off, but no trace of him was ever found. A helicopter even searched for any sign of an “SOS” signal or a makeshift camp, but there were none.

Blaine’s family say that he was an accomplished outdoorsman, and had very good survival skills in the wilderness. But when Blaine took off into the forest, all he had with him was the clothes he was wearing.

Since his disappearance, Blaine’s bank accounts and social security number have been inactive.

After he went missing, Blaine’s wife divorced him on the grounds of abandonment.

Blaine’s father passed away in 2004, and Blaine’s family were sure that if he was still alive he would have come to his father’s funeral. Police staked out the funeral with the intention of seeing Blaine, but he never showed up to the funeral.

Blaine’s family believe that he ran away and started a new life, potentially in Canada, which is why there has been no activity on his bank accounts or social security number.

Some people believe that he may have run away because he was scared of the police, but many people, the police included, don’t think this is the case.

As of 2022, Blaine Hector is still a missing person. There is a warrant out for his arrest due to the car theft.

If he is still alive, he would be 51 years old.

Where is Blaine Hector?

Blaine Hector. Credit: Facebook / NH and VT Lostnmissing


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