Jodi Sue Huisentruit

Jodi Sue Huisentruit was born on the 5th of June 1968 in Long Prairie, Minnesota. She was the youngest daughter of Maurice and Imogene Huisentruit.

During her high school years, Jodi was exceptionally good at playing golf. So good in fact that Jodi and her team went on to win the state Class A tournament in golf in 1985 and 1986.

Jodi went on to study mass communications and speech communication at St. Cloud State University, and she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 1990. Jodi worked for Northwest Airlines, before starting her broadcasting career with CBS affiliate KGAN located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Jodi did return to Minnesota for a job with ABC affiliate KSAX in Alexandria, but she later returned to Iowa for a new job at CBS affiliate KIMT in Mason City, Iowa.

Jodi Huisentruit. Credit:

On June the 26th, 1995, Jodi spent the day playing golf in a tournament before going to her friend, John Vansice’s house to view a videotape that he had made of her birthday celebrations just a few weeks earlier.

Around 4:00am on the 27th of June, Amy Kuns, KIMT’s producer, realised that Jodi had not shown up to work as scheduled. Amy then proceeded to call Jodi’s apartment, and when Jodi answered she said that she had just overslept and was about to leave to go to the news station.

By 6:00am, Jodi still had not arrived at the station, so Amy filled in for Jodi’s section on the morning show Daybreak. At 7:00am, there was still no sign of Jodi, so the KIMT staff contacted the Mason City Police.

Police arrived at Jodi’s apartment, and they found her red Mazda Miata in the parking lot. There was evidence that a struggle had taken place near the car as Jodi’s personal items, including a bent car key, were found tossed around the area. Investigators also reported finding an unidentified palm print from her car.

Several of Jodi’s neighbours were interviewed, and they all said that they remember hearing screams around the time Jodi would have been leaving for work. A neighbour who lived close by also reported seeing a white van in the same parking lot as Jodi’s car with its lights on and engine running around the same time as the neighbours reported hearing the screams.

The van, or its driver, has never been identified.

In September 1995, Jodi’s family hired private investigators from McCarthy & Associates Investigative Services, INC (MAIS) which is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. MAIS also enlisted the help of private investigator Doug Jasa from Omaha, Nebraska.

The private investigators appeared on several TV shows, including America’s Most Wanted and Unsolved Mysteries.

In November 1995, the investigators and Jodi’s family travelled to Los Angeles, California to meet with three psychics. The meeting was used as the pilot for Psychic Detectives.

Whilst each TV appearance did generate some leads in Jodi’s case, none of the leads actually lead to any concrete evidence or identification of a suspect.

In May 2001, Jodi was declared legally dead.

Despite Jodie legally being declared dead, her family, police and lots of people worldwide have never stopped searching for her and the truth about what happened to her.

A website called was set up by former news director Gary Peterson and news anchor Josh Benson. The website is visited by thousands of people monthly and has hundreds of posts related to Jodi’s case. It even has a podcast that explores Jodi’s case in even more detail.

There is also a Facebook page called FindJodi, Inc which has over 10,000 likes and posts updates related to Jodi’s case.

Jodi’s case is still being actively investigated by the police and is still considered a missing person case.

What happened to Jodi?

Jodi Huisentruit. Credit: ABC News – Walt Disney


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