Mekayla Margaret Kim Bali

At 6:41am on the 12th of April, 2016, 16-year-old Mekayla Bali messaged her friend, Oksana, asking her to drive her to the bank. Mekayla said that she had $5000 in her bank account, although later searches would show that she had nowhere near that amount. Oksana declined to take her to the bank.

At 8:20am, Mekayla went to Sacred Heart High School, where she attended her classes. She went to her locker, and then 6 minutes later she left the school through a back entrance.

Between 8:50 and 8:55am, Mekayla walked to a bank and was seen talking to someone on the phone on the CCTV footage. When a bank worker opened the shutters, Mekayla ended her phone call and asked to withdraw $55 from her account.

At 9am, Mekayla entered a pawn shop to try and sell a silver ring. However, the owner declined as the price was too low.

Mekayla Bali. Credit: Internation Missing People

At 9:15am, Mekayla went into a Tim Horton’s/Wendy’s and ordered a drink. She sat in a booth with a backpack next to her, and as she never took a backpack to school, it is thought that she was intending to leave Yorkton, Saskatchewan, where she lived. Mekayla was looking at the doors and windows in what appeared to be a nervous manner.

At 9:23am, Mekayla left, only to come back in and go out through the other exit. At 9:49am, she re-entered the Tim Horton’s/Wendy’s, this time she was on the phone with someone. She then sat at a booth that was facing the door. It is unknown who she was on the phone with at this time.

At 10:12am, Mekayla texted her friend, Shelby, saying: “Hey, I need help” only to text again a few minutes later saying “Nevermind, I figured it out”.

At 10:43am, Mekayla asked a woman to rent a room at a hotel for her, to which the woman declined. At 10:45am, Mekayla left the cafe whilst on the phone with someone.

Between 10:45am and 11:55am, Mekayla’s whereabouts are unknown.

At around 12pm, Mekayla went back to her school, where she met with some of her friends. She told them she was going to take a bus to Regina. It is thought that Mekayla was in possession of two phones at the time she was at her school.

At 12:02pm, Mekayla left school for the final time. She went to a bus depot, and after discovering that the bus she wanted to board wasn’t leaving until 5:00pm, she left.

Mekayla then went to the UFC Bus Depot, where she had a meal at a Trail Stop restaurant inside of the depot. There is no CCTV footage of her at this destination. Between 1:00pm and 1:45pm, Mekayla left the depot and has not been seen or heard from since.

Mekayla was captured on CCTV on the day she went missing. Credit: NBC NEWS

By 7:00am the next morning, Mekayla had been reported missing, and her mobile phone had been switched off. It is thought that Mekayla did not buy a ticket at the bus depot, and no one knows where she went after leaving the depot.

An Instagram account in Mekayla’s name was discovered after she went missing. The account had a few hundred followers, but no activity and the “about” section only had one word written: Goodbye. This account can’t be found anywhere on Instagram.

Just two months before she went missing, Mekayla posted this message on her social media, along with a picture of her Snapchat profile: “Looking for Snapchat friends because I have none in real life. Add me…please don’t be a greasy fuck and send me gross ass nudes. Just looking for a friend.”

It is highly likely that someone reached out to her the day she posted that, and that Mekayla had planned to meet whoever it was, potentially in Regina.

Mekayla was texting a man named “Christopher”, and she told friends that Christopher was planning on visiting Saskatchewan. Mekayla’s ex-boyfriend, who she was still close with, told police that Christopher had told her that he was planning on visiting Saskatchewan to visit his mum. Police searched Christopher’s home, but they found no evidence of him being in Canada at the time of Mekayla’s disappearance.

Christopher later told CBC News that Mekayla had attempted suicide in the past, but that she was feeling better in more recent weeks.

In more recent developments, it has been revealed that Mekayla may have been using the chat service KIK. KIK allows the messages you send, and receive, to remain private. It is suspected that Mekayla was talking to someone through this app, and arranged to meet them sometime in April when she went missing.

Authorities suspect that Mekayla may have been kidnapped and forced into human trafficking, possibly by someone that she was talking to online.

At the time of her disappearance, Mekayla had several scars across her body, which possibly came from two front teeth.

If you have any information about Mekayla’s disappearance, please contact Interpol or your local Police Department.

Mekayla is age-progressed to 18 years old, wearing her glasses. Credit: International Missing People / National Center for Missing and Exploited Children


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