Micheal McClain

Micheal McClain lived in Stamford, Connecticut with his parents Paula Judkins, and Edward McClain and his sister. Micheal was very close to all of his family, with his mother describing him as the “sunshine of her life”.

Micheal’s friends and family all describe him as being full of life and a joker amongst his friends. He loved playing sports, especially basketball. In 2008, after completing high school, Micheal attended Hesser College where he received a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.

Micheal relocated to Manchester, New Hampshire, and started working with Easterseals. Easterseals is a non-profit organisation that works with young people who have disabilities. Micheal specifically worked with children who had autism. His colleagues say that he was a great role model for the children, and was a great employee.

Despite the relocation, Micheal stayed in frequent contact with his parents and family back home.

Micheal McLain. Credit: The Nashua Telegraph

On the evening of the 20th of April 2019, 29-year-old Micheal and two of his friends headed to Nashua, New Hampshire where they spent the evening in Tropical Lounge nightclub.

Whilst they were there, an altercation broke out between two young women in the parking lot. Micheal was acquainted with one of the women, and he tried his best to diffuse the situation.

Despite his best efforts, the situation escalated and didn’t diffuse until the police arrived on the scene at 1:45am.

Micheal was last heard from just after leaving the Tropical Lounge. He called his boss at work saying: “They’re after me. There’s more than one.” Micheal and his boss were close, she would often pick him up after nights out. But when she tried to call Micheal back, he never answered.

Micheal also sent three texts to his neighbour which read: “HELP LOL OUR”, “what stood aloof” and “Eldridge bro”. In the last text, it is believed that Micheal was referencing Eldrige Street, which was a street located close to the nightclub.

Micheal’s friends tried to reach him via text for 45 minutes, but when they never got any response they returned to Manchester.

Micheal never showed up for work on the 22nd of April, and he never contacted his family over the Easter weekend. He didn’t even call his sister for her birthday. Every call they tried to make to Micheal went straight to voicemail. This was extremely out of character for Micheal.

Micheal’s family have publicly said that he would not have just upped and walked away from his life voluntarily, as he was extremely close with his friends and family. If he was planning to leave, he definitely would have spoken to his mum.

The friends that Micheal was with on the night of his disappearance told police that they had gotten separated from Micheal during the altercation. This leads police and Micheal’s family to believe that Micheal left the area on foot as his car was parked at his friend’s house.

Micheal’s mobile phone last pinged close to a 24-hour McDonald’s restaurant, which was around 0.4 miles away from the nightclub at around 2:00am. Investigators also believe that due to the garbled language used in his texts to his neighbour that Micheal was using the speech-to-text feature. Because of this, it’s now unclear if it was Micheal saying those phrases or the people responsible for his disappearance.

There was one report that Micheal saw an acquaintance whilst walking to the Mcdonald’s. They said that Micheal did not attempt to tell them that he was in trouble or danger and that he looked as if he was waiting for a ride.

At 3:30am, security footage captured Micheal at the Riverfront Landing Apartment Complex. The footage showed him entering and exiting the apartment complex’s parking garage.

It is also said that Micheal stopped at a convenience store that evening to make a phone call, but it is unclear if Micheal actually made any calls from the store.

Micheal’s parents, Edward and Paula, have travelled to New Hampshire several times in order to look for Micheal and to talk to people about Micheal’s case. They have gone door to door and questioned people who were working at businesses close to where Micheal would have been that night. Edward and Paula have also searched wooded areas, alleyways, lakes and rivers, along with highways and underpasses for Micheal but there have never been any results.

Some people believe that Micheal drowned in the nearby Merrimack River, but Micheal’s family don’t believe this to be true as his body has never been recovered from there and he is known to be a very strong swimmer.

Micheal’s social media accounts, along with his bank accounts, have had no activity since his disappearance.

Micheal’s father, Edward, has shared that the family doesn’t feel the police have looked into Micheal’s disappearance well enough and that they are not doing enough to solve his case. He said that investigators are very closed-lipped about the case, and only share very brief updates with him and the family.

Paula believes that Micheal is alive and will come home at some point, but Edward has shared that he finds it hard to complete everyday tasks because he is thinking of Micheal.

In September 2019, a candlelight vigil was held for Micheal with the help of LostNMissing. The charity also helped Micheal’s family put up hundreds of flyers with the hope of someone coming forward with information. The attendees at the candlelight vigil wore t-shirts with “#BringMikeHome” on them.

As of 2022, Micheal is still a missing person. There have been no new updates on his case, but his family continue to look for him and has even set up a website in his memory.

What happened to Micheal?

Micheal McLain. Credit: The Nashua Telegraph


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