Christine Marie Eastin

19-year-old Christine Marie Eastin borrowed her ex-boyfriend’s car, a Ford Maverick, during the evening of the 18th January 1971. She planned to take a friend shopping and told her ex-boyfriend that she would take the car to a car wash before returning it to him later that evening.

Christine met her friend, and they went shopping where she purchased a pair of boots. Christine then dropped her friend off at her home and took the car to Charlie’s Car Wash, which was on Mission Boulevard in Hayward, California. The car wash was a self-service, and Christine cleaned the car with her hands.

In the early hours of January 19th, the car that Christine had been cleaning, was discovered abandoned at the car wash.

The car was locked, and it was evident that it had been cleaned by Christine. Papers that were originally located inside of the car, were found scattered on the pavement outside of the driver’s door.

Christine’s purse was found inside the vehicle, and there was no sign of her in or around the car. All of her personal belongings were at her house, and she had made no plans to travel.

No one has seen or heard from Christine since the 18th of January 1971.

Christine. Credit: California Department of Justice
What Christine would have looked like in 1999, aged 47. Credit: California Department of Justice


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