Little Miss Panasoffkee

Little Miss Panasoffkee is the name given to an unidentified female body that was found floating in the water beneath the Lake Panasoffkee bridge in Florida on the 19th of February 1971.

She was believed to have been in her late teenage years or early 20s when she was killed, and she had been strangled to death with a man’s belt which was found still wrapped around her neck. The woman had no identification with her and is believed to have died a few weeks before being found.

Ten years later, Little Miss Panasoffkee’s body was exhumed. Forensic anthropologist Dr William Maples found that she had orthopaedic surgery on her right ankle, which was performed by drilling holes through the leg bone and winding the tendon through them. Dr Maples believes that whoever performed this surgery would remember doing it.

Forensic artist Linda Galeener then used x-rays and photographs of the woman’s skull to create composite sketches of her. Linda also made age-regressed images to show what the woman may have looked like at a younger age.

Little Miss Panasoffkee. Credit: Wikipedia

Little Miss Panasoffkee is estimated to be around 5″2′, weighed around 100lbs, and was approximately 20 years old at the time of her death. She had large amounts of dental work done, including crowns, caps and fillings. She had also given birth at least once in her lifetime.

Because of this police believe that she may have been cared for before her disappearance, left a family behind, or ran away.

In the Autumn of 2012, Little Miss Panasoffkee’s case was featured on a Greek TV show. One viewer called in and said that Little Miss Panasoffkee might be a woman named Konstantina. The viewer said that she and Konstantina both went to a school in Kifisia, a suburb of Athens, where they were taught home economics. Konstantina had a brother, who was serving in the Navy close to Lavrio.

The viewer said that she, along with Konstantina and some other girls, was part of a programme from the school that sent the girls to either the USA or Australia with a two-year contract for work. The viewer said she lost touch with Konstantina in 1970 after the caller went to Australia and Konstantina was sent to the US.

Also in 2012, a new analysis of the woman’s isotopes indicated that she had come from Southeastern Europe, more likely to Greece. The amount of lead that was found in her teeth suggested that she may have spent time, or have come from, the mining town of Lavrio, Greece.

As of 2022, Little Miss Panasoffkee’s true identity is still unknown.

Do you know who she is?

Little Miss Panasoffkee. Credit: Tampa Bay Times


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