Susan Lund (Formerly Ina Jane Doe)

On January 27th, 1993, the decapitated head of a female, presumed to be of white skin, was found on the side of a wooded roadway within Wayne Fitzgerrell State Park, Illinois.

She was estimated to be around 30-50 years old at the time of her death and had died 2-3 days before being discovered.

She had long, red-coloured hair and a pin-shaped mole in her left ear. Jane Doe had also had extensive dental work done, including a silverpoint filling, and could have worn braces in the past. She also had a skeletal asymmetry that could have possibly been visible in her facial features. She could have also experienced problems with her neck.

It has been announced in the past few days that the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is pursuing new avenues of identification for Jane Doe, including anthropological re-analysis from Dr Amy Micheal, the assistant professor at the University of New Hampshire, DNA extraction and sequencing by Astrea Labs, as well as forensic genetic genealogy by Redgrave Research Forensic Science.

Carl Koppelman has made these new forensic art images to help identify Jane Doe. One image has eye makeup on, whilst the other one doesn’t.

Ina Jane Doe. Credit: Carl Koppelman/103.5 ESPN

On the 11th of March, 2022, Redgrave Research along with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department released the identification of Ina Jane Doe. Ina Jane Doe is actually Susan Lund of Clarksville, Tennesse. Susan went missing on the 24th of December 1992 after leaving her family home to walk to a nearby grocery store. Susan’s husband reported her missing, and a multi-agency search took place for her.

Unfortunately, they never found any trace of Susan.

Her family never stopped looking for her. At the time of her disappearance, Susan was 25 years old. She had three children and was pregnant when she went missing.

Jefferson County Police are working closely with police in Clarksville to try and find out what happened to Susan, and they are urging anyone with information to come forward. Whether you saw Susan before she vanished, or if you saw her sometime after, please come forward with information.

The police have announced that Susan’s case is officially re-opened, and they are working hard to ensure that they find whoever is responsible for her murder.

Susan Lund. Credit: Redgrave Research Services

Anyone with information about Susan Lund’s disappearance or murder is asked to contact Detective Captain Bobby Wallace at the Sheriff’s department (618) 244-8004 or Crimestoppers (618)242-TIPS-(8477).


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