Susan Elizabeth Pearson

Susan Elizabeth Pearson was born on the 1st of October, 1935, to parents David and Agatha Pearson, in Portland, Oregon. She had two younger siblings, a brother, David, and a sister, Virginia. Her father worked as a prominent insurance agent in Portland.

In 1966, Susan was 30 years old. She worked part-time as an instructor at the University of Montana in Missoula, Montana, whilst also working to complete her doctoral thesis at the University of Oregon.

Susan was last seen on March 13th, 1966, by friends at the University of Montana campus. She was supposed to be administrating a business administration exam that day, but she never showed up. She was last seen wearing slacks, a green car coat with plaid lining, and two diamond rings.

One of Susan’s friends, Susan King, a nightclub singer, told police that Susan had visited her on the night of March 12th. She said that Susan seemed agitated, nervous and depressed, saying “it was just a different Sue.” It was also revealed that Susan had told her friend in the past that she had thought about running away and starting a new life.

Susan’s car was discovered on the 17th of March, 1966, in a business district of Missoula. Her keys, purse and identification were all inside the car.

On March 18th, Susan was officially reported missing. She had two unclaimed cheques totalling $1,200. It was also revealed that she was supposed to be handing in her thesis on the 18th of March, however, her father says it was actually an anthropology essay that was due.

Upon searching her apartment, police found it undisturbed. Her brother, David, says that it seemed to him as if his sister had left in a hurry, as a teakettle had been left on the stove, and an outside porch light that Susan would usually leave on in the evenings was switched off.

On the 29th of October, 1970, bones from an arm and hand were found in the Blue Mountain region just south of Missoula by University of Montana students. It was first believed that these bones belonged to Susan, but after being examined by forensic pathologists, it is now known that these bones belonged to a bear.

After the discovery of the bones, it is now suspected by law enforcement that Susan may have been murdered in the Blue Mountain area, although no suspects have ever been named and Susan has never been found.

Susan Elizabeth Pearson. Credit: Wikipedia


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