Carlene Marie Terry

Carlene Marie Terry attended the music festival Oz festival in San Bernardino County on the 6th of July 2003. She returned home to Cathedral City, California, that evening and went to sleep.

When her boyfriend woke up the next morning, Carlene was not there. This was extremely unlike Carlene as she has three children, and was close to her siblings.

Unfortunately, Carlene has not been seen or heard from since.

At the time of her disappearance, Carlene was around 5’9″, and weighed around 140lbs. She is a caucasian woman with brown hair and brown eyes, and she was 28 years of age. She has a witch tattoo on her right shoulder blade, a unicorn head tattoo on her hip (no colour), and a coloured rose tattoo around her belly button. Her belly button was also pierced, and she had 4 ear piercings in each ear.

If you have any information about Carlene or her disappearance, her family and friends urge you to come forward. You are able to remain anonymous.

Please contact the Cathedral City Police Department at (760) 770 – 0362 or Detective Todd Brothers at (760) 770 – 0300.

Alternatively, you can contact Advocate Star Holbrook at

Carlene’s Missing Poster. Credit: Facebook


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