Kenneth Pierce

On the 3rd of October, 2005, workers from the Department of Transportation discovered a large plastic container in the woods that was just east of the Styx River Bridge on Highway 90.

The container is described as looking like a large foot-locker-style toolbox. The workers assumed that it had been stolen, so the workers opened it to see what was inside. Unfortunately, what the workers stumbled upon was anything far from what they could have imagined.

Inside the toolbox was the body of 40-year-old Kenneth Pierce, who was identified by police by an ID card in his wallet that was found with his body.

After the Baldwin County Sheriff’s office had conducted its investigation, the body and the box were sent to the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences in Mobile for an autopsy.

The autopsy revealed that Kenneth had died after being beaten in the head with a baseball bat.

It also revealed that Kenneth had been dead, and inside the box, for at least a month before being found.

The box in which Kenneth was found. Credit:

Kenneth was a transient but was born in Kentucky. He held several different addresses over the years, as well as doing different odd jobs to earn some money.

The last time Kenneth was seen alive was two months before he was founded dead. He was last seen in Pensacola, Florida.

Police think that Kenneth was most likely killed in Pensacola, and then his killer (or killers) dumped his body in the woods.

Sadly, police were unable to locate any of Kenneth’s family, so his funeral was attended by 5 strangers. Kenneth is buried in Foley.

There have never been any arrests or convictions in connection with Kenneth’s case, and there have never been any suspects either.

As of 2022, Kenneth’s case still remains unsolved.

Who killed Kenneth, and why?

Newspaper article about Kenneth. Credit:


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