Amanda Grazewski

Amanda Grazewski was 23 years old in March 2020, and she was staying in Derry, New Hampshire at a friend’s house.

In the middle of March, Amanda left the hotel she had been staying in at Nashua, New Hampshire, to stay with a friend in Derry. Amanda brought two backpacks full of clothes, her purse and her mobile phone with her to her friend’s apartment which was located at 18 Birch Street in Derry.

She arrived at her friend’s place on the 17th of March 2020, and she stayed up late that night with four other people who were also staying over. Amanda stayed up even after everyone else had gone to bed.

When one person in the apartment woke up in the early hours, they discovered that Amanda was not there. She had left her mobile phone, purse and clothes in the apartment. Amanda has not been seen or heard from since.

Amanda was reported missing two days when one of her family members was contacted by the friend she was staying with.

When police were investigating Amanda’s phone, they found that Amanda had been texting someone about her ambition to move to Salem. Police do not know the identity of the person she was texting, and they found that the number was tied to a prepaid burner phone.

Investigators have said that the text messages exchanged were brief and that there was no indication as to what location in Salem she wanted to stay at, but it did seem as though Amanda was leaning towards staying in Salem rather than Derry.

K9 units were used to search the wooded areas close to where Amanda was staying, but these searches yielded no results.

On March 26th, just nine days after Amanda went missing, her social security card was found outside of Elliot Hospital, which is around 11 miles from Birch Street, Derry.

Amanda is known by police to frequent Nashua, Salem, Manchester and Hooksett. Amanda also has a history of substance abuse but is thought to have been clean at the time of her disappearance. She did not have access to or own her own car.

Amanda’s family believe that she is a victim of foul play and that it is strongly out of character for her to not have made any contact with her family or friends. Police have always explored the possibility of foul play in Amanda’s case, but they do not have any evidence to support this theory.

As of 2022, Amanda’s case is still being investigated as a missing person case.

Amanda had several tattoos at the time of her disappearance. She had large butterflies on her right hip, a small heart underneath her left breast and a peace sign with a tree on the back of her neck.

If you have any information regarding Amanda’s disappearance, please contact the Derry police department at (603) 432-6111. There is a $1,000 reward for any information leading to Amanda’s location.

Amanda Grazewski. Credit: The Vanished Podcast


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