Dannette and Jeannette Millbrook

Dannette Latonia Millbrook and Jeannette Latrice Millbrook were 15-year-old twins from Augusta, Georgia.

On the 18th of March, 1990, the girls went to the local Church Chicken for lunch. When they returned home, they told their mum about a man in a van who had followed them for part of their walk home.

Later on that day, the girls then walked to their Godfathers house to borrow some money to be able to take a bus to school the next week, as the girls and their family had recently moved to a new apartment which was further away from their school.

After receiving the money, which was $20 with a little more for snacks, the girls went to their cousin’s house to ask her to walk home with them.

Their cousin was not allowed to walk back with them because the cousin’s mother said it would be dark soon.

After leaving their cousin’s home, the twins headed to their older sister’s house, where they stayed for around 15mins. They also asked their older sister to walk home with them, but she didn’t because she had recently given birth.

The girls then went to a local gas store, where they brought some chips, candy and soda. The cashier, Gloria, knew Dannette and Jeannette and didn’t recall anything strange about their behaviours.

Gloria was the last person to see the girls. They have not been seen or heard from since.

Dannette and Jeanette Millbrook. Credit: People.com

After the girls were discovered to be missing, the family were told by the police to wait for 24 hours before reporting them missing. The original police report on the girl’s disappearance has also reportedly been lost, so we don’t know much about the initial investigation.

The investigation into the girl’s disappearance was closed in 1991, and there are varying reports as to why it was closed.

The family say that they were told the case was closed when the girls turned 17 years old because they had reached an age where they could not legally be forced to come home if they were found.

The investigating officer at the time says that he was told by a juvenile case officer that the girls had been found, which led to the case being closed and the girls being removed from the national registry of missing children.

There have also been several spelling errors in the girls’ names, with their last name being spelt as “Millbrooks” instead of “Millbrook”, and Jeanette’s middle name is often spelt as “Latressa” instead of “Latrice”.

Despite the case being closed, the family of Jeanette and Dannette have consistently been contacting the Sheriff’s department for years asking about the girls’ whereabouts.

In 2013, Jeanette and Dannette’s case was reopened, with the Sheriff saying: “We think a terrible injustice has been done for the last 20 years.” The current investigating agency is Richmond County Sheriff’s Office.

In 2021, Oxygen.com reported that the family were able to hire a private investigator to help with the investigation. They have also put up an $11,000 reward for any information that leads to the twins being found, and created a website where you can submit tips about the case anonymously.

The twins are still considered missing to this day, but hopefully, with the help of this new private investigator, the truth of what happened to the twins will come to light, and those involved will face justice.

Age-progressed photos of the girls. Credit: Facebook


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