Phoenix Coldon

On December 18th 2011, twenty-three-year-old Phoenix Coldon left her family’s home in Spanish Lake, Missouri, in a black 1998 Chevy Blazer at around 3pm. Her father told police that she said she was heading to a convenience store, or to a friend’s house.

At 5:27pm, Phoenix’s car was found, and at 6:23pm it was impounded. Her car was found 25 minutes from her home on St. Clair Avenue, in East St. Louis. The vehicle was entered into the police database as abandoned, but because the vehicle had been impounded in Illinois when the Missouri police were investigating the vehicle has not been found abandoned.

Phoenix’s family didn’t find out about her car being impounded until a family friend who was independently searching came across her car in a tow lot.

After her family independently searched her car, they found Phoenix’s glasses, purse, shoes, ID and a mobile phone bill that had been sent to collections. After Phoenix had vanished, all activity on her bank account, social media, and mobile phone had stopped.

DNA evidence gathered from Phoenix’s car showed no other person has been in there aside from Phoenix and her parents.

Phoenix’s parents have searched independently for her after accusing the local police of a “lack of effort.”

Throughout the years, they have spoken to sex workers, and drug dealers, and even hired a private investigator. Sadly, funding the search privately caused the family’s home to go into foreclosure, and the family’s life savings to be drained.

The search for Phoenix is still ongoing.

Phoenix Coldon. Credit:


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