Terri “Missy” Bevers

Terri “Missy” Bevers was a 45-year-old woman and mother to three children. Missy loved fitness and took it very seriously, she even ran her own fitness classes in Red Oak, Texas, where she lived.

On the 18th of April 2016, just after 4 am, Missy arrived at the Midlothian’s Creekside Church of Christ to set up for an early morning gladiator boot camp session.

At 5 am, Missy’s students arrived, and immediately called the emergency services. Missy had sustained a head injury, along with several stab wounds to her chest. She was unresponsive when found, and sadly Missy was pronounced dead not long after the paramedics arrived.

An investigation into Missy’s murder began immediately.

Upon reviewing the Church’s security footage, a disturbing discovery was made. It showed a person, who was dressed in riot gear (including a helmet, gloves, and shin guards), carrying a hammer and walking around the building. They were also wearing a vest with “police” written on them.

The person is between 5″2′ and 5″8′, walks with a limp and their feet predominantly point outwards. It is unknown if this person is a man or a woman. It is highly believed that this person is responsible for the murder of Missy.

Footage of the person suspected to be responsible for Missy’s death. Credit: Youtube / Midlothian Police Department

Police thought initially that this may have been a robbery gone wrong, but when they searched the Church, nothing was missing. Nothing had even been taken from Missy after she had gone unconscious. So it seems as though this person was not here to rob, just kill.

The police went through Missy’s phone, and they found very intimate conversations on Linkedin. They also found some strange and unsettling messages from a man that Missy had shown to a friend before her death. Police are sure that Missy was in contact with her killer, though the names of the people she was talking to on Linkedin have never been made public.

Missy also posted a lot on social media about her boot camps and had even posted the night before about her boot camp. This, unfortunately, meant that anyone could see where she was going to be, and at what times.

Terri “Missy” Bevers. Credit: Dallas Morning News

After having his alibi confirmed, Missy’s husband, Brandon Bevers, was questioned by police if he could think of anyone that would want to harm Missy. Brandon said he didn’t know anyone who would want to harm her, and by the fact that Missy left her licensed gun in her car, it seems as though Missy didn’t think anyone would want to harm her either.

However, whilst Brandon told the police that he and Missy were both happy in their marriage, investigators found that their marriage was suffering severe financial issues as well as issues with cheating.

Brandon’s father, Randy, went to a dry cleaner with a woman’s shirt that was covered in blood on the 22nd of April. As this was only a few days after Missy’s murder, the worker called the police. Randy said that the blood had come from a dog fight, but police were not so sure as it looked as if someone had already tried cleaning the blood off themselves.

Eventually, the blood on the shirt tested positive for belonging to a canine. Randy was also in California at the time that Missy was murdered, so police could no longer consider him a suspect.

Weeks after Missy’s death, police found some more strange security footage. This time, they found a Nissan Altima driving around a car park for hours on the night of Missy’s murder. The video, which you can watch below, was released to the public. But no one came forward to say that they owned the car, nor did anyone seem to recognise the car.

The Nissan Altima seen driving suspiciously on the night of Missy’s murder. Credit: Youtube / SWFA

There was one more vehicle that the police needed help identifying, although this time they never realised the video to the public. It was a dark SUV that was seen leaving the Church at around 4:30 am the same morning that Missy was killed.

In the autumn of 2019, police were able to connect a tip that had been called in several times to the dark SUV. This tip was regarding former Lancaster police officer Bobby Wayne Henry.

Bobby Wayne Henry was a former tactical police officer, who admitted to police that he still owned his riot gear but it didn’t fit him anymore. He had been suspended from the police force due to an aggravated sexual assault that took place in 1996.

He was working as a security guard and worked at Missy’s funeral. He also attended mass in the same Church where Missy was murdered in. Bobby had a similar car to the one the police were looking for, and he walked with a limp.

Whilst this all sounds promising, there was one problem with Bobby being the murderer. Bobby was 6″1′, whereas the person in the video is between 5″2′ and 5″8′, making him too tall to have been the killer. Also, when a forensic podiatrist compared Bobby’s walk and the killer’s walk, the results were inconclusive, meaning that they could not say for sure if it was Bobby or not. Eventually, Bobby’s alibi for the night of Missy’s murder was confirmed, which meant that he could no longer be considered a suspect.

However, when police searched Bobby’s devices, they found child pornography. In 2017, Bobby was arrested for child pornography charges. He spent 70 days in jail before being released without charge, and to my knowledge has not been charged for the child pornography that was in his possession.

Bobby denies having ever met Missy, and the police have said that he is not a person of interest in Missy’s homicide.

One thing is for sure, someone out there will recognise the person in the video or the car. I hope that it won’t be long until Missy’s family receives the justice that they so badly deserve.

Terri “Missy” Bevers. Credit: Dallas Morning News


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