Anna Christian Waters

Anna Waters was last seen playing in the back garden of her family’s home on Purissima Creek Road in rural San Mateo County, California on January 16th, 1973. She was five years old.

Anna returned home from kindergarten at 1:00pm and went outside to play.

At 2:20pm, Anna’s mother realised that she wasn’t in the garden anymore. After doing an initial search, the police were informed at 3pm.

The police drove through the neighbourhood with their siren blaring in the hopes of attracting Anna, but to no avail. Anna has never been seen or heard from since.

A creek that ran through the family’s property, and was in the flooding stage in January of 1973. The creek was searched extensively, but no sign of Anna was found.

Anna Waters. Credit: California Department of Justice

It is suspected that Anna’s biological father, George Henry Waters, was involved in her disappearance.

George started to act erratically after Anna was born, and was eventually diagnosed with schizophrenia. The family refused to have him committed to a mental institution though, as this would mean he would lose the medical licence that would stop him from being able to practice medicine.

George started to have a relationship with an older man, named “George Brody”, although Anna’s family believes that this name was an alias. Brody was described as being a manipulative man who had a “cult of personality” over Anna’s father, which eventually led to Anna’s mother divorcing him.

Goerge then moved to a cheap hotel in San Fransisco, California, with Brody. George came from a wealthy family and was a practising doctor, so he could afford better lodgings. George supported Brody financially and apparently never made a decision without consulting him first.

Brody showed an interest in Anna and claimed that she was the reincarnation of a woman that he used to live with. He forced Anna’s mother to add the word “Eifee” to her middle name, a word that apparently has no meaning but meant that it would numerological add up to his name.

After Anna went missing, George did not contact Anna’s mother to offer any sympathy or offer to help search for her. The only known thing that George did in connection with the case is ask his attorney if he could discontinue child support payments.

Brody died in 1981 from cancer, and his death certificate showed no birthdate, close relatives or any social security number.

George committed suicide just two weeks after Brody died, and before George killed himself he destroyed all paperwork related to him, Brody and Anna, apart from some that were stored in a safe deposit box. George died by drinking poison, but his exact date of death is unknown as he wasn’t found until a week later.

Police did interview Brody and George in connection with Anna’s disappearance, but they couldn’t find anything to prove that they were involved in her disappearance.

Anna’s mother and stepfather believe that she is still alive and that she may not know she is a missing person.

Anna’s case remains unsolved.

Anna Waters. Credit: Fanpop


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