Brandon Lawson

On the 8th of August, 2013, Brandon arrived at his home in San Angelo, Texas, where he lived with his girlfriend of ten years, Ladessa Lofton.

Between 10:45pm and 11:00pm, Brandon and Ladessa argued. Brandon had not come home the night before, and Ladessa was convinced that he had been using drugs. Brandon had ongoing issues with drugs, but he had been clean for approximately 6 months at this time.

At 11:30pm, Brandon called his dad who lived in Crowley, Texas, which is around a three-hour drive from San Angelo, and told him that he was going to drive to his house. At 11:54pm, Brandon left his home in San Angelo in his silver Ford F-150 and started the drive towards Crowley.

Brandon and Ladessa. Credit: Crime Junkie Podcast

At around 12:30am, Brandon called his brother Kyle to tell him that he had run out of gas and that he had pulled over on U.S. Route 277 between San Angelo and Bronte, Texas. During the call, Kyle says that Brandon told him “Three N***** are chasing me out of town”, and then went on to clarify that it was “the Mexicans in the neighbourhood.”

Kyle asked if Brandon was hallucinating, to which Brandon denied it.

Kyle, along with his wife and 4-year-old child, drove to Ladessa’s house to get a fuel container. Kyle said that he and Brandon continued to make calls to each other, but Brandon wouldn’t stay on the call length, and would often hang up after just saying a few sentences.

At 12:50am, Brandon called 911 and told the responder that he had run out of gas and needed the police. During the call, Brandon made several incoherent statements such as: “Yes, I’m in the middle of a field (inaudible) pulled some guys over, right here going toward Abilene, on both sides.” and “My truck ran out of gas. There’s one car here. The guy’s chasing (inaudible) to the woods. Please hurry!”

At 12:56am, a trucker called 911 to report Brandon’s truck had been parked in a hazardous manner on the road.

Between 12:50am and 1:15am, Brandon made and received several calls to Kyle, Ladessa, and the 911 dispatcher, but due to his poor mobile phone service, most of the calls went straight to voicemail. After 1:19am, all of the calls to Brandon’s phone went to voicemail.

Kyle arrived at Brandon’s truck just after 1am and a sheriff’s deputy arrived at around the same time. Kyle was on the phone with Brandon at the time, and Brandon said “I can see you, I’m right here.” But neither the deputy nor Kyle, could see Brandon.

At the time, Brandon did have an active warrant out for his arrest, so Kyle thought he may have been hiding from the deputy.

At 1:18am, Kyle called Brandon, who sounded out of breath and claimed that he was bleeding. This was the last communication anyone had with Brandon.

After chatting with the deputy, Kyle drove a short distance along the road and waited for Brandon to show up, but after 30-45minutes, Kyle left. He left the gas can in the back of Brandon’s truck.

Kyle returned to the truck around 5am and was surprised when Brandon still wasn’t there. By 8am, Brandon’s truck was towed.

A local deputy organised a search party for Brandon, and they spent lots of hours searching the area around Brandon’s truck. But no trace of Brandon was ever found.

On February 4th, 2022, the Facebook page Help Find Brandon Lawson posted an update. They said that a search party had located some of Brandon’s clothing close to his last known location, and when the Texas Rangers went out to the area to search again, they found human remains.

We are still awaiting confirmation on the DNA results, but the human remains are expected to belong to Brandon.

Let’s hope that these results give some level of closure to Brandon’s family, and help to uncover the mystery of what really happened to Brandon that night.

Brandon Lawson. Credit:


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