Sara Nicole Graham

18-year-old Sara Nicole Graham left her home at around 6:30am on Wednesday, the 4th of February 2015, to head to her job at Walmart in Pembroke, North Carolina. She was scheduled to start work at 7:00am, and her commute usually took around 20mins.

Sadly, Sara never made it to work that morning.

Sara Nicole Graham. Credit:

Within fifteen minutes of her leaving for work, Sara’s Chevy Astro white van was found abandoned and locked in a wheat field, just a few minutes away from her home.

The people that discovered the van say that they did not see Sara, or anyone, in or around the van at that time.

The van itself was not damaged, nor was there any sign of a struggle from around the van (e.g. no broken dirt or track marks).

To add to this mystery, the van was found locked. Now, this type of van doesn’t just lock by itself. This means that somebody had to manually lock the van using the key.

The Fairmount Police Department started an extensive search for Sara, with the help of 140 volunteers and the K9 units, but unfortunately, they found no leads or no signs of Sara.

At the time of her disappearance, Sara lived with her father, Hubert, who was a Sergeant at the Fairmount Police Department, and her stepmother Connie, who was a deputy at the Fairmount Police Department.

After Sara went missing, Connie was fired from her job at the Fairmount Police Department, citing “Personal Issues” as the reason for her termination.

Sara is still considered a missing person. The FBI and Fairmount Police Department are urging anyone with information about Sara’s disappearance to come forward.

Sara’s Missing Poster. Credit: WMBF News


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