Logan Drew Schiendelman

Logan Drew Schiendelman was born on the 27th of June 1996 and raised by his grandmother, Virginia Gebo, in Tumwater, Washington. Logan’s father left the US before he was born, and the pair have never had a relationship. Logan’s mother, Hannah, moved back to Seattle to attend school, leaving Logan and his half-sister Chloe, to become legal dependents on their grandmother Virginia.

Logan attended Tumwater High School, where he was described as being a star athlete and model student. When Logan became a teenager, his grandmother said that he had an “identity crisis” due to being mixed-race. His mother was mixed-race, his father was a Saudi native, and he was raised by his primarily white grandmother.

In 2015, Logan enrolled at Washington State University, which was around 300 miles (480 kilometres) away from Tumwater. He completed one year of college, before dropping out and moving back home. He lived with his grandmother and half-sister and was working several odd jobs around Tumwater.

Virginia says that she knew he was smoking weed, and she was worried it was giving him slight paranoia. “He was kind of at a loss of with what he was going to do with his life.” His grandmother said.

Logan Schiendelman. Credit: Disappearedblog.com

On May 19th, 2016, Logan was speaking with his grandmother in the kitchen whilst they both prepared for their jobs. Virginia said: “He was just really nervous, which he isn’t usually, kind of on a mission.” Virginia told Logan that they could continue their conversation later, and she then headed off to work at her job at the Washington State Department of Ecology.

When Logan didn’t return home that night, Virginia tracked his mobile phone to Olympia. She thought that he was probably just visiting his mother, Hannah, who resided in Olympia.

But when Logan still hadn’t returned home by the next day, Virginia attempted to report him missing. However, the Thurston County Police Department had closed for the weekend, so she was unable to report him missing until the 23rd of May, 2016.

When she did report him missing, Virginia was notified that Logan’s 1996 black Chrysler Sebring was impounded on the 20th of May. It was found parked at milestone 92, southbound on Interstate 5 between Tumwater and Maytown.

All of Logan’s personal belongings were found inside the car, including his wallet (which had his debit cards, driving licence and $25 in cash), several bags of food, and his mobile phone.

Logan in High School. Credit: Soapboxie

Not long after his disappearance, several witnesses came forward to say that they had seen Logan’s car on Interstate 5 that morning.

One woman, who was driving on the same interstate, said that she saw Logan standing with two white men at the back of his car. She said that his car was parked on the right shoulder of the interstate close to Exit 95. She said that when she returned home that evening, the car was parked in the same spot, but this time the hood of the car was open, and no one was around the car.

She described one of the men as being around 6ft (1.83 metres) tall, with a slim build, blonde hair that was in a bowl cut, and he was wearing a tank top and jean shorts that were too small for him. On June 30th, 2017, police released the below sketch of this man.

Police Sketch of one of the men seen with Logan. Credit: The Olympian

The other man who was with Logan is described as having shoulder-length blonde hair and wearing a flannel shirt with jeans.

At around 2:00pm on the 20th of May, three people called 911 to report a car, that matched Logan’s, drifting across the lanes on Interstate 5 between Tumwater and Maytown, close to the milepost where Logan’s car was eventually found.

The people said that the car was veering across three lanes, towards the central divide, before hitting the concrete barrier and stopping. It was reported that there was no one inside or driving the vehicle.

A truck driver who was passing by said that he saw a white male with brown or red hair jump out of the passenger side of the car, and run into the woods on the side of the Interstate.

Reports of a naked teenager running through the area, also on May 20th, were thought to have been Logan. Whilst investigators did search and look into these reports, they couldn’t confirm or deny if it was Logan or not, and to this day the identity of the teenager is still unknown.

Logan’s uncle, Mike Ware, who is a retired Thurston County Sheriff, organised a search party in a 2-mile (3.2km) radius surrounding the interstate where Logan’s car had been discovered. Searches were completed both by foot and aircraft, but no sign of Logan was ever found.

Canines were even brought in at one point, but this still lead to no new leads.

As Logan’s car was impounded and hadn’t been searched by a crime lab, any evidence that was in the car has been deemed as “unusable”.

Detective Frank Frawley said this in regard to Logan’s case: “I have no reason to believe he has been killed. I have no reason to believe he’s alive.”

Logan. Credit: Disappearedblog.com


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