Jeremy Doland Bright

Jeremy Doland Bright was a fourteen-year-old boy who went missing from Myrtle Point, Oregon, on the 14th of August 1986. He had been attending the Coos County fair on the day he went missing.

Jeremy, who primarily resided in Grants Pass, Oregon, was staying with his stepfather and younger sister, S’te. Jeremy attended the Coos County fair on the 13th of August with his friend Johnny Fish. Later that day, he called his mother Diane from a payphone to arrange for him and his sister to be picked up on the 15th of August.

Jeremy was last seen by his stepfather and grandmother on the 13th of August in a tavern that was owned by his grandmother. They gave Jeremy some money to spend at the fair.

On the 14th of August, Jeremy arrived at the fair with his sister S’te. The pair separated at around 2:00pm and had agreed to meet up again at 5:00pm by the Ferris wheel. Jeremy never showed.

After asking family members, and realising that Jeremy was not with any of them, his mother Diane reported him missing. Jeremy’s wallet, watch, and keys to his mother’s apartment were all found inside his stepfather’s house.

Jeremy Bright. Credit: Wikipedia

The police initially believed foul play to be involved in Jeremy’s disappearance, but after Jeremy had been missing for a week the police announced that they no longer thought foul play was involved due to a number of reported sightings of Jeremy.

Several people, including S’te, saw Jeremy be forcibly removed from the fairgrounds Ferris wheel between 1:00pm and 1:30pm by an unknown man on the day he disappeared.

Law enforcement believes that Jeremy may have run away with the travelling carnival.

At the time of Jeremy’s disappearance, several rumours started circling around Myrtle Point.

One rumour was that Jeremy, who had a heart murmur, had attended a party and had a beer which had been laced with an illegal drug, causing him to die.

Another rumour that was submitted by an anonymous prison inmate was that Jeremy had accidentally been shot to death by a group of men whilst he was with his friends at a popular swimming hole along the Coquille River.

Alternatively, another rumour suggested that Jeremy had been shot during target practice. The source said that those involved tried to nurse Jeremy back to health in a remote cabin, but were unsuccessful in their attempts to do so. Jeremy was then buried in a shallow grave in the woods. Police searched the cabin and the woods surrounding the cabin, but they found no evidence to support this theory.

Jeremy Bright. Credit: Tumblr

One tip stated that Jeremy’s body had been dumped in a well in Myrtle Point. Numerous wells were searched but nothing was ever found. Another tip that led to no results was to “follow a road to a concrete bridge in western Nebraska.”

Another tip lead investigators to a young man called Jeremy Bright who was working for a travelling circus company in Florida. However, the man was determined to be a young man from Colorado who just happened to share the same name as Jeremy.

There are some accounts that say Jeremy was last seen in the passenger seat of Terry Lee Steinhoff’s truck. Terry used to babysit Jeremy when he was young.

In January 1989, just a few weeks after Jeremy’s segment on Unsolved Mysteries aired, Terry was arrested and charged with stabbing and killing 32-year-old Patricia Morris. Terry was considered a potential suspect in Jeremy’s disappearance, but he died in prison in 2007 from a heroin overdose.

A friend of Jeremy’s sister, Cecelia Fish, told police that on the night of Jeremy’s disappearance she saw an unknown male resident of her apartment complex stumble inside the entryway covered in blood.

In 2016, a pond on private property was searched after a tip said that Jeremy may have been dumped there. But this search turned up with no results.

Jeremy is still considered a missing person. If he is still alive, he would be 49 years old. Jeremy’s family presume that he is dead, and in August 2011 they held a formal memorial service for him.

Will we ever find Jeremy?

Jeremy age-progressed to 40 years old. Credit: Ranker / National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.


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2 responses to “Jeremy Doland Bright”

  1. If he was forcibly removed from the fair why didnt the witnesses report it supposedly his sister saw him being forcibly removed from the fair but she didnt try to get help for him she could have done more to help him it sounds like jeremy and his sister didnt have much supervision that week he should have been much more closely supervised and it sounds like his family is dysfunctional


    1. I did wonder the same when I was researching the case as to why nobody seemed to pay much attention to Jeremy’s forcible removal from the fair. Yes I agree, they were both so young and should have been supervised more closely – especially at a fair where there are hundreds of people around!

      Thank you for reading, stay safe,
      Kelly x


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